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You know when there's tons of free seats and someone sits right next to you? Yeah that's happening right now.
@JCLayfield: "You know @RealPaigeWWE is the second youngest Divas Champion ever" @MichaelCole: "Who is the first?" JBL: "Paige" #SmackDown
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Just burped loud in an airport chillis. I regret nothing.
Stolen from @jdfffn lovely to meet you!!
Amazing time at @wizardworld thanks to everyone that came out!
Thanks everyone that came to see me today @WizardWorld had an AMAZING time. You guys are awesome 💚💀😘
@joshjamesxxx: @RealPaigeWWE Done, should I send it via @AmericanAir?” Sure. If it's priority it'll get here by past midnight tomorrow
@joshjamesxxx: @RealPaigeWWE like an Oreo shake & a removable beard?” If you could make that happen that'll be great 😍
@Varecka32: @RealPaigeWWE @edgallardo125 I can give you my sister as a gift... I hate her...” I can't have humans as gifts. Thanks though
@ocakes862: @RealPaigeWWE @edgallardo125 paige can we be frindes ?” Depends. What's a frindes?
@malumxalamia: @RealPaigeWWE i keep imagining myself meeting you in a bathroom” in a bathroom?! Depends what I'm doing in there..
@edgallardo125: @RealPaigeWWE how about a fan as a gift to cool down because your really hot” dayuummmmmmmmmmmm
@connorcoxon6661: @RealPaigeWWE @TravisReilly I'll give you Travis's head on a plate as a gift :)” that's sweet. But I'm gonna pass.
@TravisReilly: @RealPaigeWWE I'll give you a chop as a gift.” Errrrrm bring it.
Oh and gifts. Gifts would be nice. @WizardWorld @WWE
Quote of the day! Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity :) #EMMAlution
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Wrestling teaches you to share your most talented friends w/ the rest of world so we can all see their awesomeness :)
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