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Mr. Locario
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A chick that says "I pay my own bills" always makes me laugh. Who else is suppose to pay YOUR bills. -anonymous
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LMAO this is what she really wanted to say.
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Most women seem to always know what they don't want but have a hard time expressing what they actually do want.
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Janice Dickinson "We don't believe you. You need more people."...
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I will be addressing this in a little while
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@realmrlocario exactly!! these folks always hitting the deflect button to try and justify wrong doings, and everybody always falling for it
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Mike Brown, Darren Wilson, Riots, Thanksgiving. Click here:…
Why should we continue to spend our money when we are deprived of justice? #BlackOutBlackFriday
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Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.
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Happy Thanksgiving Everybody. People kept hitting me up and asking about my Black Friday through Cyber Monday...
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If your calls for justice & equality make your "friends" uncomfortable, those ppl aren't really your friends.
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This fool Darren Wilson said that after he took the first shot that Mike Brown turned around and then ran towards...
I'm angry. As a young, black man I'm very angry because I know my life has value contrary to what the western world would have you believe.
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