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Mr. Locario
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Women Are Having Too Much Fun. Click here to watch:
"We've been trained to depend emotionally on people" - Anthony De Mello
Mr. Locario's Crazy Sex Story. Click here to listen:…
Find Chicks That Want to Fuck You. Click here to watch:
Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People. Click here to listen:
For all those who keep thinking you can't attract women unless you are good looking read this and the STFU lol
Ladies what's the point of leaving a man who cheated on you, just to get with a new guy who is most likely going to cheat on you.
Talking about Group Sex with Fetish Porn Star Autumn Bodell:…
My thoughts on Porn Star Lisa Ann & Justin Brent:…
Have you guys ever been about to go out on a date with a girl and you show up to the place you were supposed to...
"Suffering occurs when your illusions clashes with reality, when your falsehoods clashes with truth" - Anthony De Mello
@realmrlocario Ain't that the truth. Beer goggles don't help either. Another reason not to pick up in a club.
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Is her pussy that good. Click here to
Some women don't understand this shit
Some women don't understand this shit
Some women don't understand this shit
Yo this is the truth. This is exactly how chicks look in nightclubs.
I never understood how a person can say they ended someone's career. How can a person end another persons career....
"Do You Have Pretty Boy Syndrome." Click here to find out:
"Ignore Women Who Don't Get Physical." Click here watch:
Mr. Locario - Women Dont Know How To Market Themselves To Men
The Problem With Online Dating
Wow! No albums went platinum in 2014
Check out the Whiteness Project. They are interviewing white people asking them what they think about being white...
Never lose focus. Keep moving forward.
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Mr. Locario talks about Leykis 101 Rules:
Guys please vote for a tea room in the hood.
You Get What You Believe You Deserve. Click here to listen:
Ladies today is the day. Sign up for this FREE Webinar "The Secrets Of Men. Click here:...
"Women Don't Know How To Market Themselves To Men." Click here to watch:
You know what's funny? Steve Harvey, Trent Shelton, and Farrah Gray don't even date the kind of chicks that they...
The Secrets About Men: FREE Webinar for Ladies Oct. 20th 2014. Click here:...
How To Pretend To Like A Girl. Click here to watch:...
Ladies, seeing the phrase "No Hook Ups" or "I'm not looking to just hook up" on your online dating profiles is...
What in the fuck is this bullshit LMAO
I have a friend looking for men who want to be on a dating reality show. If you're interested inbox me and I'll send you the details
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Make sure you check out this awesome documentary I am called "The 16th Minute" on Oct. 22nd. Click here to see a...
How to not appear desperate to women. Click here to watch:
The Problem With Online Dating. Click here to watch:…