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Mr. Locario
"Why Most People Aren't Successful." Click here to listen:
@realmrlocario Almost every one of them .... whores whores whores
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There are a lot of whores on Tinder
As soon as men stop taking what women say they want and how they feel seriously then dealing with women will be...
"Don't Try To Get A Girlfriend." Click here to listen:
What has helped me over the years attract and sleep with a large number of women is that I would always just...
10 Things Every Man Should Know About Picking Up Women. Click here to...
Guy Tries To Prank European Prostitutes Into Paying Him For Sex
It's real nice out here in the city right now.
Fail Compilation- Break's Best Fails for August 9, 2014
I found my old polo jeans ad when I had my locks
"How to get sex from women as soon as you meet them." Click here to listen:
Women Don't Know How To Respect Themselves. Click here to listen:…
The Manhood & The Game Seminar is only 3 weeks away. Make sure you get your tickets now. Don't miss out!!!
Find out why he didn't call you back in this week's video from @SingleStilettos & @realmrlocario! #datingadvice
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Black folks get followed in stores. I find it funny how the lady following this guy is a worker. She does not own...
Definition of Street Harassment: When a man a woman is not attracted to approaches her in the street
@realmrlocario People start buying into street harassment, next thing u know, brothers will be going to jail for asking a women for their #
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There is nothing more unattractive that a woman who isn't submissive