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Michael J. Fox
Stunned to learn Robin had PD. Pretty sure his support for our Fdn predated his diagnosis. A true friend; I wish him peace.
Famously kind, ferociously funny, a genius and a gentle soul. What a loss. #RobinWilliams
Thanks to Polo @RalphLauren Fdn & its social community for 25K Retweets & a $25K donation in support of @MichaelJFoxOrg
Bystanders are powerful. #itonlytakesone to take the power out of bullying.
Retweeted by Michael J. Fox
Our challenges don't define us. Our actions do. Join me & take action for #Parkinsons Awareness Month. #ThinkAble
Here's some amazing recipes from the #PollanFamilyTable cookbook by Tracy, her mom and her sisters:
Am I working on @TheGoodWife_CBS tomorrow? I'm not allowed to say. @GoodWifeWriters
Also on the show...the worlds greatest man cave. Bravo to the @MichaelJFoxShow art department.
Watch the show tonight. Guest starring @FrederickWeller and @AliEWentworth as the character played by @AliEWentworth
Don't forget to watch Sting tonight on the Christmas episode of the @MichaelJFoxShow
Thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press for the @goldenglobes nom. It's always a great party, happy to be invited, and thanks for the tweets
Watch the @MichaelJFoxShow do Thanksgiving with Charles Grodin and Candice Bergen tonight.
Cool photo by Randall Slavin of a dog and his boy.
That's it for now everybody, thanks for all your ???s and for getting me over the 1M hump. We'll do this again soon.
@melissawinter9: @realmikefox Great to see you back on TV! Where does your energy and strength come from?” My family.
@Futurista_85: @realmikefox A favorite superhero's movie?” Not my genre but I'd say Batman Begins.
Last couple minutes ...
@rhettblundell31: Do you still wear the Nikes & boardfrom BTTF 2?” No, wish I had the originals though. We'd be talking on Ebay right now.
@carolinelohan5: @realmikefox who has been ur biggest influence in life ?” Would have to be my folks. Including and especially my brother.
@Shane_Furlong: @realmikefox would you say Mars Attack was a good movie ?” I haven't seen the whole thing.
@Joaniebalony: @realmikefox How's the parents doing?” So, not so good.
@Joaniebalony: @realmikefox How's the parents doing?” Mom's doing great. Dad passed in 90.
@APersuasion14: @realmikefox what makes a good leader?" One who's willing to follow his own instructions.
@sophie_bowser: have you been to Eng. and what do you like about is Brits?" Many, many times. Easy, their guts, and their sense of humor.
@Duckdodger24: @realmikefox glad to see u back on TV !!! When will u host SNL ?" Anytime, provided I can stay up that late.
@SuchRealDoge: @realmikefox Any celebrity you want to meet and haven't?” Manny Pacquiao.
@Jonnyev65: @realmikefox fave album or track of all time?” Favorite album Led Zeppelin 4. Fav track Layla, Clapton.
@ClareJFox: @realmikefox any films/tv shows you wished you'd had a part in?” Not nec glad I did Curb tho. Never thought I would.
@Theguyster: @realmikefox where do you tape your shows in NY? Any other shows taped at your location?” We film in Long Island City, Queens.
“@TyAllen823: @realmikefox Hey Michael, how honored were you to receive the Order of Canada?” Big thrill. Glad my Mom Was in Ottawa with me.
@DebJParks: @realmikefox Any celebrity crushes?” Carole Lombard.
@Robdyke: @realmikefox now often u get back to vancouver?” Usually 2 or 3 times a year. Big golf tournament in June for the MJF Theatre.
@jaygatsbys: @realmikefox what made you want to go into television?” Movies wouldn't have me. Just love acting and new challenges.
@kawaiikaytee: @realmikefox What do you consider your greatest achivement?” I hate to be boring but my wife and kids and "dogs".
@KristinaBales: @realmikefox do any of your kids want to take after you with your acting career?” Maybe my youngest, she's not sure yet.
“@mc_foxx: @realmikefox do you miss living in the 80s?” I barely remember the 80's. Now we got Twitter.
@MrsThing1: @realmikefox what's your perfect day?” Sleeping in and hanging out with my family. Followed by a big meal.
@Beatrix907: Would you like to use a time machine?” Sure, but I like what Woody Allen said to me "don't go back before Penicillin."
@ObviouslyLina: @realmikefox I would like to know your favourite food and fruit?” Fruit- Blueberries, Food-Fish.
@JackieWarner13: @realmikefox who inspires you?” My kids inspire me, it's amazing how much you can learn from them.
@drodg78: @realmikefox Are there any Movie Roles you turned down that you now wish you could have done?” Yes but I'm not telling.
@onionsunleashed: @realmikefox what's your favorite pizza flavor” Canadian bacon and mushroom.
@JellyFish_78: @realmikefox best memory you have from Teen Wolf movie?” Rapping.
@DeleasaNation: @realmikefox favorite show?” Right now Boardwalk Empire and Sunday Night Football.
@xJKRCx: do you and Christopher Lloyd still hang out / keep in touch?” Newsflash: he's shooting next weeks' episode.
@ruedbaga: @realmikefox What's your favorite memory of "Family Ties"?” "Hey My Name is Alex" and "The Real Thing Part 1 and 2"