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John Green
Nerdfighter and designer @risarodil has created an awesome new DFTBA hoodie. Available here:…
For those who enjoy cursing and audacious hope: I'll be livetweeting the Liverpool Real Madrid Champions League tie over at @sportswithjohn.
Coffee? Check. Took kid to school? Check. Wrote ill-advised twitter rant before 8 AM? CHECK.
It's always embarrassing when corporations with "voices" try to analyze "youth culture," because it always amounts to, "Get off my lawn!"
(And yes @VICE and @Independent are legacy media, despite attempts to seem young. Great at reporting! Terrible at cultural think pieces.)
Amazing how deeply legacy media (in news stories, profiles, and acquisitions) continues to totally not get YouTube, creators, and fans.
I beat 90s arcade game NBA Jam today on our office machine after two grueling months of play.
The White House’s first website launched 20 years ago this week. And it was amazing.
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A new video: Ebola IS terrifying.…
As you will see in today's vlogbrothers video, my pre-Paper Towns movie beard has made substantial progress.
Signing 6,000 copies of the LFA 10th anniversary edition for independent bookstores around the US. Love your local bookstore!
The new store is up and running and BOY IS IT BEAUTIFUL.
In the latest episode of @TheCrashCourse I talk about the rise of the West and how history has written about it:…
So excited about the new @MF_video Misconceptions series with @ElliottcMorgan! Watch the first episode here:…
At a Corn fest (because Indiana) and my kids are playing in this playground made of corn kernels and I'm thinking about how there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on earth.
Visited Funky Bones today and some young women were having a TFIOS picnic. Strange and wonderful to eavesdrop on their conversation as Alice played on the bones for the first time.
If you're making awesome educational things in the world and need $$$, nerdfighteria wants to help.…
We are about to record some episodes of the Wimbly Womblys! What would you like to hear John talk about?
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Making lots and lots of @TheCrashCourse and @MF_video because I'm about to spend two months on the set of the #PaperTowns movie. SO EXCITED.
It is impossible to overstate the bravery of the health workers fighting the epidemic in West Africa.…
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Long day filming @TheCrashCourse. The Mughal Empire! Charles V and the not Holy not Roman not Empire! Israel and Palestine! All coming soon.
A new art assignment care of Lee Boroson! Let's make some Desktop Monuments: @PBSDS @MASS_MoCA #theartassignment
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Until tomorrow, I'm matching all donations at up to $10,000. More signed Price of Dawn posters have been added!
Three years ago, Indy 500 champ Dan Wheldon died. This Ingrid Calame painting traces skidmarks from his victory lap.
Dan Wheldon died three years ago today. I am still sad.…
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On the mental_floss list show this week, I run through 30 Unusual Wills (a.k.a. Sometimes People Who Die Are Jerks):…
#Ebola is NOT spread through: 1. Casual contact 2. Air 3. Water 4. Food in the U.S.
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.@johngreen celebrates 10 years since his debut novel, 'Looking for Alaska':
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JUST KIDDING. There are only 50 @risarodil Price of Dawn posters signed by me available:
I've signed 200 of @risarodil's awesome Price of Dawn posters for @TheHPAlliance's fundraiser:
Guess what! @johngreen is matching up to $10k in donations to #EqualityFTW this week. Donate now & it counts twice!
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So psyched that @JazSinclair will be Angela in the #papertowns movie. She and @JusticetheSmith are so great together. YAY YAY YAY.
Rodrigo Corral's beautiful cover for the 10th Anniversary edition of Looking for Alaska. Available for preorder now!
I really love Tuesdays and the daylong rhythm of making and editing a vlogbrothers video. Even after 7+ years, vlogging makes me happy.
A fantastic note of optimism to start the day on. RT @voxdotcom The amazing decline of global hunger, in one chart
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The great @AS_King has a new book out today: GLORY O'BRIEN'S HISTORY OF THE FUTURE. I just ordered it. She's one of my favorite YA writers.
Get a flu shot! @HCTriage's Dr. Aaron Carroll explains why you should be vaccinated against influenza:…
#TFIOS has been nominated for Top Soundtrack at the American Music Awards!!! send in your votes!! @johngreen @JoshBooneMovies @wyckgodfrey
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Great story about heavy metal in Cuba from @radioambulante's new English interview series #Unscripted:…