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John Green
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Brilliant, inexpensive health innovation by Ethiopian women health workers: a hut on the grounds of the health outpost where high-risk pregnant women can stay so they won't have a long walk to get care when labor begins.
Over 80% of Ethiopians live in rural areas. Most primarily use walking or animal-drawn carts for transportation.
This thing looks like a huge thermos, and it is. By keeping rotavirus and pneumonia vaccines cold for 50 days, it saves kids' lives. I saw it worn perfectly in a rural health outpost with no running water or electricity, just an amazing health worker using technology suited to her needs.
Jumping over babies and rolling cheese are just two of the 27 Local Traditions I talk about on @MF_video this week.…
Selfie with Bill Gates outside a health outpost in rural Ethiopia. Amazing day.
Great day visiting health and farming programs in Ethiopia with @BillGates, who may be the best listener--and question asker--I've ever met.
Spent the day with Ethiopian women who are a big part of the reason infant and maternal mortality are decreasing:…
TFIOS Extended Ed. on Blu-ray™ Sept 16. This box art was selected by you, the fans of #TFIOS!
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New vlogbrothers video! Ambiguous Victories and Real Progress:…
At this health care outpost in rural Ethiopia, I saw a very sick five-year-old get tested for malaria with a 15-minute blood test and then immediately begin treatment. That was inconceivable 10 years ago.
Amazing day in rural Ethiopia listening to health extension workers explain how they're transforming health outcomes for kids and moms.
Spent the day at one of the only Neonatal Intensive Care Units in Ethiopia. Astonishing and awe-inspiring work by doctors, nurses, and moms.
The final @mental_floss live trivia show benefitting the P4A is in Chicago on 30th July at 7.15pm at Howells & Hood:…
Update from my travels: The Dubai Airport was the single best-smelling indoor location I have ever come across.
Four hours into what will be a very long day. Not sure how much I'll be able to tweet on my travels, but I'll be back soon.
Contributor @briallenhopper, with the help of four close friends, examines @realjohngreen's The Fault in Our Stars.
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#tfios will arrive on Blu-ray on Sept. 16th. Extras include an extended edition, an audio commentary with @realjohngreen and I, and more!
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This week, @realjohngreen teaches you the history of money & debt, FOR FREE!...
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Russia closed 4 airways near Ukraine hours before crash, incl one #MH17 was flying to
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separatist boast "we have shot down an AN-26" quoted by 6 Russian news sources before all realized #MH17 down instead…
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Vigilant Hufflepuff @realjohngreen defends his house vehemently and Andre the Giant impressions dominate.…
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Who are your influences? @PeggyNoland and her father, Garry Noland, want to know: #theartassignment @PBSDS
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