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John Green
Pretty good baseball game.
#PaperTowns director @jakeschreier has great pictures from set. I'm counting on his tweets to keep me updated while I'm home with family!
Over at @MF_video, I share 26 Facts About Halloween while wearing a series of increasingly ridiculous animal masks:…
Status update: Listening to intense discussion about the removal of Chuck Parson's eyebrow. #PaperTowns
Publishing nerds: The text of my Zena Sutherland lecture about genre and books and the digitized world is now online.…
(@Kiva is a microfinance site that connects well-run microfinance organizations from around the world with lenders like you and me.)
Kiva is offering free trials to the next 2,000 people who join here: Your first $25 loan to an entrepreneur is free!
It's really happening. New video in my profile with cast and crew of the #PaperTowns movie!
I spy black Santas (!!!!!) in @johngreen's new video from the set of "Paper Towns."…
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Finally uploading after a string of technological mishaps. (Unrelated: I still have no phone.) New video soon with the Paper Towns cast!
I think we've all had our phones autocorrect "Yiddish" to "hoodish." That's a thing. Sure. Totally plausible.…
I made a video for the We Need Diverse Books campaign. You can watch (and support the campaign) here:…
I am so very lucky that the people making the Paper Towns movie--both cast and crew--care enough to stay up late working to make it awesome.
Selfie with lion tattoo and @caradelevingne. So excited that such lovely people are bringing #papertowns to visual life.
Regram from @standup4justice. Radar meets a few of the many, many black Santas in #papertowns.
Radar is getting his pre-movie haircut. #papertowns
Taylor Swift reblogged me on tumblr and called me her favorite author. Trying not to freak out.…
I was just in the room with the black Santas. Everything is amazing. #PaperTownsMovie
On @TheCrashCourse: How did writers in Asia respond to their homelands being colonized by European imperialists?…
I will put in a request to director @jakeschreier MT @KelsIRawr OMG can @johngreen play the dead guy in the paper towns movie please
The We Need Diverse Books indiegogo has already raised over $30,000 of their $100,000 target! #SupportWNDB here:…
Eating pizza with @caradelevingne, aka Margo Roth Spiegelman in Paper Towns.
(Justice's twitter is @JusticetheSmith, btw.)
With @standup4justice and @jaz_sinclair, aka Radar and Angela in #PaperTowns. YayYayYayYay.
In town for Paper Towns. So excited!
Must read. “@leighalexander: Can Video Games Survive? Really good @suellentrop work in the NYT…
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It's the last day of #equalityFTW, and your LAST CHANCE to get the SEQUEL to the @johngreen /Sherlock fanfic:…
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Despite 500,000 tumblr notes, I continue not to have written that line from the series finale of One Tree Hill.…
You put it before a number to indicate that the number is a number. @hankgreen #octothorpe…
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Hank's video today is so bananas it seems like it must be fiction but it isn't. #OCTOTHORPE!…
Green Coffee Extract isn't a diet miracle, and travel bans aren't going to stop Ebola. Learn why on @HCTriage news:…
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I can confirm that the trailer for my new short film, #OurBrother, has made my mother cry. Sorry, Mum:
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Ebola is extremely unlikely to spread through public transit for several reasons.
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Panicking about Precisely the Wrong Things: The Ebola Story.
One of my favorite things on earth: the polygonal bits of sky visible between the leaves of a tree.
There's a new @artassignment highlights video featuring your responses to Kate Gilmore's Walk On It assignment:…
Jeez, this 16 year old girl's YouTube channel makes me optimistic for our future.… Keep it up @SoniaOnYouTube
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You might have just finished breakfast, but at the @mental_floss list show we're serving up 29 Facts About Dessert:…
Are there personal trainers who can do the running and weightlifting for you, or is that not a thing?
Every time I go to an art fair, there's a great Alfredo Jaar piece making fun of art fairs.
Nerdfighter and designer @risarodil has created an awesome new DFTBA hoodie. Available here:…
For those who enjoy cursing and audacious hope: I'll be livetweeting the Liverpool Real Madrid Champions League tie over at @sportswithjohn.
Coffee? Check. Took kid to school? Check. Wrote ill-advised twitter rant before 8 AM? CHECK.
It's always embarrassing when corporations with "voices" try to analyze "youth culture," because it always amounts to, "Get off my lawn!"
(And yes @VICE and @Independent are legacy media, despite attempts to seem young. Great at reporting! Terrible at cultural think pieces.)
Amazing how deeply legacy media (in news stories, profiles, and acquisitions) continues to totally not get YouTube, creators, and fans.