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John Green
Great piece at the @washingtonpost: What's missing in the Ebola fight in West Africa?…
"Why did you feel compelled to share that with 3 million people?" ...he wondered belatedly. Anyway, off to pee now.
...and how all humans for all time have enjoyed this same feeling, and all of students just being like, "Uh, I pee whenever I need to."
9h more universal or human pleasure than needing to pee but holding it, and then the final joy of delayed gratification realized...
...remind me of my 11th grade English teacher going on a long rant while we were reading Waiting for Godot about how there is...
I've had to pee for about an hour but it's one of those days with no real time for peeing. Moments like this...
Huzzah! @birbigs (Patrick in the TFiOS movie) is bringing his show to beautiful Indianapolis, IN on September 18th:…
So THAT'S why rich people have for decades given less of their income to alleviate poverty than middle-class people. BECAUSE THE POPE.
Home Depot CEO says the Pope's support for poor people makes it impossible for the rich to empathize with the poor.…
Today I take another step in my quest to become @realjohngreen by hosting a new series for @mental_floss…
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(When you have been making videos for 8 years, and you are old, you conflate the things you've thought of doing with the ones you've done.)
How @mental_floss is dwarfing more established magazine brands w/ the reach of its video:… Nice work @mhattikudur
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Just genuinely enjoyed juice with wheatgrass in it. Somewhere, my 16-year-old self is glowering at me with horror and disappointment.
Nina Katchadourian wants you to sort some books. See what we mean!: #theartassignment @PBSDS
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Support my dear friend Ashley Makar as she raises money for cancer research!… attn: @realjohngreen
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Late night signing posters while listening to @rhettandlink.
At the warehouse signing posters and marveling at the hard work by the people who get shirts and posters and jewelry to people around the world.
Who wrote the parts of An Imperial Affliction that appear in the TFIOS movie? I did.…
Walked into company's annual meeting today and announced that before further discussions we need more vacation days and a pinball machine.
Looking forward to speaking at #CNX14 this year!
Guys go to DFTBA.COM and press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT,RIGHT,LEFT,RIGHT, B,A. Hilarious, @realjohngreen @hankgreen
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We are going to do an @AFCWimblyWombly episode about DATING ADVICE, so if you have romance/dating questions, let me know.
Henry just shouted, "DADDY YOUR MOVIE IS ON TV IT IS REALLY NO FIBBING," so I guess Comcast subscribers can now get it On Demand.
Every time I said hectacre just PRETEND I said hectare.…
It's live! A new video about agricultural reform, flying in a helicopter with Bill Gates, and innovative cursing.…
(Friendly reminder that educational videos can be over four minutes.)
Today's video is going to be about agriculture reform in Ethiopia. Vlogbrothers: discussing the sexy issues teens love since 2007.
Ethiopian mothers now name their babies at birth. @realjohngreen explains why this is such an encouraging sign:
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A year ago today I was watching The Fault in Our Stars movie being filmed, and now it's available on iTunes for download. What a year. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make a great movie.
New @Novartis compound is 1st drug to reach this stage in 23 years. Nextgen of #malaria fight #PowerofOne
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363 days ago, we started filming the #tfiosmovie. Today, I downloaded it in HD from iTunes. Amazing.…
ICYMI: You Probably Don't Need to Be on that Gluten-free Diet:…
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.@SashaHemon's #WarChildhood tweets are riveting and intensely sad. The project:
Oh God this is the worst thing I have ever seen on television, which is really saying something.
I've been enjoying not having a movie studio tell me when to get haircuts, but now Sarah says the time has come. Farewell, post-tfios puff.
"Real heroes are Ethiopian women" says @realjohngreen Baby Names: Thoughts from Rural Ethiopia: #vaccineswork
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Perfect birthday morning making Lego X-Men with Henry while Alice tries to destroy them. Next: livetweeting soccer at @sportswithjohn!
Current #Ebola outbreak a tragic & painful reminder #globalhealthsecurity has direct impact on US health @fxnopinion
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Happy birthday to the great @stephenfry, whose birthday I always remember! (...because it is also mine.) Thanks for inspiring us, Mr. Fry!
Rutherford B. Hayes is trending! Best named President! Last words: "I know that I am going where Lucy is." (His wife died two years before.)
Tomorrow is @realjohngreen's birthday! In his honor, I just funded a classroom project @DonorsChoose to fill a classroom with new books.
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Make a teacher’s day... Projects on @DonorsChoose are half off, with matching from our foundation.…
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