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John Green
We are doing a Question Tuesday! Any questions for John?
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Important read. RT @mattyglesias: There’s no reason for Americans to panic about Ebola:
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My daughter Alice is such a typical little girl: She likes princesses, shoes, dinosaurs, trains, dolls, and vanquishing her enemies.
if you are engaged in youtube community stuff please read this post i made… & talk to me about it if you want
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Also watch this @HCTriage episode about ebola (and the breakout of enterovirus):…
There IS a huge, growing public health crisis in west Africa. We need rich countries to commit resources THERE, not to overreact at home.
Re. Ebola in the United States: This is a tragedy for someone's family. It is not a public health crisis. Here's why:…
New video: I don't know what to do with my life.…
Nervous about today's video.
The finalists for The Kirkus prize are really great/interesting. I was happy to see All Our Names & Euphoria…
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Tales of @papertimelady's vacation: Just called my neurologist's office and they said, "You're usually a polite British woman."
"I must hold in balance the sense of the futility of effort and the sense of the necessity to struggle." -Fitzgerald, "The Crack Up"
Gates Foundation gives $50,000,000 to fight ebola in West Africa. We need similarly aggressive responses from gov'ts.…
I realize complaining about @comcast is cliche, but just installed a "new and faster" modem, whereupon our download speeds dropped by 60%.
And yes does @lazboy send me free recliners as thanks for the endless media attention my La-Z-Boy gets? They do not.
Not to brag, but my Lay-Z-Boy has been called "ugly," "tan," "oatmeal-colored," and "hideous" by outlets including the WSJ and the NYT.
Just did some back of napkin calculations and I've spent something like two years sitting in this particular Lay-Z-Boy.
(I'm still unable to articulate even a sentence about Wolf in White Van, but it is very good and important reading.)
The best review of @mountain_goats's brilliant novel WOLF IN WHITE VAN I have yet read:…
We are hiring (post-production specialist and part-time office manager) in Indianapolis.
Also the pizza is pretty good. I'm sorry if I sound like a Chuck E Cheese advertisement but this place is awesome.
Absolutely joyous day at @chuckecheese's with Henry. I'm kind of astonished how much fun I'm having. Kid seems to be enjoying himself too.
Falling child mortality: The causes of a welcome trend | The Economist
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Yes, I am frequently dyspeptic. Yes, I'm verbose. But I don't think plot trumps character! ALSO: I wish Scott wrote my real-life dialogue.
I have just finished reading @ScottWesterfeld's excellent novel AFTERWORLDS. As a character in it is supposedly based on me, a few comments:
With @papertimelady gone from the Internet, I kind of don't know what to do with myself. Like, is this a tweet? Am I doing this right?
Even after all these years I still love working with my brother.
My official response to The Fault in Our Stars being banned from a school in Riverside, California:…
.@mindykaling brilliant and inspiring at #cxn14. I love the way she looks at work and the world.
Mob football and baseball with no innings are just two of the 29 Early Sports Rules on @mental_floss this week.…
Excited/nervous to speak at #CNX14 tomorrow! It will be livestreamed from 9AM ET for those of you following at home:
Invest in women and girls to save lives, grow economies. Great #dataviz shows effects of gender gap.… #cgi2014
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How to Revise a Book:… (@AFCWimblyWombly play Leeds United while I talk about the revision process.)
"The experience of living with cancer is always changing." -@realjohngreen Read more on the Producers' Blog:
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We're pledging $1 to Water for Ethiopia for every new Tabber that joins this week, up to $7500. You can then...
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Thank you @realjohngreen @BillGates + the thousands of amazing Nerdfighters who gave so 8,000 people in Ethiopia can have safe @Water.
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Now, are there any other wealthy philanthropists who'd like to match the next $100,000?!
WE DID IT IN TWO DAYS! Nerdfighters raise $100,000 for @Water; @BillGates will match the donation!…
wow wow so close to $100,000 in our fundraiser. WOW.…
A brand new issue of Nerdfighteria News is out! P4A, Bill Gates, and Movie News Galore @realjohngreen @hankgreen
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Wow, I leave the Internet for a few hours and suddenly we're over $78,000 in donations! @BillGates will mach $100k!…