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Johnny Knoxville
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Got to play Johnny Cash on ep of #drunkhistory. In it I wear his actual boots I bought at an auction. So damn happy!
I don't know if he is looking up in there or just fell out.
Next thing you know Tampax will be making microphones.
The battering was easy, it was the frying that caused the most discomfort.
At the MTV movie awards and some girl must be on her moon.
At the beginning of the day there WERE 14 students at this Da Nang Daycare center.
I bet this invention had a rather interesting and sometimes painful research and development phase.
Weird, I can't tell if this book is pro or con.
Poor ol' Merle, at least he went doing what he loved.
F karate, I can chop a watermelon in half simply with my right teet.
RIP Mickey Rooney xoxoxo
My lil' buddy and co-star in Bad Grandpa just beat 9 full grown men in a pie eating contest. Way to go Jackson!!
Uh oh, here comes Vladimir Pootin'. Hey hooo....
Candi's unorthodox cheerleading exercises always took double the amount of warm-up time.
I got to cane the cow-walkin' shit out of @pattonoswalt yesterday while shooting an episode of #drunkhistory. Wahoo!!
At the premiere of @MikeJudge's awesome new show for HBO called Silicon Valley.
These are the guys that build my rockets.
Besides "delicious!!", what is the term for male camel toe?
"No that's fine u guys go ahead, I'm fine here really. What? Don't be silly, nooooo, no hard feelings at all."
2014 candidate 4 baddest mother-f-er on the planet. Would have declared him the winner if only he had a bigger horse.