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Johnny Knoxville
A trash can with low self esteem is a bit redundant.
Winner of Best Trick at the Nacogdoches Rodeo is Ida Farmbluth with the Inverted Stank Plank.
From the front he looks like the invisible man, from the side just an idjit' wearing the world's worst welding mask.
U of Arizona please reinstate SAE because I had a ball. #nohardfeelings…
Her ass looks like Barney the Dinosaur's mouth eating the pole.
Some asshole really went out of there way to landscape this. 😄
Sometimes trial and error is not the greatest way to test new inventions. Whoops!
Congratulations to @WWE on15 years of #Smackdown! #Smackdown15 #WWE, wahoo and way to go. & @ZackRyder,high five!!
Coat hanger placement fail, aisle 3!! I just hope this isn't all part of the same promotion.
Everyone in this pic looks pissed about Biden grabbing W.C. Field's kneecap.
Spider-Man slings some really ropey webs.
One of the more creative OD's I have ever seen.
From Beijing airport. So happy the city is abbreviated BJ. Lets just hope this shirt doesn't come in kids sizes.
"Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun. But mama ,that's where the fun is." -Blinded by the Light-
Nothing makes a good kid's slide like a prolapsed elephant's colon.
In the elephant world you can't get any closer than this. This is definitely best bro' status.
Malaysian newspaper converts 50 Cent into their local money. "1.50 Ringitt" just doesn't have quite the pizzaz.
Just a little pinch between your cheek(s) and gums."
Very happy to meet @TimGunn tonight at Chelsea Lately finale.
Well I wouldn't call him a champion, but I "wood" say he's up and coming. Hey hoooo...
Have you ever heard of goddamn knocking?!!
ge·nius Pronunciation: \ˈjēn-yəsFunction: noun 1. Wearing a t-shirt of your last mugshot in your newest mugshot.
Today I helped my friend, Paramount Pictures Chairman & CEO Brad Grey take the #ALSIceBucketChallenge #BradGrey…
Honey it's not what you think, the hippos are just doing it doggie style,that's all.
This is awesome. She is not even pretending to go for the ball.
Wring out the cat and wash the clothes;)
Maybe they should have re-thought naming this one.😬
Smith's actual slogan in the 1928 presidential election. "Wet dreams" referred to repealing prohibition. And jizz.💦
They didn't call Grandpa "Ol' Horsenuts McNichol" for nothin'. Had to walk with a wheelbarrow everywhere he went.
The only thing that I know about this politician is that hehas a big honkin' horsecock on his campaign poster. 🐎�
New fav person- Frisco jogger uses app that maps her route so she purposely runs in patterns that look like a dick.👍
Just the fact that they had to post this sign makes me very happy. 🐊�
My back is killing me where can I get some relief? And by relief I mean a 1/4 pound of lube. 💦�
His buddy just left with the hottest girl in the bar and this is why. #takingonefortheteam #jumpingonthegrenade 💣
I hope this doctor isn't treating erectile dysfunction, cuz he can't even keep his sign up.🍜
I voiced Leonardo in the new #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles movie. Check it out this Friday August 8th!!Knox…