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Jim Jewels
STOP ASKING FOR CHANGE! I'm sick of hearing that. A dollar bill won't change itself, unless you bring it to a cashier. Want change? Make it!
Oh man... I just read the news! Chuck Norris died.... but, he's alright now. #chucknorrisfacts #ChuckNorris
I am a man with big dreams.... So I need a woman with vision in my life! Let's complement each other and become the ultimate power couple.
We make choices to become who we are destined to be. If you can't sacrifice a good time now for a great time later, you will never succeed.
We sent you the casting, NOW! Here is the @EmpireFOX "No Doubt About It" ft. @pitbull @JussieSmollett Video #fox25!…
Check out this old college photo, of these two powerful and famous people... started from the bottom now we're here!
Show support people and check this out!…
I need to do this one day. It's going on my bucket list right now!…
Somebody Need To Tell Vegeta He Need To Get a DNA Test For Trunks Asappp
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Saving money is boring but worth it 💯💸💸
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Don't forget to listen/watch the #ittybittybumbum lyric video. Here is the link:
There you have it folks... @50cent Blames @EmpireFOX Season episode two Ratings Drop on..... READ FULL STORY!…
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What are you working with? #ittibittybumbum full lyrics video is in our
I'm so very thankful for my today's and praying for my tomorrows.
Ok, keep it real right now! Who else saw Black Mass? I mean the exclusive version, with the Chinese subtitles on the bottom!
You know what??? Let me stop.. my twitter timeline is like! Booty Booty Everywhere now. Get on SUBSCRIBE, check out:…
Oh man... I'm second guessing my decision about joining vine! My Twitter timeline went from pg to strip club real quick. #ittybittybumbum
Ok... I finally made a vine account! I'm I a little late or what? Who wants to win $ 300.00?
It don't matter if your booty like @MileyCyrus or one @DaRealAmberRose! #IttyBittyBumBum (Lyric Video) via @YouTube
Stay tuned for the #ittybittybumbum lyric video. Available on our channel by noon today. SUBSCRIBE to SEE It NOW!
I'm not complaining... but it's chilly out right now! Are you ready? It's coming soon regardless. #newenglandwinter
Tons of fun right there! Yo @DJRoyBarboza, my #ThrowbackLunch request is FIESTA RIDDIM (Bennie, Saw, Ele) #Tuningin.…
Hey @suzannapomade... I see you too! S/O to you as well. Make sure you check that out also! We're looking for HOBEST and real FEEDBACK!
S/O to the homie @ImS0Random... I appreciate you! Have you heard this project yet?… Have a listen, leave a comment!
This is a very important announcement; Know this! Whoever's riding with me, there is no if and or but about it... we gonna win...! 🙌🏽
Sh!t's about to hit the fan, hit the floor #Fox25.. That's all I can stand and I can't stand no more. Brand New @EmpireFOX tonight, tune in!
September is Hunger Action Month. Help w/ $1 donation to @Gr8BosFoodBank = 6 healthy meals! #SeptemberMealChallenge
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Why would someone consistently choose to jeopardize the future for the present? It makes no sense!
Keep it real please, remember; Character is defined by what we do when we think no one is looking.
A lot of you really need to find Jesus! People are people, I was raised in a way where I treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO.
OK, Fine... Guilty as charged! S/O to the KINGS; R&B (@rkelly), south (@Tip), Autotune (he cut the dreads?) @TPAIN!…
Welcome to the family @Iam_Italiana, we're honored to have you. HOW I JOINED THE JEI NETWORK AND HOW YOU CAN JOIN...…
The homie @fettywap was injured in a serious motorcycle accident yesterday. He is doing better today, get well soon!…
If "Plan A" didn't work out. Stay cool, don't panic! The alphabet has 25 more letters. Just fall back, regroup, plan again but #nevergiveup.
If you are on facebook... you have got to check out the NETWORK SITE and give it a like. There is a lot going on:
What have you done #fox25? Two days after @EmpireFOX' Premiere, #empire is still trending. @HopkinsFOX25 @Fox25NDLee…
@realjjewels still making moves.gonna drop an EP soon. Just pooling my resources
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@realjjewels all great,,, massive Thanks, aprecciate you all the Time bless 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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I am building a new team right now and focusing on the people who go hard for the team without being asked. Not the ones waiting to be told!
Congrats to the entire #fox25 family! Their @EmpireFOX Season 2 Premiere Drew in 16.2 Million Viewers. @HopkinsFOX25…
Wow! The @Camp9Films trailer for #districtC11, has already been viewed over 6000 times. Can you spot my cameo in it?…
What's going on @SissiluvsReggae? You know I appreciate you and all your support right? #justsaying
Oh come on now @klemanowicz... If I was a woman, I'd probably be saying; "STOP IT! you... handsome man, you." lol @HopkinsFOX25 @fox25news
So many people in this world tend to chase after the wrong things. STOP IT! Once you do, it will give the right things a chance to catch you

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