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Jim Jewels
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This is for the people who have asked me... "What's going on, in Boston this Thanksgiving eve"?. Here you go and enjoy. You can get more details on the Facebook page ---> JEI NETWORK or visit
WED. NOV 26th is going to be an eventful night @GuiltNightclub as @mrmistrie presents their THANKSGIVING EVE EVENT.…
S/O to our featured model @JessicaCamella.. Now TRENDING on #JEINETWORK #3 most VIEWED. Show some love and #FollowHer…
Has the world really changed in the past 50 years? DO YOU STILL BELIEVE IN STEREOTYPES? READ @TheMuzicLady's Article.…
LIKE my TWEETS? Thinking of following me? GREAT! When and if you do, let me know you're there... #sayhello, I will give you a S/O #followme
Now this is not funny at all... White hands, Iron man mask and black face??? I take it back, it's freaking hillarious..
This is how I'm going to be rolling when it comes time for my princess to go to prom... You HEAR ME FELLAS?
I know my real Dancehall reggae fans remember this 'BADMAN" record w/ @KingBeenieMan, @duttypaul and @LadySawOffical…
S/O to the one and only @Yaga_y_Mackie team... I see you and appreciate the follow. Keep grinding and doing what you do. #Salute
This is heart breaking... She fought till the end! We love you... #RIPDIEM
My Sincere condolences to @DiemBrownMTV's family, friends, and everyone she has touched. May she Rest in peace.…
Yeah... This convo just happened between myself and #JEINETWORK staff member. Follow @realjjewels and @jewelseinc
Say what now @JewelsEInc? Hell no... @50cent didn't die today! I lost two freaking quarters I had for the meter and got a parking ticket.
Oh man... This just totally messed up my day right now! R.I.P. 50 Cents, loosing you really had its effects on me this evening!
Yes... Check him out in the #JEINETWORK "@MusicFanNH: DJ CREATIVITY | JewelsE Inc via @realjjewels"
S/O to @abbylaneboston. Love the spot! Big Up to @louiebello for helping celebrate @MightyMystic's B-day w/ @moneymav @_lynda_rose @marlono
Congrats on getting over your fear. Now go take on the world "HEAD ON". "@Lifeless_XO: i am no longer afraid of heartbreak..."
Some of you guys really need to think twice about this! We love the kids...
This story is still developing... stay tuned for all the info and details.
BREAKING NEWS: #JEINETWORK claiming to have "Leaked photos of Kim Kardashian actually wearing clothes." I will update you as story develops.
Normally I'd say... people are crazy for putting their lives in jeopardy. But, this Looks fun, great video. WATCH:…
Happy Birthday to my homie @mightymystic doing his thing right now live @abbylaneboston ... Where you @?
You know sometimes... after a long day, you just have to take care of your woman's need! also e-mail your info. "@TraumaLifePromo: @realjjewels how do we get on the network???"
I will check it out for sure... @TraumaLifePromo Get the video PUBLISHED on the #jeinetwork and get THOUSANDS of people to view it.
Thank you for the info @gaillynnsargent ... Have them shoot us an e-mail
Thank you sir... Salute to you too. "@theArmon: @realjjewels #Salute"
What up boss? I see and appreciate you. God bless! "@Confidencebeats: @realjjewels peace G!"
You got it... I try to follow as many people as I can. "@THEGREATDOCP: @realjjewels Thnx for the follow! Stay tuned!"
All we can do is support each other... Let the network do the rest! "@AceBoonChicago: @realjjewels Yo I truly appreciate the support #KODC."
What's going on @_ROYALTYGANG ? I thank you for hitting me up man and we would love to check out your project. Send to
You got it... I appreciate your support. Appologies to everyone I have yet to respond to. "@EGImpecc: @realjjewels thanks for the follow!"
Thank you for the heads up on the record @RidaBone. If you want someone from #jeinetwork to check it out send E.P.K. to
Well said... "@HeidiHasHeart: Ive caught myself gripping onto what's out of my hands, and letting go of what I can actually change"
Sometimes.... after she had long day, you need to take care of your woman.
Tonight it's going down heavy @abbylaneboston I'll rocking out with @louiebello & his the band + my bday celebration!
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I'm not really sure how I feel towards this new @bmagicbnb "All I know" video. Take a look for yourself! via @YouTube
New article by @TheMuzicLady, its for all of you who ever thought of quitting or giving up on your goals. MUST READ!
Hi Ruthie, Thank you for the love. I really appreciate you for that! "@R47R: please #FOLLOW @realjjewels"
Today's quote: "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning". [Albert Einstein]
How many of you tuned in & how many of you missed it last night? See it again or for the first time @WalkingDead_AMC…
Why am I not sleeping now you ask? It's simple, I'm trying to figure out this problem and I won't rest until I find a cure for Insomnia.
The lovely fun-sized host of Ridiculousness is also a rapper? Yes.. WATCH @chanelwestcoast's “Miles and Miles” VIDEO…
LIKE my TWEETS? Thinking of following me? GREAT! When and if you do, let me know you're there... #sayhello, I will give you a S/O #followme
Have you heard the ‘Hood fella’ track performed by #KingSpyda for @JewelsEInc on #SoundCloud? YES|NO... LISTEN NOW!…
What's going on? Thanks for reaching out. It's a different game now days. "@iNateCalloway: @realjjewels Could use some help getting signed"