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Donald J. Trump
"@Murray87James: @realDonaldTrump looking forward to my wedding at Turnberry 2mo! Ur staff has been amazing!" It will be fantastic!
"@lynn4596: I seriously admire @realDonaldTrump, watching his show 'celebrity apprentice' was my inspiration to do well as a kid" Great.
"@SuccessCoaching: RT @realDonaldTrump "Success is having to worry about every damn thing in the world, except money." - Johnny Cash"
A @aahs5star Diamond & Green Star Diamond Award winner, @TrumpGolfLA is the nation’s top public course
Designed by @IvankaTrump, @TrumpDoral’s Deluxe Guestrooms feature impeccable furnishing and details…
We have millions in our country unemployed yet we are wasting millions arming Syrian ‘rebels.’ What is wrong with Washington?!
Obama can attend a fundraiser every day but can’t be bothered to get briefed on national security. Commander-in-Chief?!
Our national security starts at the border. Do you think ISIS & al-Qaeda are just in the Middle East?
Rated “#1 Resort in Europe” by @CNTraveler, @Trump_Ireland offers breathtaking golf & the 5 Star Lodge at Doonbeg
"@RWDF1 @realDonaldTrump They are planning on building windturbines near Turnberry Golf course, on Knoweside hill" Not without a fight!
@realDonaldTrump Agree!! Thank you for vocalizing the thoughts of many people!!!
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"@lee_turton Can you buy @realDonaldTrump merchandise in the UK or do you ship world wide? Cheers" Go to to order
How is ABC Television allowed to have a show entitled "Blackish"? Can you imagine the furor of a show, "Whiteish"! Racism at highest level?
Stop flights into the U.S. from West Africa immediately!
The woman who is the Secret Service Director looks like she is way over her head.Why can't the president appoint the best and the brightest?
"@jrhennessy: There's only one man I'd trust to fight ISIS. That's right: @realDonaldTrump" Good choice, thanks.
"@andrewl1234: .@realDonaldTrump I'm pulling an all nighter in the library studying so I can hopefully do half as much as you one day" Great
"@lexiTB1993: We seriously need @realDonaldTrump for president. # TrumpForPresident"
"@morgan_sux: Hey everyone! Just found an awesome Twitter account that you should check out!!! It's called @realDonaldTrump very cool"
"@CalebCCooper Reading DonaldTrump's "The Art of the Deal" for my entrepreneurship class. So many cool stories and business lessons to learn
"@DrizzyDan_: The U.S. needs @realDonaldTrump at this moment" Thank you.
"@popated: @tnsmilin @realDonaldTrump And the military doesn't have a heck of a lot of respect for him either."
"@adrianatarsia: @realDonaldTrump thank you for being the voice of reason!"
"@THEINTENSITY: The worst part is the apathy the administration has for informing the public of timely info about Ebola @realDonaldTrump"
"@33SeaBear: @realDonaldTrump @Nan_Imburgia .The simple answer. Donald has brains and integrity."
"@brandotut: @realDonaldTrump calls a spade a spade, would be a breathe of fresh air in Washington."
"@CarnivoreKing: @realDonaldTrump We can't just stop flights. It might offend the west Africans, and we can't do that!"
"@AB8TN: @realDonaldTrump our troops are trained to put a 7.62mm through a fleas ass from 1000m not fight a virus"
"@Nan_Imburgia: @realDonaldTrump Why is it O makes absolutely no sense while Donald Trump makes perfect sense!!!"
The United States must immediately institute strong travel restrictions or Ebola will be all over the United States-a plague like no other!
How dumb is our president to send thousands of poorly trained and ill-equipped soldiers over to West Africa to fight Ebola. Stop all flights
"@ChaseHassey: @realDonaldTrump DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT! Please run. No one will defeat you." Thank you!
Here we go! I stated long ago that we should cancel all flights from West Africa. Now we have Ebola in U.S., AND IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE!
President Obama should stay out of the Hong Kong protests, we have enough problems in our own country!Can't even properly police White House
"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit." - Conrad Hilton
Fact--Obama does not read his intelligence briefings nor does he get briefed in person by the CIA or DOD. Too busy I guess!
"'Everything in Dubai': Learn from Emirate's rebound, says @donaldtrumpjr"… via @Emirates247 by @Parag1301
Via @Newsmax_Media by @wandacarruthers: "Trump: 'Inconceivable' Obama didn't know about ISIS threat"…
Keep your momentum. Without momentum, a lot of great ideas go nowhere.
I've realized that success requires 100% effort and 100% focus. Nothing less. Get out there and go for it.
Excited to see @SixteenChicago’s “elevated fine dining” explored by @USATODAY @10Best!
Our views trump the rest for the #Thanksgiving #MacysParade. Stay @TrumpNewYork for exclusive parade access