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Donald J. Trump
If you can’t focus with unyielding resolve, then you will never be successful. Believe in yourself and you can accomplish your goals.
“Don't expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong.” - Calvin Coolidge
Congratulations to Obama on building a strong economy. There are 49,500,000 people on food stamps. A historic record!
Obama’s promise to build an international coalition against ISIS is already broken. No one trusts him at home or abroad.
Via @newhampshirecom:“Tickets on sale for Loeb School Event, featuring Donald Trump”…
With championship links @TrumpScotland’s world-class amenities also include dining & luxury accommodations
Good luck to the people of Scotland, whatever their decision may be on Thursday. The whole world is watching—really exciting!
"@jcartmell_2011: I honestly think he needs to run for president. I'd vote for him in a heart beat. Man's a genius!!" Thank you!
I will be on Fox and Friends at.7.00 A.M. Enjoy!
"@MikeyJFitz: @realDonaldTrump Thru rough times 1 thing that keeps me going, I wasn't one of the idiots that voted for Obama. #Trump2016"
"@KevHegarty: Please please please let @realDonaldTrump run for president. That would be awesome."
"@mkristin73: @realDonaldTrump I honestly don't doubt it. We need a real leader in there."
"@mkristin73: @realDonaldTrump so are you running for president?" Time will soon tell, but if I do, our country will be great again!
"@IndyBuffaloJim: All fact, but of course haters never check the DATA, your business decisions are sound & you have the success 2 prove it"
"@DanScavino: U called it “@TMZ: A medical screw-up reportedly caused Rivers' death”"
"@JaredAustinThom: We just need to let @realDonaldTrump run the whole world. #Trump2016" It would be a fantastic place, thanks!
"@CahlRStorrie: @realDonaldTrump you always know what to say. You're an inspiration for millions if not billions." Thank you.
I have nothing to do with Atlantic City-sold years ago (great timing). For losers and haters, I NEVER went bankrupt. Plus $10 billion, sorry
"@BenTrolling: @realDonaldTrump @EastonWestwood That isn't even a real number! Nice try, you will see Donald Trump by a landslide in 2016!"
Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game!
"@A_Frog_4_Life: If you're interested in 'balancing' work and pleasure, stop! Instead make your work more pleasurable - Donald Trump
"@BenTrolling: @realDonaldTrump @EastonWestwood Donald Trump has more know how, grit, and integrity than George W. Bush." Very true!
Secretary Kerry cannot get other nations to join us in fighting ISIS. They are afraid and he is a poor salesman who reps a pathetic leader!
"@BenTrolling: @realDonaldTrump @EastonWestwood Disclosing his finances would make Donald Trump the most wealthy President ever!" So true!
"@EastonWestwood: Please run for President again! America is almost finished but might have a chance if you're President in Jan.2017."
"@Kstork48G: @realDonaldTrump I would love for you to run. What would be your plan on stopping ISIS?? Military mom here. Love you"
"@hawkeye3073: @realDonaldTrump I know you hear this endlessly but you would definitely have my vote should you run in 2016 #MuchRespect"
"@JohnnySanaC: Kinda early to decide, but i'm going to be @realDonaldTrump for halloween lol" Have fun!
"@Lauraaachinn: @realDonaldTrump for President 2016. I would be first in line at the polls."
"@shoreline1996 DonaldTrump Please for all of humanity run for President. But use your money to campaign so you don't need to return favors.
"@Ripnitz: @realDonaldTrump PLEASE run for President!!! We need you to straighten out this Country!!
"@CandyStiltz: @realDonaldTrump Please run. I'd like someone with a back bone and can make decisions in office." Remember what you said!
"@ghosttoast99: @realDonaldTrump Mr. Trump please help us get an autism service dog for our son, Carson." How much do you need?
When planning an international family vacation look no further than the enchanting @Trump_Ireland
Retweeted by Donald J. Trump
Thank you to @FamilyVacation for listing @TrumpChicago one of the top spots for family vacations in the Midwest!
Retweeted by Donald J. Trump
“Always be prepared to start.” - Joe Montana
ObamaCare has cut workers’ pay by over $22B & eliminated 350,000+ small business jobs… Repeal before it's too late!
Sen. Kay Hagan voted for Amnesty & ObamaCare. She is a proven liberal who recklessly goes along with Obama. Vote @ThomTillis in November!
Offering river, lake & skyline views, @TrumpChicago’s 339 5 Star rooms range from Deluxe Suites to Spa Guestrooms…
The so-called ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels pledged their allegiance to ISIS after Obama’s address. We should not be arming them!
.@DonaldJTrumpJr’s @CNBC interview discussing the starving demand that is fueling high-end luxury…
With a @SharkGregNorman designed course directly along the water, @Trump_Charlotte is North Carolina’s elite club
The judge in the Oscar Pistorious case is a total moron. She said he didn't act like a killer. This is another O.J. disaster!