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Dawn French
comedycomedian 123,804 followers

come back to twitter. that was so fun — im back!
The first kiss you ever had at school was my father Da… — oh my goodness. i remember him! very handsome man! im …
ok. got to go now. be on soon! byee!
i pick.. angelina jolie. welook a like. ha! RT: @kathrynstimpson who would you want go play you in a film about your life. Mine would be you
I ordered your book all the way from here in Texas and loved i… — i love you! so yes. that does make me love you :)
I think you are fabulous! I wish you the best in the futur… — that is such a lovely thing to say! thankyou so much!
i love you dawn :) — aww i love you too!
i haven't been on this in a long time. but i feel that i should come on and just say hello. missed you all!
is it hard to be a comedian? Because ive been told i s… — it's not difficult but sometimes hard when you tell a …
How did you get brad Pitt to kiss you? — obviously because he wanted to! i didn't force him. he was just blown awa…
any life advice? — live it to the full
wonderful wonderful person. seriously, i'm 14 years old and you inspire me.… — that is wonderful to hear! thankyou.
14 prettiest girls in year 8 desc — what?
Do you ever regret not becoming a teacher? — not really. i love children but i have managed to live such an incred…
who are you and why are you on my formspring. you are fake — you seem like a very nice person!
Favourite song of the summer? — i like katy perry
Terrys choc orange Dark or Milk? — milk
how long has it been?
Have you ever considered writing a novel, as in fictio… — i never really thougth of it. i really like childrens …
what is your favorite word — fandabbydoesy!
Who likes Pie — i do! chicken is the best
whats your favorite song at the moment — i don't know!! haha
Ok, my eyes hurt! I need to get away from the computer screen and have some chocolate... Goood byyyye!
Q:What is your favourite piece of work you've done?... A:Couldn't pick.
Q:Will Jam and Jerusalem ever come back? A:Couldn't say. don't think sooo
Q:are you begining to regret asking on twi... A:No, I like it.. but i'm going to stop in...
Q:Where did you kiss brad pitt? A:on his lips... oo la la
Q:Meeting you in Sydney last year was the ... A:I wouldn't know, give me a clue as to wh...
Q:What is your all-time favorite book? A:Dear fatty, you should read it haha
Q:any chane you can blow me a kiss..? mwah!x A:MWAH! x
Q:Tears in my eyes because it's really you... A::) :):) :):) :):) :):) :):) :):) :):) :)...
Q:What has been your favourite role to date? A:Couldn't pick
Q:Is pyschoville coming back dear? x A:can't say yes but i can't say no
Q:I miss you on the tv- try want to get this iron chef rubbish off channel 4... A:Very good.
Q:Have you ever thought what it would be like to a lesbian? I ad... A:wow strange question..
Q:Do you need a personal assistant, I need a Job :)... A:I'm fine at the moment
Q:are your fingers sore from typing yet?!?!... A:Your very welcome and not but my eyes hurt!
Q:If you could be any of the characters yo... A:Wouldn't really want to be one, I ebrace...
Q:Are you still involved in sixteen47? would you consider... A:Not in my mind at the moment
Q:whats the best thing you have ever blagged with your celebrity status?... A:not sure.
Q:Have you ever broken any bones and if so, how?... A:no
Q:Do you believe in life after death? A:Not sure.
Q:What would you rather do, never eat choc... A:Kill everyone in the world and steal the...
Q:If you could live in any of your tv worl... A:I would have to pick... Dibley, I love y...
Q:Ok am at work & gotta fet back to it. Love your book. Heard... A:Maybe.. Get back to work!
Q:OMG i love you can't belive this have as... A:I loved teaching, but im too attached to...
Q:Will you write another book? 'Dear Fatty' was ... A:Thankyou.. and I don't know, we'll see