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Chipper Jones
baseballmlb 417,558 followers
I was washing the Escalade when I found out where it's new home was! I think 'Holy Sh&!' was my exclamation!
Lol. And now that 6 footer resides in the under carriage of the Escalade. Great! Least I don't have to worry bout rattlers next to the house
6 foot long black indigo snake with ur coffee??? Um no thanks!!
I like the Seitzer hire as hitting coach. Don't know much about him personally other than he's well respected and he was a helluva hitter!
Only Bruce Bochy could win a best of 7 series with ONE starting pitcher. Big ups to Bumgarner and the Giants bullpen.
"My opinion on hunting fields in the morning, DONT." - @RealCJ10
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This home field advantage to Kansas City is brought to you by an exhibition game :)
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Speaking of a steaming pile of crap......hold on, I'll be right back!
I think I'm finally ready, mentally and emotionally, for...........the blood bath that's gonna take place in Jacksonville this afternoon!
Cool things u see in Texas....this is a roadrunner standing next to a steaming pile of coyote crap! Who's Wiley-er??
I will tell ya how good I am at being a GM. Both my RBs that are starting for my fantasy football team, play for the CLEVELAND BROWNS! BOTH!
@RealCJ10 Hunting in Utah! Good luck retweet for a monster Mule Deer?
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Amazing the number of 2-year-olds who can't walk but they have a Twitter account.
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Wish my Steelers could play every week on MNF! They would have a pretty good record.
Jase asked me, is this the position @RealCJ10 played? I said not even close, but I will ask him for a RT for you!!!
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Surgerys gone great! 8 weeks out and throwing in 2 weeks! @RealCJ10 big fan of yours ever since I was little! How about a retweet?#TommyJohn
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@RealCJ10 my Cards are done so I'm focusing on Illinois Whitetail now. #whitetail #LifeInATreestand
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Who wins the World Series this year? I will take the Royals cuz of their speed and back end of the bullpen. Should be a goodun though!
Wow I'm extremely combative tonite! Folks I apologize. My dog is eating cat food. Cat is eating my food. It's complete bedlam in S. Texas!
I wonder if UF could beat Stetson. The Hatters have had a football team for two yrs now.
I see Muschamp and Driskell are hard at it again! Flat out embarrassing.
Now Arkansas has Joe Montana at QB!
Leonard Floyd is a skinny, ANIMAL!!!
@RealCJ10 can I not even get a retweet by helping you out on that?
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Nevermind. Golson is from Myrtle Beach. Who the hell was I'm thinking of?
Kinda pulling for Golston tonite. Roswell high school product. I'm a bit of a homer!
Jameis Winston gonna steal the show tonite???
@ReedKyle: @RealCJ10 Bama barely beat this Ark team that UGA is pounding. The dawgs would roll the tide for sure.”Hey Bama fans!!!!
Alabama has more points 52 than Texas A&M has yards 50. #TAMUvsBAMA
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So I guess @JeffGordonWeb will be turning laps at the back of the pack til about 20 to go??? Dammit son!!
Bout time for lil bro to take some snaps for ARK in Little Rock!
This poor Arkansas QB!
I see the baaaaaaad Texas A&M showed up in T-town today. Can u say, 'behind the woodshed'? Sheesh! 45-0???
Bama fans trip me out! Bama backs can't hold UGAs jockstraps. Bama had 3. Georgia had 4. Hence, better STABLE!
I have no idea why Arkansas even tries to throw! Yeah, let's run, run, run with success and then start throwing. Hmmmm....
Chubb ain't #4 on the depth chart anymore!
Um....did someone I kno, who will remain nameless, (me) say that UGA had the best stable of RBs in the country? Chubb is #4 on depth chart!
That reaction by Mike Morse was priceless!! That's what it's all about. No showing anybody up, no showing ur ass, just pure excitement!
Not sure about the, above the knee, fashion statement that Hunter Pence is making. We will see if it catches on!
Um....what happened to Chris Davis and Matt Wieters????
Amazing that all these people are coming BACK to the Braves organization! Wonder why??? Hmmmmm....
Personally, I think they should hire @Bravesmeme! Dude knows everything. What say you, Meme???
I'm a big Don Baylor fan! Kevin Long would be a sexy choice. Reggie Smith is very good. Couple of Julio Franco requests....excellent.
Lmao! Lots of Larry Sr requests out there. He would be great at it. MLB teams aren't gonna hire a 65 yr old with no pro experience.
Any ideas on who the new hitting coach is gonna be??? And don't say me!
Really nothin worse than someone, for no good reason, tryin to break up a home. But @Erin2610 is that person. She's a maneater! #HallnOates