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Ray William Johnson
There are two types of people in this world: Those who finish sentences, and
Middle of scoring @WhosDrivingDoug. @RjMitte @palomakwiat and @RayWJ give amazing performances!! Can't wait 4 u 2 c this one!
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Rearranging the prop shelf. This is basically a shelf full of thrift store garbage that doubles as props for the Equals Three show.
#ThrowbackThursday to 5 minutes ago, when I was in the other room looking for my phone so I could make this tweet.
Life's too short NOT to troll people who text you from the wrong number. 😄
My photobomb skills are some next level shit. #legit
Maps isn't quite working for me. Can anyone help me find this? 😝
Does anyone actually use an ice pick for anything other than murder?
Ended up at this party tonight. Shit was pretty insane. So much for relaxing on a Sunday.
Heisenberg and Superman are checking out the 1966 Batmobile. The Ewok is just photobombing to be a dick. #MyToys
Heisenberg and Superman can't decide on whether or not to take the 1966 Batmobile. The Ewok is just photobombing to be a dick. #MyToys
I'm tryin to get all buff so you'll love me more and not get all embarrassed when we're seen in public together.
got the mail today and almost passed out. Got a little gift from @RayWJ sir I can't thank you enough #YouMadeMyYear
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Packed house @ Argyle last night watching Tyga perform. #RackCityBitch ...also there's this one blonde girl photobombing my damn pic.
I'm still on my juice cleanse tip. It's like drinking ass in a bottle. #gross #lol
This is the funniest shit I've seen in a long time! Nicki Minaj's Anaconda: Fart Remix…
You can't trust nobody these days...
I really need to up my Tinder game. This guy's on some next level shit. #GiveItUpForSexualChocolate
Trying out this juice diet for the next 2 days. AKA I'm hungry as hell. #NextTimeImDoingMeth
Hey guys; does this look like an authentic Banksy to you?
My nephew already passed out. His partying skills ain't up to par yet. #LightWeight
#tbt Throwback Thursday: Beards and Kittens Expansion Pack
Just so you're aware, I could beat your ass at old school Mario Kart.
Was getting my phone out and my camera went off by accident.
I like when I order something from Amazon and then forget about it. Days later a mystery package appears on my doorstep like it's christmas.
Recording voice over for the Robot Clown Mob trailer. Lisa and Tommy are killin it. "You could walk out tomorrow..."
Guess I was all out of peanut butter and jelly. #SackLunch #LivinTheDream 😄
And The Lord saith unto thee, "That new Facebook messenger app is fucking terrible." -Psalms 19:1
That new Facebook messenger app is some bullshit.