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Ray William Johnson
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I tried this and keep getting stuck on step 3.
Someone needs to invent a Chuck E. Cheese style ball pit for drunk adults.
When super villains laugh maniacally at their own evil scheme, do they think it's comical or do they just have an odd social etiquette?
If you hear an old parable and you don’t believe it, it’s mythology. If you hear an old parable and you do believe it, it’s religion.
I think my cats work for the government. They're always covering up shit.
You think Jesus gets a little jelly that you get gifts on HIS birthday? I would.
Opening Night at IO West is probably one of the best shows I've seen in Los Angeles.
How do birds always manage to hit my car with poop? I literally have to sit on my target to hit it.
I had to trim back the beard for a shoot. I feel 37% less manly right now. :(
Thanks to online dating apps, my kids will never experience how shitty it feels to cold approach a woman in a bar and ask for her number.
Battle rapping is probably the most creative way you can threaten to murder someone.
Be honest. Is my beard getting too long?
Studies have shown that roughly 50% of all Star Wars movies are good.
Jimmy is already sleeping face down in Donkey Kong land. It's going to be a weird day of filming.
New podcast! We make each other improvise characters. Sometimes we fail, but it's pretty amusing.…
When I have food in my hand, my cats look at me like I'm telling them gov't secrets.
I just overheard a kid describe his teacher's personality as "a little faggoty".
I bet it's really hard to deliver bad news on April Fools'.
Hangin with TJ Miller aka RoboFag at the premiere of his new show Silicon Valley (premieres Sunday April 6 on HBO).
Hangin with TJ Miller aka RoboFag at the premiere of his new show Silicon Valley. Love this guy! Silicon Valley premieres next Sunday night, April 6 on HBO.
I'm not actually a certified gynecologist, but I'll be happy to take a look.