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Rashad Houston
Real Talk on this beautiful #AlohaFriday
J. Cole - Be Free… All we wanna do is break the chains off, All we wanna do is Be Free...
YOLO, SMH and cray have been added to the Oxford Online dictionary now lol 😂
Look at the sign. Good thing he's standing in the right spot... #CNN #Ferguson
New Flow. Mic Check. Soon.
Waves 🌊 #GoProHawaii #Oahu #Hawaii #GoProEverything
@RashadHouston There is no greater expression of love for that special person in your life, than to tell the whole world
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I think all of you for your wellwiishes… and you support during this time of ned… i am waiting for the nurologist to say i can fly to usa
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Hello My name is Alice my Husband is Bill Allmon. He has suffered brain truma and we are asking for any assistance TY…
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Kona Brewing Co, "Single-Tasking":
Waikiki. #Sunset #hnnsunrise #GoProHawaii
Beautiful Day. #GoProHawaii #GoProEverything
A hug from my Mother is 5,000 miles to the East. I miss you, Queen.
Young woman, you are not an object. You were created in God's image. Stop focusing on being a "Bad B*tch" and be a Good Woman.
I tell my son every day that he needs to respect Women. That respect starts with his Mother, the Queen.
Cowards are out here hurting women, forgetting the fact that they came from one.
Ridiculous. "@itsHarryWills: @RashadHouston cheaper than the UK. You could pay up to £18 here which is about $30"
A "large pizza" at the local shop here costs $25, plus tax lol.