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When you walk outside to check the mailbox & Sheastacks is putting on a show! #iforgeteverything 😳
The Calling Me A Killer But #NoiNot I Been on The Block Since #21 Ft #DumbKid LxrdJaay <-- Remake This w/ a...
Run faster my nigga because you still broke Vanilla Latté #IdontChaseBitchesiChaseMoney 😂😂
When the bae get mad she act like she new to sucking dick 😩😫 KDDVDON 👈
When your parents yellin at you and they start stuttering. But you tryin not to laugh 😳
McDonalds McDouble 1.29 "wtf it's on the dollar menu tho" 😩
Shoutout @zipemup_kshine #smoothcriminal BATTLE VS JC #UDUBB Edited By @_latruth