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Randy Orton
TBT, with @RandyOrton several years ago, tagged with Bob Orton JR as well-a huge thrill.
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It's not just you. RT @Cupcakebk26: Is it me or am I the only one who thinks @RandyOrton needs a new shirt already
Cool message RT @rhp1016: Hey @RandyOrton I thought you might enjoy this #fail harder
Wow @RandyOrton look in 2K15 looks really good I can't wait for the game to come out…
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Are we suppose to forget @RandyOrton is owed a one on one rematch back since #WrestleMania #wwe #The Viper
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@RandyOrton randy thank you so much for my gift. U have really put a smile on my face.your the best love Callum xxxxx
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Ethan's 1st yr and he's regional champion and 3rd in state. Look out WWE, he's comin for you! @RandyOrton @JohnCena
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I think @RandyOrton should team up with sin cara and rey mysterio more often .rt If you agree. Orton with His Power cara and ray r magicians
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Yes 2 years ago to the day, I believe RT @takaokadaze: @RandyOrton You are cool. Did you remember coming to Japan in 2012?
What a great match in abbotsford between @RandyOrton and @HEELZiggler, stole the show. @WWE you win again!
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That's because it's Tim Curry RT @JustinDingler: @RandyOrton Everybody says Tim Curry all at once. lol
Still 200 miles outta Yakima WA RT @FreskoStahr: @DeanAmbrose55 @RandyOrton lmao, get some sleep Dean, u'll give urself a nose bleed
Anyone know who plays Pennywise in movie?
And when you're down here with me you'll float too! RT @MarkJamesHoglun: @RandyOrton they all float down here Randy
4 verified accounts helped to turn #WWEAbbotsford into a Trending Topic. Some of them: @RandyOrton, @NatbyNature & @WWERollins#trndnl
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@RandyOrton this young scots fan says he will RKOff to bed if he gets a rt
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@RandyOrton As a police officer I would lay a criminal harassment charge against her if I was investigating this...just saying. #staysafe
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Interesting RT @wnwnews: Video Of Fans Stalking @RandyOrton To Obtain Infamous Picture… #WWE #WNW #Smackdown
No worries. I should've tagged her so peeps could see what she was saying RT @KaosSayian: @RandyOrton called ...
WOW... These pics of (the real greatest of all time) @RandyOrton in #WWE2K15 are UNBELIEVABLE! @WWEgames CANT WAIT!!
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@RandyOrton PLEASE RETWEET ME! YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION! here's me wearing my RKO beenie :) #RandyOrton #TheViper
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Something is in the works, but too early to talk about RT @angels_win: @RandyOrton any movie roles or projects beyond wrestling coming ?
Hey, I'm trying RT @Jordan_ryan87: @RandyOrton guess theres no chance of @WWE improving your storylines, miss the days of the vicious viper,
BothRT @steve2902: Can anyone @WWE tell me how much the @WWENetwork costs each month? I have a feeling its ...
I slept for 2 hours gimme a breakRT @alikaoury: @RandyOrton Does The Authority know you can't tell the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE?
@RandyOrton since your up this early and so am I does it make it easier to see this tweet?? RKO All day!Legend killer! Viper forever !! RT?
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I do. Thinking of going with red RT @eedwards027: @RandyOrton you always have the best @WWE shirts. Do you have a new one coming out soon?
Nope 5:55am flight outta San Antonio RT @Sewohs: @RandyOrton I believe you have Insomnia too! # randyorton #insomnia
Fly safe kiddo RT @kaylalovesit20: Just met @RandyOrton @RandyOrton at San Antonio airport! Such a nice guy :) #randyorton
Def not by referring to there likeness with a Jim Henson characterRT @MelissaH25: @RandyOrton How will you deal with stalkers in the future?
Me and @RandyOrton have something in common, we both have stalkers who need to seriously get a life... Smh. People these days.
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I blocked you because you've been stalking and harassing my girl for too long now. Then stalking me when I ...
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: #WeGotThoseGeckos (Web Exclusive) - YouTube -…
RT @Luke__Friendie: @RandyOrton you don't need to apologise!!that woman has been harassing you and @KimKlro ...
@SychoVicious @RandyOrton the chick has had beef w/him and his wife right? Not like he just picked someone off the street to burn them
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I apologize if any of my previous tweets offended anyone. The answer to bullying isn't more bullying...
One of my favs. Started reading the series a month ago. Almost done with 2nd book RT @baaratheon: @RandyOrton do you like game of thrones??
The Strain, Leftovers when I get the chance. RT @OfficialDillonF: @RandyOrton Are you currently watching any TV series?
Guardians of the Galaxy. Best Marvel movie yet RT @CENARULES4EVER: @RandyOrton ANY MOVIE YOU WATCHED RECENTLY THAT YOU WOULD RECOMMEND ?