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Randy Orton
Not cool. Come on kids, really.... DONT 'TRY THIS AT HOME!' (Or school).”
How about that @RandyOrton "Wrestling Celebration Mimics Randy Orton's RKO Move:
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I don't always eat Lasagna, but when I do...@MetabolicMeals
Seems to be the trend RT @jpetrie18: @ATPWrestling @JohnCena @RandyOrton Spot on. Enjoyed this match more than the second one.
@WWE waiting on a "RKO OUTTA NOWHERE" @RandyOrton Shirt @WWEShop please make one! we all want one
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It only takes one #RKOOuttaNowhere and @JohnCena will be counting lights... #HIAC
I asked 2 week ago..... Still waiting....RT @TripleHNet: @RandyOrton would u approve this if u wanna ...
@RandyOrton When wwe came to Australia this year in August there was none of your merchandise whatsoever. Mainly Cena and he wasn't there!
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@RandyOrton I remember being amazed/disgusted when I went to Smackdown months ago and saw half the merch there was Cena stuff.
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There needs to be more @RandyOrton merchandise because I have hardly anything to choose from when I go to events and it aggravates me
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Props to @RandyOrton for pointing out there is WAY to much Cena merch!!
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When they make room for something other than Cena merch RT @NYPunk106: @RandyOrton When is @WWE going to come ...
Words from a man who realizes he's losing his spot. Slowly, yet surely. #corporatekissass RT @bgmorris27: ...
Deserves a 2nd retweet RT @Wael_Arsenal: .@RandyOrton Dundee - RKO - outta nowhere - Jim McAlister and Gary Harkins: Kids quick as hell.... New fav
@jennabratten @RandyOrton it's new packaging for A La Carte items that will be available everywhere around the first of the year!
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Anyone catch Game 1 of the World Series? Did @JohnCena's KC Royals win, like he predicted on #Raw? Lemme
I've got a new favorite snack from @MetabolicMeals. Starting week 2 with them and I'm blown away! nice celebration, work on your form @dundeefconline #rko
#Montreal @WWE is in town tonight at Bell Center. Ft: @KaneWWE @DeanAmbroseNet @RandyOrton and many more. Tickets25$-115$
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@RandyOrton WWE RKO Out of Nowhere Vines Compilation Part 2 HD
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Lmao RT @Heroneous: #RKOwned RT @coyote4183: RKO FROM OUTTA NOWHERE QVC EDITION: Best one of them all @RandyOrton
Favorite so far RT @BalrajRakhra24: "@RandyOrton_Not: Crying!! πŸ‘Š#RKOO" lmaoooo yo im done
β€œ@_LulLexx_: β€œ@RKOEdits: Steve Austin and Randy Orton Tag Team πŸ˜‚β€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€babies aren't eve@RandyOrtondyOrton
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RT @RandyOrton: Needed an easier way to eat healthy on the road so I started @MetabolicMeals. Amazing ...
RT @EvilCSLD: "@LadHumour: Steve Austin and Randy Orton Tag Team πŸ˜‚
Hahahaha I'm dying out here with these!!! ALL Randy Orton RKO OUTTA NOWHERE @RandyOrton
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Awesome RT @Hey_Marissssa: β€œ@N0ChillRandyOrt: "In a place we've never seen him before" ...
Another good one xM20x's post on Vine
How about that RKO out of nowhere... #Raw
Needed an easier way to eat healthy on the road so I started @MetabolicMeals. Amazing quality & Nationwide delivery.
It's come to my attention the net is stating I signed a new deal with lesser dates. Remember people, you can't believe everything you read!
Thanks @motodavy for the Commander go pack hook up! This stuff is bad ass! @1stphorm@s2f...
At least we have a bunny and an alligator now RT @TheOrtonGirl: @RandyOrton When you were able to drive ...
Good old days when you had more than a hot dog cart to work with RT @RareBreedRKO97: @RandyOrton ...
@RandyOrton Can we have a RT for this RKO video I made of you giving the RKO to former Australian Prime minister…
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Randy PLS could you click on @footsteps4louie & RT we r fundraising for my sons op to help him walk @RandyOrton
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