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Randi Zuckerberg
On how to monitor young teens online: "The best thing to do as parents is communicate."— @sarahgranger on @SIRIUSXM Ch.111 @ 9pm PT/12am ET!
On how @momswithapps began: "We did what moms do best—support each other." More on @SIRIUSXM Bus. Ch. 111 @ 7 am PT/10 am ET!
“While children should be kept tech literate, screen time should not replace outside time or friend time.” On @SIRIUSXM Ch.111 @ 3PT/6ET!
On monitoring kids online: “Balance the need to explore. Establish healthy habits early on."— @momswithapps on @SIRIUSXM Ch. 111 @ 3PT/6ET!
Repost from @dotcomplicated--Contest EXTENDED! We are giving away a signed copy of @randizuckerberg's New York Times Best Seller, "Dot Complicated." To enter: (1) Follow @dotcomplicated on Instagram. (2) Post a photo showing us how you like to unplug. (Some examples--spending time with friends, goin
What do you like/dislike about the new #Apple device? "6 things to love & hate - about the iPhone 6" (via @CNNMoney)
"Most people just want to know how to get through their day online."— @sarahgranger #TheDigitalMystique on @SIRIUSXM Bus. Ch. 111 @ 2PT/5ET!
Missed this week's show? Read the recap on the "Dot Complicated" challenge of parenting in the digital age:
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“We started making apps because we couldn’t find what our kids wanted online."— @momswithapps on @SIRIUSXM Stars Ch.109 @ 8 am PT/ 11 am ET!
Decorating or redecorating? Tips on how to buy art online from unknown talents, as well as from well-known artists:
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The key social media techniques: "Focus on daily execution. Not giving up.”—David A. SVP Marketing @zulily on @SIRIUSXM Ch. 111 @ 6PT/9ET!
Dislike: Auctions for #internships. "They have to be earned.”— @InternQueen #welcometotherealworld
Celebrate Rosh Hashana by turning your tablet or phone into a #Shofar with #WakeUpWorld, an app narrated by me:
Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, fulfilling new year. L'shanah Tovah!
The @PayPal People Economy equips creators with the tools to evolve and stay inspiring. #PeopleRule #Ad
This past Saturday with @internqueen talking about her book "Welcome to the Real World"--a guide for those young and new in the workplace. #welcometotherealworld
How we can make up for our online sins & use tech for good during the High Holiday in "Apps & Honey for the New Year"
Thanks for tuning in today to @SIRIUSXM--join us next week as we talk to leading investors in Silicon Valley and call in to pitch your idea!
As parents, how do place limits on our own behavior? "It is important for parents to know you only need to share a pic a week of your kids."
Do parents want apps that track and monitor their children? "They want apps that track educationally how well their kids are doing."
An iPotty potty trainer and tablet device in one--thoughts?
Do kids need to be "tech literate" ? How young is "too young" for kids to use tech devices? Call 1 844 WHARTON or tweet @dotcomplicated!
David Atchinson, SVP Marketing @zulily talking about incorporating themes and pop culture—"Adding that 'new-ness,' it's unique and fun..."
Favorite app? "@Dropbox--it's where I store my photos of my kids." - David Atchinson, SVP of Marketing @zulily
Any interesting trends seen by @zulily? "We focus on apparel, but when we sell things around tech, it's surprising how fast they sell."
What contributes to the "emotional" connection many customers feel to @zulily? "It's a combination of the experience, the daily 'new-ness'."
How do you make sure you're on top of new changes? "Once we find something that is a backbone, resonating well, we invest in that."
On the phone with David Atchinson, SVP of Marketing @zulily. Call 1 844 WHARTON or tweet your comments/questions!
More information on the police radar device that detects texting while driving: (via @YahooTech)
Core mission that drove @momswithapps? "We all had just launched our own apps and each wanted a network..."
How do you write a book about tech and stay timeless? "The themes that have pervaded...things we are still dealing with..." - @sarahgranger
What inspired @sarahgranger to write her book--"I wrote an article about grieving online, and people responded to that..."
Like or Dislike? "Anonymous apps" like @Whisper or @secretly that allow one to share their thoughts anonymously.
Like or Dislike? @Tinker_Bots creates kinetic modules that allow kids to build their own robots.
Like or Dislike? New device for police that detects whether a driver is using their phone to text behind the wheel.
Have questions or comments about today's show? Call 1 844 WHARTON or tweet @dotcomplicated!
We are LIVE this morning at @SIRIUSXM talking about parenting in the digital age! Tune in--Business Radio Ch. 111!
In the studio this morning with Sarah Granger, author of "The Digital Mystique," discussing her book and parenting in the digital age. Tune in now to @siriusxm Business Radio Ch. 111!
Ready to go live w/ @randizuckerberg on @SIRIUSXM Business Radio 111. Talking kids online, a topic in both our books!
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Join the conversation on parenting in the digital age on @SIRIUSXM Business Radio Ch. 111 at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET!
Our guests—@sarahgranger, author of "The Digital Mystique"; @sarakloek, Director @momswithapps; & David Atchinson, SVP of Marketing @zulily!
Tune in tomorrow as we discuss this week's theme— "Parenting in the Digital Age" on @SIRIUSXM Business Radio Ch. 111 @ 9 am PT/12 pm ET!
Rosh Hashanah inspired manicure...and I somehow convinced @elizabeth to join the craziness :) L'shanah Tovah to all! Wishing everyone a beautiful year full of health, happiness, and Pinterest-worthy midrash manicures!!!
Suffer from "momnesia"? Check out these apps recommended by @hollyrust to help remember and keep organized:
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Bring in the new year with #WakeUpWorld, an app that tells the story of Rosh Hashanah, where kids play the #Shofar by blowing into the mic, narrated by me:
Bring in the new year with #WakeUpWorld, an app where kids play the #Shofar by blowing into the mic, narrated by me: