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Ramesh Srivats
cricket ipl satire comedy 179,889 followers
HA HA HA RT @schmmuck: Gul Panag weighs 100 kilos? "@abhijitkadle: 'EC has also recovered 100 kg of heroin, most of it in Punjab'"
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ABKI BAAR... Dei shut up. What bar, bar? Dry day happening.
Bangalore people, you will shortly have to make an important choice - Stock Up or Stay Sober. 52 minutes to go. Run.
Sorry. Beta is taken. RT @firstpostin Varun Gandhi: I want you to vote for me and give me your blessings not as your neta, but as your beta
US Airways has just proved that it is more than a match for Virgin Atlantic.
If it was rural land, we can call it Ravalgaon. RT @ANI_news Adani got land in Guj at Rs.1/metre, its cheaper than a toffee : Rahul Gandhi
Arvind Kejriwal is putting a Google Hangout today. Best idea. Someone throws ink mean their webcam only will get spoilt.
ஜிம்முக்கு போவேன். தம் கொரெப்பென். Tamil New Year, no. So I'll break some Tamil resolutions.
Happy B.R.thday Ambedkar.
If you believe in Simple Thinking & High Living, come, join off the most spiritual league in IPL Fantasy. Code 1458.
Modi is unstoppable, man. Too many powerful friends. Ambani. Adani. And now, Rajani.
To express his protest against the allegations made against him in Sanjaya Baru's book, Manmohan Singh will be vehemently silent today.
Modi. Please change your relationship status in FB to "It's Complicated" Everybody else, please move on. It's not a very important issue.
Congress is still doing rallies and putting campaigning and all? Very sporting.
Knock Knock. Who's there? Abu Azmi. Abu who? Yeah, people always cry when they see me.
Congratulations Abu Azmi. You have overtaken your boss. I hereby declare you President of Nasamajhwadi Party.
So, these Bal Narendra comics. They er... cover his marriage also?
Oops. Spelling mistake people. Corrected now.
Ah. So, Mulayam thinks that rape is just "boys committing mistakes." Boss. You first change the name of your party to Nasamajhwadi Party.
Polling in Bangalore is a week away. But I wanted to put photo. So I ordered one idli-vada.
Now I understand why Bangalore is so hot. Hyderabad stole our cool weather. So we were left weatherless and had to borrow some from Chennai.
Arvind Kejriwal is getting slapped so much, that in Tamil his name will be Ara-vind Kejriwal.
My All-Stars Team - Desert Warriors. Now looking for a sponsor. Er... Sahara? #IPLFantasy
What? What do you mean BJP copied the Congress manifesto? Nonsense. BJP has Modi. Not Modi Xerox.
IPL Fantasy '14 is up & running. Come, put off your team. Why? Because TenTenTen created it yaar. #FirstOfManyPlugs