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Ramesh Srivats
After years of hard work, Congress must be confident of gaining absolute majority in this black money list.
Currently, who's the last Indian to have held the ICC World Cup? ☐ Dhoni ☐ Sachin ☐ Yuvraj ☑ None of the above
Okay okay, lemme make this simpler. Here's the video of a 10-min talk I panted my way through in Tech Sparks. -…
Off to see New Year. Hopefully, I'll be Happy.
Diwali - South India: The major killing of Narakasura. North India: The big return of Ram. Telecom companies: Major killing and big returns.
Driver ko bonus diya? Clients ko dry fruits diya? Friends ko whatsapp greetings diya? Happy Diwali. The festivals of diyas.
Happy Dhanteras. If you buy gold today, you'll become rich tomorrow. Except for gold merchants. Who sell gold & become rich today only. ♻
Thank you all for the wishes. I turn 46 today. Plan to slow down and reach my 50 in singles.
UPA to change its name to UPS. Why? Because they are losing power everywhere.
Off to put fundas at Tech Sparks. Come, say hi, if you are there.
#FakingNews Inspired by the West Indies, Congress to pull out of Maharashtra & Haryana elections after exit poll results.
I wonder if we can retrospectively pull out of our England test series after 2 tests.
West Indies team to pull out of the rest of the series. I suppose, the Sri Lankan team has started warming up.
And a big welcome to @anilkumble1074. Plus one number Happy Birthday. 44 today. Something batsmen could rarely do when he bowled.
Installed Yosemite. And on behalf of TenTenTen, I'd like to welcome OS X 10.10.
Want to join TenTenTen? Check LinkedIn… Don't want to join TenTenTen? Okay. Retweet at least, no?
Shashi Tharoor praised Modi for 'Swachh Bharat' campaign? SACK HIM. Why? Because a spokesperson shouldn't make er... sweeping statements.
Haha. On Facebook, @Anish_Baliga suggests that Shashi Tharoor is now Shhhhhhhh-ashi Tharoor.
Shashi Tharoor removed as Congress spokesperson. Arnab Goswami however, shall continue as the nation's interruptperson.
West Indies players contemplating strike ahead of Kochi ODI. Nice to see them so enthusiastically trying out local culture.
So Flipkart has an offer on Van Heusen officewear. And took the photo in the RSS office.
Eid Mubarak. And like I've been doing every year, I shall recycle one number tweet...…
Maybe Amazon has recruited lots of people to buy everything from Flipkart today, which they can later sell in Amazon.
So, Flipkart is giving 44% off on Half Girlfriend. Which of course makes it just slightly over a Quarter Girlfriend.
All you people in the house. MEET THE WINNER OF FANTASY LEAGUE CLT20 WINNER OF 2014. Your truly. cc : @rameshsrivats
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\m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ OOOOOOOOOO \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ - Ravana at a metal concert.
In a crucial away match in Sri Lanka, Rama took all 10 Sri Lankan scalps to post a thrilling victory. Happy Dussehra. #HappyRehash
Just saw Haider. Super film. Super acting by Tabu. And Shahid Kapoor? I thought he couldn't even spell a cast. But he just casts a spell.
Excellent US trip for Modi. UN Speech, Madison Square rock show, Meeting with Obama, and 2 bottles of duty-free Black Labels.
Wishing you all a very happy StockUpBoozeBecauseTomorrowIsADryDay day.
HR Manager: You should all think outside the box. Mary Kom: No. #Dishkaaaaon
Mary Kom. Mary See. Mary Conquer.
I was in Chennai for many days. Now, I'm in Bangalore. And I plan to go check out some bars. Wait! I could be Jayalalithaa.
Mangalyaan to Earth: Boss, I've been going round & round all day. Can I come back now? Earth: No Mangalyaan: What? I've become Manish Tewari
Our senior cabinet - PM: Modi Finance & Defence: Arun Home: Rajnath External: Sushma. Their initials spell out: M.A.R.S. Yay. I'm jobless.
Last week, IIM. Tomorrow, IIT. Now waiting for invites from DAV Gopalapuram, Loyola Pune, & my kindergarten. @emliitm
Wow. #Mangalyaan has travelled 680 million kilometres. That's the most by any Indian entity since Pratibha Patil.
Some of India's key achievements - Miss World. Miss Universe. Didn't Miss Mars. #Mangalyaan
Well doen ISRO. Well done. We may be a crowded country, but you've shown us that we are still pretty good at managing space. #Mangalyaan
Bilawal Bhutto promises to take back every inch of Kashmir. Hehe. As far as sense is concerned, he's proved himself to be Below-all Bhutto.
Off to Ahmedabad to give marketing fundas to IIM students. Mildly worried they'll treat me the way I treated my profs, and not land up only.
Not many people are aware of the fact that "Vi Guevara" was given the name "Che Guevara" by a DD news anchor @fakingnews @rameshsrivats
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Now waiting for some newsreader in China to take revenge by referring to Modi as Thousand o' five hundred and one.
Doordarshan newsreader reads Xi Jinping as Eleven Jinping, and has now been sacked by Five-Hundred Five-Hundred.…
Maybe Scotland and Iceland should merge off and form a country called Scotchontherocksland.
Once Rajdeep joins, India Today group will rename itself India Tonight. Gnight.