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Ramesh Srivats
Two festivals today - Avani Avittam: Sacred Thread. Raksha Bandhan: Scared Thread. #SelfBlock
I hope our bowlers are inspired on the anniversary of the Quit India movement - One of our earliest attempts to get the English all out.
Q: There's a duck with 2 ducks behind, a duck with 2 ducks ahead, and a duck with a duck ahead & ... STOP TALKING ABOUT THE INDIAN INNINGS.
Why this uproar? Are our MPs worried that with 100% FDI in Railways, our country will be taken over by American Express?
Maybe someone sent him a "Get Well Soon" card. RT @IBNLiveRealtime Rahul Gandhi joins protesting MPs in the Well of the Lok Sabha
Chetan Bhagat - 1st book: Five Point Someone. Last book: Point Five Someone.
I once met a girl. We had a few pegs of whisky together. She became my Quarter Girlfriend.
Susuper Idea. RT @IBNLiveTech Pee to power your smartphone, tablets soon…
Nice to see Kishore Kumar doodle on Google. For me, those days' Kishore Music is always better than these days' Music Ki shor.
Gursharan: Hey Mannu, we must see this new Aamir Khan film, PK. Manmohan Singh: TK.
Dei Aamir Khan. You are the one dressed in a 2-in-1. Why are *you* staring at *us*?
Casino hotel, I think. But not sure. I'll be wherever they take me. :)
Off to Kochi to catch up with IIM classmates. Will put deep discussion on production, marketing, finance.. of C₂H₅OH
The story of Moeen Ali bowling & India batting is captured in Patakha Guddi: ♬ Ali ho… Ali ho… chali o… re chali chali.. chali o… Ali Ali ♬
Next steps - 1. Drop Dhawan 2. Let Rahane open 3. Bring in Ashwin 4. Get Anderson banned for 2 tests 5. Pray
112/5. Ayyo. Can someone quickly call for a bandh in Southampton?
#SoniaAutobiography "Kyunki Vadra ka saas bhi kabhi Indira ki bahu thi."
Bangalore goes on a bandh today to protest against sexual crime. Rapists and pedophiles in the city are going to be racked with guilt.
Tch. Natwar Singh should have titled his autobiography - "Make Love. NatWar."
Women in 2000: Hrithik, marry me! Women in 2014: Hrithik, divorce me!
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Old Story: Ali Baba aur chaalis chor. New story: Ali Mony aur char sau crore.
Hrirhik Roshan has to pay Rs. 400 crores as alimony? Insane. With that kind of money, even Flipkart would survive for a full day.
Sagarika Ghose is joining Times Now? Wow. Waiting for a show called "Face The Nation Wants To Know".
See. I predicted that Flipkart would raise millions of dollars in July.… Happening now. Pl ignore other predictions.
Okay. RT @PMOIndia PM has concluded his speech.
After a month of fasting, it is time to Eid. Eid Mubarak.
Gold & Silver in 50m Air Pistol. Silver in 50m Rifle Prone. Best shooting performance by Indians in Scotland since... Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.
Technology has made so many changes - Mail to eMail. Commerce to eCommerce. Governance to eGovernance And even, id to eId.
At some time, somebody must've placed listening devices in Manmohan Singh's house. And kept replacing them thinking they were malfunctioning
Listening devices found in Gadkari's bedroom. NSA currently trying to decode all the snores.…
Congrats Khumukcham Sanjita Chanu for #CommonwealthGames gold medal. Please marry Indian ok. Else, I believe medal goes to husband's country
What Pakistan, Pakistan? Sania Mirza spends her time in India and Dubai. If she wants, she can be brand ambassador for Kerala also.
Commonwealth Games are still around uh? I thought it'd be the 'Common Games' this time around after our organizers took away all the wealth.
#Serious Sania Mirza or not, why does Telangana need a brand ambassador in the first place?
Hey Shiv Sena MPs, You police the police. You teach teachers. Now you are feeding the caterer. Confused lot you are.
And I thought on Day 1, God said, "Let there be light". RT @CricketNDTV On Day 1, I told my son Arjun that we'll win the Lord's Test: Sachin
Sri Lanka beat England in England. India beat England in England. NO. NO. WE DON'T WANT DECIDER.
"ISH" - The start of Ishant. The end of the English.
Bowlers are Earling a Duke ball in Lord's. Very noble game. #SelfSlap
1. Python developers, go to 4. 2. Android developers, go to 4. 3. Go to 5. 4. Want to join TenTenTen? Mail 5. Please RT.
On Sun Jul 20 '69, a NASA guy took a small step for a man but a giant leap for mankind. And ended up missing the all-hands meeting on Monday
#IndvdEng Once lunch and tea are over, and everybody has finished eating, Cook looks a lot more relaxed, no?
From that time, I've been telling about England and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, you know.…
Fun over from Anderson to Jadeja. Sir delivered two level 4 offences, one straight and one square.
Match is well posed for Bhuvi and Jadeja to score the runs, take the wickets, hold the catches and win the test.
Hey parties, Jointly form Delhi govt & split benefits, no. BJP, take moral policing. Congress, take money-making. AAP, take media coverage.
Confession: These days I land up at Bangalore airport 20 minutes early, just to put breakfast in Malgudi.
The height of human achievement is a machine that allows us to fly. And the depth of human stupidity is a weapon that can bring it down.