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Ramesh Srivats
Bilawal Bhutto promises to take back every inch of Kashmir. Hehe. As far as sense is concerned, he's proved himself to be Below-all Bhutto.
Off to Ahmedabad to give marketing fundas to IIM students. Mildly worried they'll treat me the way I treated my profs, and not land up only.
Not many people are aware of the fact that "Vi Guevara" was given the name "Che Guevara" by a DD news anchor @fakingnews @rameshsrivats
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Now waiting for some newsreader in China to take revenge by referring to Modi as Thousand o' five hundred and one.
Doordarshan newsreader reads Xi Jinping as Eleven Jinping, and has now been sacked by Five-Hundred Five-Hundred.…
Maybe Scotland and Iceland should merge off and form a country called Scotchontherocksland.
Once Rajdeep joins, India Today group will rename itself India Tonight. Gnight.
This Modi wave seems to be going up and down like an er... wave.
AAP announces launch of youth wing. Would be ideal if it were led by a person called Thambi Hazare.
Not made your Fantasy team yet? Make, make, fast, fast. RT @FantasyCLT20 Only a few hours to go for the CLT20.
Here's hoping both of them improve their ability to serve. RT @PMOIndia Tennis player @MirzaSania called on the PM.
When all those scams were happening, I wish Vinod & Manmohan had tried Rai Singh their voice.
Manmohan Singh knew about scams. Didn't say anything. Vinod Rai knew about Manmohan Singh. Didn't say anything. Silence Raj.
Saeed Ajmal has more than 15 degrees? Smriti Irani is jealous.
Hmm. I'll anyway buy the iPhone 6. I also want to buy the Apple Watch. And damn! I then won't have enough money to use Apple Pay.
Apple's 1984 TVC was about big brother watching you. Now they are the big brother. And they have just watched us.
Why all this dilly dally? Give Dilli to BJP. Give Dalli to AAP. Done.
Our politicians may have thrust socialism on us, but at least amongst themselves they are trying out free-market capitalism.
AAP accuses BJP of offering Rs. 4 crores to buy an MLA. Wow. That means the Congress party in Delhi is now worth Rs. 32 crores.
As much as Zeenat Aman in "AAP jaise koi"? RT @ashutosh83B A big exposé by AAP at 11 AM.
Rayadu walks into a bar. Dhoni sends him back. Because it is a singles bar.
Happy Onam everyone. As Kamal Haasan once sang, today commemorates the day Sundari Neeyum and Sundaran Nyanum got together.
Ya. It's pretty obvious who likes one-day internationals and who likes 5-day test matches.
Rajdeep Sardesai's book cover explained -
Show off. RT @firstpostin I will shave off my head if BJP forms government in Delhi: AAP's Somnath Bharti.
Happy Teacher's Day to all those wonderful professors who taught my classmates so many things when I was busy bunking.
RaGa doesn't approve of Taal. RT @firstpostin PM Japan mein dholak baja rahein hain aur yahan pe bijli aur paani nahi hai: Rahul Gandhi.
Al Qaeda is opening a branch in India, it seems. We need to quickly track them, put them in jail, and make them All Qaidi.
Yes, yes, Sushmaji. I know you're the External Affairs Minister. You do Bangladesh trip. RT @ndtv PM Modi returns.
Sachin Tendulkar is calling his autobiography "Playing it my way." Why? Why? He had such a nice title - I LA.
Best is to say, "yes" now, and "sorry" on Jan 1, 2100. RT @HeadlinesToday SC asks Centre if the Ganga will be cleaned in this century.
What? You didn't listen to my interview with @OberoiD of @Redfmbengaluru? There's no escape. Take SoundCloud link.…
Modi Sarkar: 100 days in a run. Rahane: 100 runs in a day.
Good pick-up line, no? RT @ndtv You have hardware, we have software, let's work together: PM Modi in Japan
Modi: Dum, dum, dum dum. Rahul: Somebody called me?
Look like Pakistan is heading for a coalition government. No no, not Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan & Tahir ul-Qadri. Army, air force & navy.
Zimbabwe beats Australia in Harare, which is now likely to be renamed Jeetare.
Back home after a few days in Coorg. My ashtray is reunited with me. I am reunited with my laptop. My laptop is reunited with my wifi. Nice.
Holidaying in Coorg. But still, religiously tuned in to watch Pro Kabaddi semi finals. It has become the Satyamev Jayate of sports.
My Facebook timeline used to be full of faces. Now it's full of books.
Did two radio interviews today. Good thing I had shaved and taken a bath.
In Tamil Nadu, Kohli means hen. In England, it seems to mean duck.
So, in the Bihar by-poll, Congress, JDU and RJD unite to win 6 seats. And people call Modi a divisive force. Tch.
Harsh Vardhan is scary. The well-meaning type who sincerely imposes his morality on others. The more power he gets, the more Harsh it'ill be
These days I am tripping on malts. I put some Glenfiddich - Sweet. I put some Talisker - Peaty. After 4 of each, I feel mildly Sweety.
Gender based cricket analysis - Indian men lost to English men. Indian women lost to English women. But, wait. India beat Middlesex. Yay.
Am waiting for Sagarika Ghose's next article, so that she'll stop retweeting compliments on the last one.