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Rahul Bose
Sindhu, you beauty! Ganpati Bappa Morya! Great play! Well done!
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Rohit Sharma's out w/a finger fracture. Along w/Virat, there is no greater batting talent in India. Hope he heals (& finds top form) soon.
Nandini Sundar's reply to Bunker Roy's piece : Felling the straw man | The Indian Express…
Congrats @MangteC for qualifying for the #AsianGames !! So proud of u babe!!! After 3 kids this girl still kicks butt!!! More power to u!
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Fascinating chaos on 4hr-delayed #jetairways del-chandigarh flight as allocated seat nos arbitrarily changed at the last moment. #epicfail
Is #jetairways losing its touch? del-c'garh flight delayed by a mere 4hrs. Surely they're scrambling to make it a proper 7-8hr delay! #fail
Warm wave of nostalgia - tech problems on my Jet Del-C'garh flight - just like the last time I flew this sector. Thank you #jetairways !
Oops! Sorry! Chris Jordan! Umpire signalling wide has been taken off the ground for shoulder cramps.
Chris WWWWWWWWWWoakes. #tenwides
'He's top edged it beautifully!" Wasim Akram on Raina's top edged six. #neverheardthatbefore
Happy but unsurprised at all the lightning quick warmth from patrons of @MonkeyBarBlr and @TheFattyBao on twitter. You are not alone!
6. #MonkeyBar is in b'lore, delhi & soon bom. #TheFattyBao is in b'lore & soon del. Take a bow, @chefchandra & AD Singh!
5. What is most gratifying about the food @MonkeyBarBlr & @TheFattyBao is the freshness of the ingredients & the pricing. Truly world class.
3. @TheFattyBao is now easily one of my top 3 places to visit & revisit. Each dish a distinct, different, unpretentious explosion of taste.
2. @MonkeyBarBlr is a true gastropub w/a Bharat darshan of bites: Cal's Crumb fried beckti, Coorg's Pandi curry, Bom's Vada pav. V v tasty.
1. Back from Bangalore yesterday satiated with two truly superb and different gastronomic experiences @MonkeyBarBlr and @TheFattyBao
I nominate you for the "give quietly to charity every month via direct debit from your bank account" challenge.
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Yes, it is v good. RT “@SumedhB: Watch Cry Freedom, It's another moving film he directed..Class Apart”
@chhabs: #RichardAttenborough's eloquent speech accepting the #Oscar for #Gandhi” here it is! Thanks, Aseem!
Still remember Richard Attenborough's tribute to Mahatma Gandhi when 'Gandhi' won best film at the Oscars. R.I.P.
Finished @GhoshAmitav superb third part of the ibis trilogy last night - couldnt stop reading it, its just brilliant. We publish jun 15
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If this is true, it's astonishing. Start of a very slippery slope. "India makes 'liking' blasphemous content illegal
The writer, teacher, public intellectual U R Ananthamurthy is no more. Here's my tribute to him from 2012:…
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+ @firstpostin's take on why politicians, including Mr Jaitley, get #VAW so wrong:…
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Icon : a person or thing worthy of veneration (Oxford Dictionairy) Iconic : of the nature of an icon #wordssooverusedtheyvelosttheirmeaning
Early monsoon morning in bombay & if you ever needed evidence life isn't black or white : grey roads, grey buildings, grey sea, grey skies,
Signed 15 copies of the 2014 #Stepathlon calendar. Happy coincidence they used my mug for July. #birthdaymonth
Only more mystifying than India's form is the BCCI's decision to ban wives/girlfriends. Helps team play swing, catch, bowl better? #IndVEng
Thinking of recent great debut music albums : #DaftPunk - Homework #ArcadeFire - Funeral #TheXX - XX #NorahJones - Come Away With Me Others?
Meanwhile in my trailer the delicate, joyful-melancholic, eponymous titled debut album of XX on loop. #filming #DidDhadakneDo
Phenomenally long queues at the sea link toll booths. Reminds me of the Gurgaon toll booths. Minus the lane cutting.
Today my massage therapist announced that Botox induces insomnia induces wrinkles induces increased Botox induces...#mountainofyourh
Nothing to beat the mellow tones of Madeleine Peyroux on a monsoony day as hair and makeup do their thing. #filming
One of the strongest triggers of nostalgia in a bombayite is the rains. School exams, rugby matches, shows at Prithvi and today, shooting.
Just hearing news that a Manipur court has decreed Irom Sharmila be freed. Is that accurate? #phenomenaliftrue
What was thought to be a sprained toe was a broken one. All healed now but it means I have to stay off the stilettos for a bit. Ah, well.
In the absence of Navroz bhonu, today's lunch : keema mutter garnished w/dhaniya, masur ki dal, lauki, karara jowar ki roti. Not too shabby.
Navroz takes me back to dhansak, brown rice, gravy cutlets and patrani machchi at my Parsi friends' houses. All now live abroad. Sigh.
@nrv1292: @RahulBose1 It could be dish wash, Rahul.” Or a floor mop. #wipethefloorwith
Okay. Let's have predictions for the ODIs. Whitewash? Brownwash? Wishy washy? Or just sopping wet? #EngVInd
Driving to Colaba from Prabhadevi, see a large group of uniform tshirted dahi-handi men clustered around... a liquor shop.
Been chosen by Rohan Bopanna for #IceBucketChallenge to raise money/awareness for ALS. Hv decided not to waste clean water, but will donate!
From the 'Summer of 42' in 1974 to the 'Summer of 94' in 2014, 40 years hv added 52 runs. At this rate we'll be unbeatable in 2514. #EngVInd
This is one of the most depressing test series we've ever played. We've lost by worse margins, but the lack of gumption is gut wrenching.
Cannot understand what the fuss is about Varun Aaron at 132kmph. #inthecountryoftheblind
So, an innings defeat or a 10 wkt loss? #EngVInd
Happy birthday to a top man, @aashishdugar , and may you have all the peace, love and success you desire!
8 debutants, only one warm-up game before the Test and no Test cricket for 8 years...take a bow, Mithali Raj and co. for creating history!
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