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Dermot O'Leary
Right, @BBCRadio2 done.Now just @TheXFactor tonight,and the paper round tomorrow.Mr Perkins goes nuts if he doesn't get his Telegraph by 7.
@Ian_Peters @radioleary @BBCRadio2 thank you Ian! And thanks to Dermot to playing it and a huge thanks to Lorraine! It means so much to us x
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Tune in at 15:45 to hear the awesome @radioleary talking to Sam's mum Lorraine about us on @BBCRadio2 today!
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Tune in to @radioleary on @BBCRadio2 today, 3pm UK time, to hear myself and Jaxx perform a live orchestral version of Never Say Never!
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HQ: 3 Sat Sessions from 3pm on @BBCRadio2 @TheBasementJaxx @samsmithworld & Scott Matthews. Plus Grimewatch with Nick Ross ft @DizzeeRascal
Yo! Just a last tweet in the week of release to remind you our second record came out on Monday! Get it here:… x
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The gent that is @andywburrows sounding mighty on @BBCRadio2 this morning.
Right catching up on the last Our world war. Brilliant series.
Would @bbcqt hurry up and get back on air... How much time off do these people need?
Right, really do need to get this fella finished. One more draft... Honest... @HodderBooks…
Catching up on @BBCMOTD wonderful to hear Barry Davies, nice old school graphics too.
Grime Watch with Nick Ross! @radioleary is an actual genius
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HQ: Also on Sat on @BBCRadio2 our Choir of Virgin Angels @ClassicLaurel @arthurbeatrice & @CharlotteOC reworking tracks from Like A Virgin
HQ: On @BBCRadio2 this Sat from 3pm we have wonderful Saturday Sessions from @AnnieEvemusic & @twinatlantic
Thanks for all your own #nowplaying suggestions for @radioleary. Listen to the soundtrack to YOUR lives here:…
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My summer season of reggae @BBCRadio2 continues at 10pm tonight so please join me on line or on your radio...
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Sad to hear about James Alexander Gordon. Him and Bill McLaren were the daddies growing up.
So it appears this whole book thing I've written (still writing) is gathering pace. best get skates on #2nddraftboy
***Alias Album Premiere*** Here it is everybody! You can hear our new album in full here…
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Listen to the brilliant @Johnny_Marr session for @radioleary featuring a rare Smiths classic @BBCRadio2
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HQ: if you missed @Johnny_Marr playing live on yesterday's @BBCRadio2 show you can hear it here…
HQ: Toddler shout out time - if your little one has done anything astounding today let me know please
hq Everyone say hello to Jenny Cello @ChikondiCello Jenny...Jenny....Jenny...Jenny... 7:59AM-16Aug
.@radioleary has chosen to play 'This Old House' on @BBCR2 this Saturday 3-6pm! Tune in -
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Listen to Johnny play 2 live songs on @radioleary on @BBCRadio2 today from 3pm
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HQ: from 3pm on @BBCRadio2 live Saturday Sessions from @Johnny_Marr & @venaportaemusic @emilybarkerhalo & actress Marion Cotillard!
HQ: on @BBCRadio2 this Saturday from 3pm Saturday Sessions from @Johnny_Marr & @venaportaemusic @emilybarkerhalo plus Marion Cotillard!
Here's the Harper's Bazaar cover that Howard Hawks' wife saw & told him: that's the girl for To Have and Have Not.
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'And I doubt you've ever dared to love anybody that much' RIP.
You don't know about real loss,'cause that only occurs when you've loved something more than you love yourself.
Catching up on #OurWorldWar really good.
Super moon tonight, getting all 'In my grill' on an @TheXFactor shoot.