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Duane Patterson
today: RAdm Mike Shatynski, @RoundsforSenate, @PatRoberts2014, @wesbury, @RepJohnCampbell, @tarzanajoe, Larry Arnn & the Aftershow w/Lileks.
hey, @WendyDavisTexas, couldn't you have stretched this… to 60 seconds and say something bad about his mother, too?
Something you don't see every day in a radio studio. The stick from an A-4 that our two guests today flew.
today: @SPressfield, author of The Lion's Gate, Giora Romm, Israel's first fighter pilot ace & author of Solitary, @Lileks. #Hewitt @tamij
Dodgers fans, congrats. you got one game closer than the angels did. There's room on the couch.
This is why no aftershow today. That and clinical depression induced by the Angels' performance in the postseason.
Just took a peek at the angels home opening in 2015. It's a weekend set against the royals. Revenge will be had.
i've worked for @hughhewitt for 15 years, & I'm fragile? I'm merely surly, but I will live to see Cleveland fail another day. @johnondrasik
so just to be clear, the way @hughhewitt diverts from his teams' overall suckitude is to use @RepJohnCampbell to kick me when I'm down.
the worst part of the immediate shock of the angels completely choking themselves to death? @RepJohnCampbell texting KC trash now. oy.
it's bad enough that I couldn't watch the end of the game, turned the remote over to the missus, who instantly turned on cutthroat kitchen.
more silver linings: it's best to fly back home tomorrow instead of Tuesday before Ebola has the chance to spread to KC.
The best part about having the best record in baseball & getting swept in the 1st round? 12 months til I have to find tbs channel again.
Helpful hint for any baseball team with World Series aspirations. Take November off, not October.
At least it's fair to say the Tigers sucked worse than the Angels, @TonyJBlack. They were out of the playoffs first. #silverlining
As a fan of SoCal baseball, may I express my displeasure at this year's postseason? I formally request a do-over.
Halos, you broke my heart once again. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. We've won 3 straight before. Time to hit, though.
today: @Reince, @SenatorTimScott, @DelWilber, @EdForSenate, John Eastman, Erwin Chemerinsky, @ccsahner, & the Aftershow. #Hewitt @tamij
Barack Obama and the Democrats' war on women continues... Julia Pierson is out as director of Secret Service.…
so, @jerrywilson_7, how's thing up in NoCal land?
Only true Angels fans will get this: I'm watching Bob Melvin, A's manager give press conference. I see Bob Melvin. I hear Gene Mauch.
I've seen a lot of grand baseball games in my time, but the wild card between KC-Oakland was classic. KC, see you Thursday. Too bad, NoCal.
come on, #Yankees, it's Jeter's last home game. would it kill you to beat the O's once? (says the #Angels fan looking to clinch best record)
The not-war in Syria has begun as real bombs & missiles are falling on unknown targets. Say a real prayer for those fighting the not war.
You'll forgive me if I do not wish to give Saul Alinsky four terms as president. We're already radical enough.…
Back in the good ol' days, we used to make terrorists get to the U.S. on their own before attacking. Not now.…
Isn't television magic? CBS's Hillary Clinton (Tea Leoni) just accomplished in an hour more than Hillary did at State in four years.
The attendance streak stays alive one more year. Go Halos! #hewitt
Sec. Kerry-It's time to end a group so extreme, it bans math/social studies for kids. ISIS is anti-common core? Yeah, that's #1 for me, too.
Would it have killed @kerrileewalsh to have brought one gold medal into the studio with her? #hewitt
today: @ErikRees, @wesbury, @MarkMeckler, @tarzanajoe, Dr. Larry Arnn, Stephen Smith, and the Aftershow w/@Lileks. #Hewitt @tamij
Lord, please protect this country tomorrow in spite of our President's actions to weaken it and making it vulnerable to attack.
U.S. Rep.Pompeo dismantles President Obama's ISIS speech via @hughhewitt…
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Obama - This is American leadership at its best, when we back those fighting for their own freedom. (Except in the Iran Green Revolution)