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Duane Patterson
today: @IAmPastorMarkW, @JimTalent, Dr. Steven C. Meyer, and the Aftershow. #Hewitt @tamij
The soon-to-be senior senator, @SenJohnThune & the soon-to-be junior senator, @RoundsforSenate talking to @hughhewitt
So @CCC6 challenged @hughhewitt & I to ALS ice bucket. Guess I know what we're doing Thursday @ the MN State Fair.
hey, @jerrywilson_7, thanks for encouraging your nocal team to take the week off. mighty neighborly of you.
Before you pass judgment on Rick Perry...… over at Hot Air. #hewitt
"Al Gore files suit against Al Jazeera alleging fraud." Fraud sues fraud, alleging fraud?
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RIP, Robin Williams. And I especially hate having to write this today. An unfunny world just got less humorous.
Just another Halo victory. After 19 innings. But any victory over Boston is a good one.
"Should they move further..." probably isn't what the Kurds were looking for. President Red Line just gave the terrorists their Crimea.
Obama, who asked Congress to repeal use of force in Iraq to prevent those after him from acting, now thinking of air strikes in Iraq. #irony
@Radioblogger Yoy mean something like OJ was #alsoirresponsible when he tried to talk to Nicole with a knife in his hand.
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Just like Obama thinks Hamas is #irresponsible, so, too, is setting air conditioning to 72 degrees and driving our SUV's.
Not having a designated driver is irresponsible. Hamas launching rockets and digging tunnels isn't irresponsible. It's terrorism, Mr. Obama
BSOP (Barack Standard Operating Procedure) - when giving a press conference. Say nothing coherent at length. Mission accomplished today.
today: @hughhewitt returns, broadcasts from the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda. @Ed_Klein will talk about his book, Blood Feud. @tamij
Hamas Rules - 1. Kill Jews. 2. Declare ceasefire. 3. Wait for Israel to stop fighting. Repeat 1-3.
So if you had Hamas breaking the truce in 2 minutes, you're a winner. Don Pardot, tell them what they've won... #Israel
I hope the doyers at least eek one run out tonight for @ConservativeLA's sake. #Caring
Kerry wiretapped by Israel?… Only revelation here is why Israel would care what John Kerry says. No one else does.
It took John Kerry longer to schedule the ceasefire announcement, thank & congratulate everyone than it did for Hamas to break it. #feckless
The elite (me, @EdMorrissey, @KurtSchlichter) not having dinner at Ruth's Criss. It's Trabuco Oaks Steakhouse.
good article by @mylestanzer at BuzzFeed on why people follow like they do on Twitter.… #Hewitt
by the way, if you don't think Hamas is above using infants literally and figuratively as human shields, read this.…
BTW, on a side note, @SCE conducted a clinic on how to use social media to work through a crisis yesterday. other companies take note.
Ever the diplomat, John Kerry just asked the mother of fallen IDF soldier Max Steinberg, "How's your day?"…