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Duane Patterson
The not-war in Syria has begun as real bombs & missiles are falling on unknown targets. Say a real prayer for those fighting the not war.
You'll forgive me if I do not wish to give Saul Alinsky four terms as president. We're already radical enough.…
Back in the good ol' days, we used to make terrorists get to the U.S. on their own before attacking. Not now.…
Isn't television magic? CBS's Hillary Clinton (Tea Leoni) just accomplished in an hour more than Hillary did at State in four years.
The attendance streak stays alive one more year. Go Halos! #hewitt
Sec. Kerry-It's time to end a group so extreme, it bans math/social studies for kids. ISIS is anti-common core? Yeah, that's #1 for me, too.
Would it have killed @kerrileewalsh to have brought one gold medal into the studio with her? #hewitt
today: @ErikRees, @wesbury, @MarkMeckler, @tarzanajoe, Dr. Larry Arnn, Stephen Smith, and the Aftershow w/@Lileks. #Hewitt @tamij
Lord, please protect this country tomorrow in spite of our President's actions to weaken it and making it vulnerable to attack.
U.S. Rep.Pompeo dismantles President Obama's ISIS speech via @hughhewitt…
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Obama - This is American leadership at its best, when we back those fighting for their own freedom. (Except in the Iran Green Revolution)
Islamic State not Islamic? Really? Christopher Hitchens used to say the Islamic Republic of Iran was none of the 3, but it didn't stop them.
Obama - This is American leadership at its best, when we back those fighting for their own freedom. (Except in Israel's case, of course)
uh, that was underwhelming. Did I miss the part where Obama called for Congressional approval to go into Syria to attack ISIS at his hub?
Now that I've told you how we're going to lead from behind to destroy ISIL, you must love me for my domestic agenda.
we are going to destroy ISIL by not sending combat troops in. Honestly, lefties, does anyone seriously believe that will destroy ISIL?
No safe haven for ISIS, even in Syria. And to prove that, we will send 474 additional non-combat troops to Iraq.
Sheesh. The President continues to misunderstand where ISIS' capital is. It's in Syria. he wants to degrade and destroy ISIS in Iraq.
America is safer - Barack Obama. America objectively knows that to be untrue. Weak start.
5 hour special show tonight - Obama address on ISIS, then 90 minutes of react. No Aftershow tonight. #Hewitt @tamij
In my defense, @hughhewitt & @LarryOConnor wanted me to hit the clearly marked terry McAuliffe button in 4 seconds.
My guess is time spent on the ground stuck in a plane in Iran is like dog years. 100 Americans and 2 Canadians are now 2 years older today.
CNN reporting the plane grounded in Iran has taken off for Dubai. Hopefully, someone did a head count before wheels up.
good reporting by @jaketapper, but raises question - 5 hr delay for a new crew to complete what would be a 40 min. flight to Dubai? Really?
Sources tell me the holdup with the plane leaving Iran is because Fly Dubai charter crew had exceeded flying time limit. Had to get new crew
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So if the plane full of 100 Americans and 2 Canadians has been held for at least 6 hours, at what hour point does mix-up turn into hostage?
Marie Harf at State Department no commented question on the forced landing of the plane at 1:42PM EDT. So it happened well before that.
Honest to goodness, journalists, this isn't hard. 1. When was planed forced to land in Iran? no story is reporting timeline, yet.
I keep checking feeds to see that of course, the 100 Americans are back in the air out of Iran, because it was just a mix-up. And yet...
I hope I'm wrong & this'll be resolved soon. You'll forgive me if this administration hasn't infused me w/confidence they can handle this.
And MSM is blindly taking unnamed DC bureaucrats that this isn't a big deal, will be fixed soon. This is potentially a hostage situation.
A "bureaucratic mix-up" and an outdated flight plan doesn't take hours to fix. something's up, people. More Iranian provocation.
If Marie Harf was asked about the plane forced to land in Iran w/100 Americans this morning, what's the hold up? it's been hours since then
Iran better let this plane take off right now and say oops in Farsi, or else we'll, what will we do again?…
I was unaware kidnapping a plane with 100 americans on board was part of Obama's ongoing negotiations with Iran. Who knew?
today w/@RepJohnCampbell - @RepMikeRogers, @govsambrownback, Erwin Chemerinsky, John Eastman, @GOPLeader & the Aftershow. @tamij
Biden today: "We will follow ISIS to the gates of hell." I'm certain 'but we won't put boots on the ground in hell/syria' followed.