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Questlove Gomez
Miami! @foxholebar tonight!!!!!! Who knows what I'll play kids. 1130pm #labordayJAM!
Let the Soundtrack Fun begin...@sohohouse Miami.
"i outta praise you like i shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllll" #JLaw
I love silent discos: everyone dons headphones and you can't hear a thing. That was the appetizer now imma rock 4 hours of #Jackson magic @bbowlvegas #BowlTrain
Shhhhhh I'm kicking off a #SilentDisco 10pm!!!! Come down! #Vegas @thelinq
Lol forgive me folks I meant Labor Day Weekend. Anywho: you know what's up: #BowlTrain in Vegas I'm spinning all Jackson everything. Tonight 11! @bbowlvegas leave the 9to5 on the shelf and party!
Brooklyn Bowl Vegas. All #J5 #Jackson #MJ everything! 11pm! #BowlTrain @brooklynbowllasvegas
My 2 of 2 in Vegas! Celebrating #MJ's 56th Birthday djn his music all night long at @BrooklynBowlLasVegas #BowlTrain 2nite 11pm
U.N.: Syrian Refugee Crisis Is 'Biggest Humanitarian Emergency Of Our Era'
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Things you find when digging in your own 45 collection. RIP Robin.
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yo @ColinHanks you unearth this gem? Tower Records Los Angeles 1971. amazing piece of history.
First try. Got lucky as hell. Smart enough to walk away (pssssst @dawnenglehart #20Black allday)
The Look On Our Faces As LVPD asks us a bunch of unnecessary questions *sigh*
#GoSpeedRacerGo!!! RT: @JordinSparks @questlove hahaha I passed you in my car! I'd recognize that heart pin anywhere! 😄
lol so i was on a flight to Vegas. did D'fwan & em make a cameo on The Hel--sorry i meant #GirlfriendIntervention @JeanGreasy & @wyattcenac?
Vegas! @BrooklynBowlLasVegas doing the #SilentDisco 1st then continuing on a special one of two #BowlTrain's Great Food, Bowling, Dancing & all the #SoulTrain clips you can stand. Not to be missed I rarely venture round these parts nahmsayin?
#TroisMec never disappoints a must for foodies everywhere.
@wyattcenac I'll be teaching SASSY classes at 6pm this evening in the parking lot of Home Depot on Nostrand.
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Last one... the promo for #GirlfriendIntervention vs. the promo for 30 Rock's Queen of Jordan
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For all the Tyler Perry movies Lifetime airs, it's surprising they didn't ask Madea to join the cast of #GirlfriendIntervention
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The makeovers on #GirlfriendIntervention don't end with the women learning they now get paid 64% of what a man makes?
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Which episode of #GirlfriendIntervention do the black women teach the white women about intersectionality?
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So inside every white woman, there is a black woman wanting to come out? I too was waiting for the SNL logo to come
For a change of pace I'm bringing #BowlTrain to the west coast for 2 nights! Tonight at 11 @brooklynbowllasvegas in Vegas!!! Bowl Eat & Dance! 8/28
Damn Obama pulled out the" lean on me"special edition Mr .Clark suit
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happy bday @peeweeherman one of these days i'll hook you up w a custom card like you get me every year.
Uh...well....hey it's Wednesday.
ROTF they fix it 1 min later. our relationship was fun while it lasted @nlyonne 2 mins....was it good 4 u?
wow the things i learn this morn: so i hear @nlyonne is dating the Jimmy Fallon bandleader lucky me!
@kalihawk (#BlackJesus's Maggie) & p/t #NPG er @damarislewis ménage rug on my @defrugs (thank you @iamericksermon and xing fox)
Jeffrey Wright & I crack each other up @afropunk 2014. D'Angelo's RIDICULOUS set feat @questlove & @CaptainKDouglas!
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@kalihawk & @damarislewis give an instructional on flossing while grocery shopping.
"we wuz robbed" -Spike Lee
and @alyankovic is killing this providing lyrics to lyric less themes bit #Emmys2014