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Questlove Gomez
RIP "Tho" smh RT: β€œ@BurgerKing: These Chicken Strips tho.”
Walking round in the Yahd, w the Gahd Ferran Adria. Foodies (along w me) are losing their MINDS!!! πŸ“πŸ„πŸŸπŸ·πŸ„πŸ·πŸ΄ #elBulli #Science! #Food #Harvard
hey @questlove, I made a playlist of every song and album you mention in your book (that's available on @Spotify) It's almost 2,000 songs!!
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its 3 days later and im STILL dying over this. best laugh on set EVER #FallonTonight…
hiphop historians failed Larry Smith, the man who ushered in the BIG BEAT era of hip hop (RUNDMC/WHODINI) must read
that one time on friday in which we couldn't keep a straight face… #FallonTonight
Never heard country music in espaniol. But apparently @zarahzohlman your dude @william9393 is a fan. You no longer allowed to hijack the radio.
yo @mikeryan since my dvr records both #SNL's, it'd be cool to see your score on the classic "in retrospect" eps. curious on your 75-80 take
Can someone verify if indeed our girls are now free?… #BringBackOurGirls
So far so good.... #BroMitzvah14
The moment you spend all that time copping every Swift/5SOS/Demi song prepping a TEFLON setlist....just to find out this is a black bar mitzvah....I got 43 mins to make a miracle go down 😞😞😞😞
Neil brought 10 "Neil F*****g Diamond!!!!" ts, we wore em RT: @Jamie_thefalpal Let's talk about those Neil Diamond shirts. I need the story.
@questlove just checked the timestamp -- that was 15 solid minutes of madness
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im witnessing history right now. i think Jimmy just beat his #DebbieDowner break record. this will be editing nightmare #FallonTonight
help my friend Walter get home to philly. his story is devastating but he is strong.… RT please.
Eddie Vedder Dedicates Song to Isaiah 'Ikey' Owens - - billboard
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@darujones thanks to Ikey I met you at the Austin ACL after party @questlove was Djing. Stay strong, I know you were close, oh how I miss.
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Chris Rock became the change i wanna see #Top5 in theaters Dec 5 select cities, nationwide Dec 12. a Classic.
RIP to #ElizabethPena #LaBamba #RushHour #ModernFamily #TheIncredibles #JacobsLadder
β€œ@StevenMandel: Great walk-on by @questlove and @theroots for Sting. #LoveThePolice @FallonTonight πŸš”β€πŸš”πŸš”πŸš”πŸš”πŸš”πŸš”πŸš”πŸš”
#BOWLtrain the hipster trip in BK, w guest stars: dj @questlove and his amazing selection of music. and the @brooklynbowl dancers. 2nite!
I have beef w whoever allowed that guitar solo to happened at the 2:33 mark of Herb Rooney's "Synthetic Substitution" #ruinedsamplespace
This is how I threaten my hair person when she makes me angry.#cutOffMyHairToSpiteMyCool #takeanotherdayoffandseeifidontpulltriggernexttime
yo @elewrockjazz need you to DM me pronto. time of essence and this is a good look.
Prepping For My First Bar Mitzvah. Prolly the most nervous ice ever been bout a DJ gig.
Just noticed that @arikakane was following me. That's so awesome. Thank you AK. #YesTheresAnEchoInHere
One more gander at the #FelaBration2014 great time had by all
The #FelaBration2014 is in full effect at @lprnyc
It's a #FelaBration2014!!! @lprnyc is looking good tonight #NYC!!
DJn tonight in Manhattan @lprnyc its a #FelaBration2014!
Son, this gonna hurt you more than it does me #handclaptricks #common #johnlegend
In honor of #FelaKuti's birthday come to @lprnyc for the best dancing of your life: I'm djn, #ChopAndQuench & @deboband are rocking & if you purchase in advance you get a chance to win #BrianEno's curated #Fela vinyl Boxset vol 3! Going down tonight #NYC #felabration2014!! #Africa #Afrobeat
This Wed @ LPR: Felabration! w/ @ChopQuenchBand @deboband & @questlove. Celebrate the amazing Fela Kuti w/ us!
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NYC TONIGHT: @questlove DJs @okayafrica's NYC FELABRATION w/ @ChopAndQuench β€˜The Fela! Band,’ & @deboband! Info here:
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Hahahahaha I see you Ali Leroi....hook me up w that "Forever Mine" tape AC and we can do that lol #BattleOfTheBands2014
for the 1st time in my 5 yrs as a NYer, i saw 4 of these mofos in a high scale neighborhood #AllAboutTheBen?
πŸ‘€πŸ”‘. πŸ˜₯.🎹.
*staring laser beams to the rude couple talking loud over @abeovadia's set at @LaLanternaCaffe* #itsLikeAFullTimeJobNotToKillNuhs #Silence!
You can't be afraid to fail, it only builds your character and makes you stronger.… #FitForYou
Ikey Owens interview. when your bandleader was onto something, you hired this dude to play keyboards
dude. I'm so hurt over this man jesus.