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Elizabeth Windsor
entertainment humour london 1,116,943 followers
Ok people, back to work. One's not running a holiday camp over here. #ThatIncludesYouCameron
One sees you baby. Shaking that arse.
In celebration of one's 88th Birthday, one has arranged for you all to have the day off. Stay on bed. Have a cup of tea. #YourQueenLovesYou
Happy Birthday to one, happy birthday to one, happy birthday one's majesty, happy birthday to one! #88Today #StillReigning
About 3/4 full of Easter Eggs. #SweatingChocolate
Pissing with rain all day. Which is a shame for Edward, who has been out in the garden all day dressed as an Easter Bunny hunting for eggs.
I wish you and those whom you love and care for a very happy and peaceful Easter. #LovingQueen #HappyEaster
Text from Nick Clegg: "I've got the #BGT app!" One rests one's case.
How empty does your life have to be to "download the #BGT app and play along with the fun"?
Dear everyone, take the day off. Have a Good Friday. You deserve a rest. You work hard enough. The Queen says so. #GoodFriday
Tomorrow will be a Good Friday. One can just feel it. #TrustOne #GoodFriday
Off to Blackburn to wash the feet of the locals, give out some cash etc. #LovingQueen #MaundyThursday #DefendingTheFaith
Dear those running the London Marathon. Keep it down as you pass the Palace, would you? One has an epic hangover. #LondonMarathon
Hey, one just met you. And this is crazy. But here's one's number. So call one maybe.
Three sheets to the wind. #reigning
Successful #IrishStateVisit. As luck would have it they had some tarmac left over from a job up the road so did one's drive for 250 quid.
Don't bother popping in, Maria Miller. A letter will be fine. #resignation
Irish President is on the fiddle. Been playing it all night. We've had to have him put in the cellar so the rest of us can get some sleep.
Having the Irish over for dinner. Have ordered about 7000 cans of Guinness. #statevisit
What are the chances? William flies to New Zealand and meets a man with EXACTLY the same tattoo as him. #royaltourNZ