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Elizabeth Windsor
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Text from Camilla: "Sweating like a glass blower's arse". Awkward.
Mr Clegg on the phone. Whilst Mr Cameron has been reshuffling the Cabinet, he's been clearing out the shed. Says it's going well. #reshuffle
Seeing ministers sacked. Best day of the year. Best day of the year by a country mile. #reshuffle
Text from Mr Cameron: "Up early for a quick shuffle". One hopes he's talking about the Cabinet. #reshuffle
William Hague on the phone. He's resigning as Foreign Secretary in order to spend less time with Mr Cameron, apparently. #reshuffle
Clowns to the left of one, jokers to the right. Here is one: stuck in the middle of you.
Having an unconstitutionally large gin and tonic. With no tonic. #reigning
Having a little reshuffle of the Royal drinks cabinet. Vodka and gin to the front. Mixers to the back. #reshuffle
The Costa Concordia has been raised. Ironically, on the evening that Ken Clarke's political career has been sunk. Awkward. #reshuffle
Mr Cameron is reshuffling the Cabinet. Mr Clegg is helping out by reshuffling the garden furniture in the Downing Street shed. #reshuffle
Dear the Church of England, one does hope you'll vote to allow women Bishops. Regards, Supreme Governor of the Church of England. (A woman.)
Text from Angela Merkel: "Don't cry for me Argentina! BOOM! LOLZ!" #WorldCupFinal
Text from Angela Merkel: "BITE ME ARGENTINA! LOLZ!" #WorldCupFinal
Text from Angela Merkel: "Bloody hell, you beat them in a war in less time than this!" #WorldCupFinal
This is awkward. Winning doesn't come naturally to Germany or Argentina. #worldcupfinal
Angela Merkel on the phone. Asking how easy it is to beat the Argentines. Depends on the size of your Navy. #WorldCupFinal
World Cup final. Germany v Argentina. Winner gets the Falkland Islands. #Teasing #WorldCupFinal
One's name was Lola, one was a showgirl.
You owe one £1billion, Vince Cable. #royalmailsale
Pleased to see that the Archbishop of Canterbury has finally paid off his Wonga loan.
Nick Clegg on the phone. Bit upset. He's been on strike all day but no one has noticed. Awkward. #strike
Justin Bieber is to be charged with vandalism. Not sure if this is directly connected to his 'music'.