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Honey Cocaine
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I'm used to riding solo from the get-go, so if he gimme 1 reason I won't hesitate to let go.
I don't need a bitch, I'm not a needy bitch.
Have u ever seen ur guardian angel?
Ppl asking me where I'm at. I don't follow trends brah. #BangerzRCOMING
Wut dat mouf do RT @LilJimmy_24K: @QueenHoneyC let a real nigga get the Asian persuasion! Love me long time or nah? 👅💦
Wtf is the significance of a day 1 homie if homie ain't riding til the last day?
I know you see me bitch n you know I don't give a fukkkkk.
It ain't cuz u ain't rich, it's simply cuz u ain't shit!!!
All I want from another human is what I give them, nothing more and nothing less.
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If the feelings are mutual then the effort will be equal.
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Even deeper in ya bitch tho RT @Keguttah: @QueenHoneyC always so deep 🙏
Preach RT @trealthaiden09: @QueenHoneyC n because smiling is more attractive looking than a sad sorry face
Just remember you can't lie to somebody who's BEEN lied to.
Remain positive no matter what. It pisses the haters off.
Lmaooooo #TROOF RT @lilduval: Haters will see you walk on water and say "it's because you can't swim"
Deep conversations and natural connections.
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Who do you think you are? Holding onto my heart ❤️
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Yes.. We did just swig from a bottle of Crown Royal in front of Walmart. @ThickBoneHenny
I ain't cha girl n I definitely ain't cha bitch.
You light me up inside 💡
When am I not doe, I love the environment but I don't save trees RT @Kyce_: @QueenHoneyC you may be high
Am I wrong for tryna reach the things that I can't see?
Original Tony Jaa RT @KingDevenc: LOL @QueenHoneyC YOUR DAD IS COOL AS SHIT!