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Honey Cocaine
music rap 503,214 followers
Get a job RT @SpaceAj: @QueenHoneyC know I'm waiting for her to come home but she making that $$ so I ain't trippin
..........Do it for the dick!!!!! RT @Bright_shoes: If @QueenHoneyC follow's me rn I'll run outside in my boxers deadass
There's some genuine ones left 💜 RT@jarredj3wss:@QueenHoneyCC Lies. I give the greatest fuck about you!
Watch who you put your trust in, only you can give the greatest fuck about yourself.
@QueenHoneyC the realest out there.. she's raw but she makes sure you know the values and priorities in life. It doesn't always come easy.
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@QueenHoneyC I love how you have such a positive mentality.
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@QueenHoneyC everyday is a learning experience and what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger #stayinfocused
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@QueenHoneyC every bad thing makes me laugh now cuz i know i can get through it and will rise to the top
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So happy to be where I am right now, regardless of all the bad things that have happened. Just becoming stronger everyday. How bout you?
@QueenHoneyC be on that real shit, fuck that phoney shit. Bitch get money on real talent.
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Plz don't sleep on me or the women around me. We are bosses and we will earn our respect and one way or another. No men pay for our shit!!!
#LikeADrug RT @SauveyTrey: @QueenHoneyC Honey Cocaine original and don't need to copy anyone shit
BOM BOM RT @BecomeGreat_: @QueenHoneyC "You wearing shit I wore in '09" #Fashion
Holup holup holup WE DEM GURLZ ✌️
Hope you okay! RT @KingTarius: In the hospital 4 days and all I wanted to listen to was @QueenHoneyC ♥♥♥
21 and already fucked 1000 bitches RT @MsHabbRihanna: OMG @QueenHoneyC Is a fab rapper for her age tbh !
Life of queen! No in betweens! If he a true bodmon, he kno wat I mean! Pay me in green n make sure dem 100s clean, only bad gals on ma team!
Ain't worried bout these fuck boys, we busy getting money. #CokeGirl$