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Peter Cung
My first tweet from my new Samsung Note 4!
Thoughtful answer by @edmondlau to "What are the best tricks to keep yourself motivated?" on @Quora
Check out my latest article on @Inc 5 Psychological Hacks That’ll Give Your Marketing a Boost #psychology
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Every nite I reflect on how grateful I am 4 what I have, and am driven to work hard 4 what I don't have. Adrenaline rush but need to zzz :P
Haha @Dingle_Fairy: you have the funniest snaps. Your mom is adorable and so hilarious
Never been so excited for a new phone! "Excited" means relentlessly checking my email for a shipped email. I need to let it go - for 2day ;)
Mark Zuckerberg donates $25 million to the CDC to fight against Ebola. Huge and much needed donation:
Phil Dawson: you da real MVP
Science researchers suggest surprising health benefits for people who love to write every day:…
Might consider doing a weekend trip to Taipei like this guy. Nice guide too!…
If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots.
Oh look - my future Samsung Note 4 bends too:…
Received a care package from work. Can't wait to wear!
As much as I joke about Landon Donovan being Judas, no American player can compare. Great career - thx for the memories especially on USMNT
Congrats to Malala Yousafzai for winning the Nobel Peace Prize! Well deserved 4 pushing education and women's rights:…
After being in one typhoon, I can't imagine dealing with 3 just in Japan within a couple months. Thinking of my colleagues - always. Be safe
Bill Gates is building a machine to diagnose nasty diseases
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"Successful people do all the stuff unsuccessful people don't want to do"
I dunno about you but I'm extremely productive at night. Now I'm getting work stuff done so I can start tomorrow fresh. Love it!
Vaccinate first, worry later? Tho important, huge risk to mass produce Ebola vaccines that aren't clinically proven:…
“GDP measures economies; it's not a way to measure the quality of our lives.” A new social progress index: #TEDGlobal
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Redbull sued for misleading consumers with the slogan "Redbull gives you wings." I'm hurt they would lie to me too.…
I could technically stay up and catch the lunar eclipse. Or I could just RT a picture in the AM as my "proof" that I saw it ;)
Nobel peace prize winner and neuroscientist expresses concerns over tougher immigration and animal research laws:…
Landon Donovan will be the captain for the United States on Friday in his final game with national team.
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Yup @Dan_Haiek 100% agree with you. Btw I'm digging your "Ç" usage #ooohkillem
If Catalonia secedes, doubt FC Barcelona would leave La Liga. 2 much revenue at stake. Would @Dan_Haiek be happy tho?…
Past: Merck acquired Sigma-Aldrich; Present: Sigma-Aldrich to acquire Cell Marque
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Deciding factor in getting a Samsung Note 4 than iphone 6+? Better front-facing camera for immaculate selfies ;) Jk! (Sort of...)
Glad there's more progress in preventing #Ebola in the US. But the US can't do it alone. It's a global epidemic that needs ALL hands on deck
How do animals know where they are? Three scientists found out, and received a Nobel prize
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No "likes for likes?" Facebook suing fake "like" spammers:
"How difficult could it be to decide between an iPhone 6+ v. Samsung Note 4?" - says the person who's currently undecided
And hey! THIS IS MY 1,000 TWEET!!! Happy Sunday everyone!
How will China respond to HK protestors? A botched response by China could damage it's economy and worldwide image
On the bright side... the weather was way hotter coupled with unbearable humidity a week ago in Asia, so it could be worse? #glasshalffull
Crazy how scientists were able to trace the HIV pandemic to the 1920's in Kinshasa:
IMO @twitter is the most powerful social media tool especially when you create lists. Easy to search real-time info or bug friends just bc!
Sleep isn’t the only way to nurture the brain. Exercise, conversation & positivity also keep the mind active
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Something worth tweeting about. America's top givers:…
I cant believe how excited I am about my new @lenovo mouse. Makes work & quoting prices 10x funner than thy old prehistoric Logitech mouse
Incredibly pic of protestors in Hong Kong using cell phones to show solidarity instead of candles. (By @daledelarey.)
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Hey @TokuHankins! Thought I'd share with you a pic we took in Saigon. You look 4 ft 5 inches. It's chill
Today I became a United Premier member! Baby steps to Premier 1k. Or this guy - wow:…
Good luck to my A's today and the Giants tomorrow! Fingers crossed for another Bay World Series!