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Tom Syndicate
THIS IS BRILLIANT! @HeyImJustice - I'm like! MY BODY IS READY!!!! #MianiteFanArt
Thank you all for tuning into the stream :) was great fun, something new to try & you guys seemed to love it! 👍❤️🍻
Tweet out using the hashtag #ZKS To get the chance to win a @SyndicateOG hoodie! & 5,000 in game #ZKS bones!
Mianite! - The Syndicate Project's Official Twitch! :
I will be streaming Mianite, we may be a little later, 15 mins lateish :)
I'm going to be giving away a Syndicate Original Hoodie if you tweet using the hashtag #ZKS !
Right now @Mr_Sark & @Stepleton6 are playing against each other in #ZKS
#zks it's the best game ever I love your guys faces and lukes beard and your bum fluff :-)@ProSyndicate
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#ZKS everyone tweet it and try and get it trending!
ZKS Livestream Of Awesomeness! - The Syndicate Project's Official Twitch! :
Minecraft: Mianite - DIANITES WRATH & FIGHTING THE WITHER! [63]: via @YouTube
Download ZKS, Follow ZKS and Tune In to the @ProSyndicate Wednesday 9.17.14 on 10:30amPST
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Im streaming at 6pm UK time today guys! Gonna be streaming with some friends playing @ZKSGame & other games before the Miante stream starts!
Well @z0mgItsHutch is sending me dick picks! FUCK YEA! Achievement COMPLETE! ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨
The Syndicate Project's Official Twitch! :
@ProSyndicate. Here's a quick 15 minute speed sketch I did based on some chat requests from last night. Enjoy.
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Sorry for running late guys, was up till 5 am :(
Minecraft: Mianite - The Purge Of Invisible Destruction! [62]: via @YouTube
VSauce represent! @jakerawr
Always derping @FineBros :D
I finally met the legend @tayzonday ;D
Heading out to celebrate @thefinebros hitting some insane goals in YouTube :) should be fun!
You know what @notch .. Fuck yeah! FUCK FUCKING YEAH! Well done my friend :) Best of luck with your future!
I feel.. I feel the need FOR DAYZ! Stream perhaps?
On the Wednesday, once im finished playing gaemz with everyone ill be streaming @mianite as usual! Make sure you tune in!
This Wednesday im streaming with @SeaNanners @iHasCupquake @TmarTn and many others! Starting at 6pm UK time on my twitch! Be there :D
#MianitePurge was real! Good plays by everyone! MVP goes to @CaptainSparklez GG sir!