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Tom Syndicate
Minecraft: Mianite - The $50,000 Purge!: via @YouTube
I want the superman suit! The new one, that's dope! However it's made for someone who's like 6ft and build like a brick wall. #NailedIt
Favourite childhood movie?
Time for me & @VanossGaming to go get pimped out with Halloween costumes! What should I go as?
Really really cool stream being able to chat to all you brilliant peoples :) Even you 'SyndicateNippleHair03' xD
Thanks for watching folks :)
Mianite - The Syndicate Project's Official Twitch! :
Minecraft: Mianite - PRAISE BE TO DAVE, FURIA'S POWER CRAZY &.. SHENANIGANS! [82]: via @YouTube
I liked a @YouTube video from @Bubumagoo MIANITE SPEEDART: The Crew
But no for realsies! #Fury is an epic film go check it out!
There was no candle light.. there was no embrace.. @VanossGaming is a heartless bastard and wouldn't even let me hold his hand god damn it!
Top night with @VanossGaming - We held each others embrace in candle light whilst watching some epic tank battle action in the film FURY!
I liked a @YouTube video Minecraft - Break Bedrock in 1.8 - For Syndicate
I liked a @YouTube video Breaking Bedrock - Minecraft 1.7.2 - Tutorial
Mianite The Hangover Part 1 - The Syndicate Project's Official Twitch! :
Well I came home drunk last night & made soup.. I woke up to this lmfao!
Well I came home drunk last night & made soup.. I woke up to this lmfao!
I want to stream but I'm t minus 1 hour away from a hangover! 😂
One year later! It finally broke & came off! @taylorplox <3
I told you guys I wasn't streaming today so chill your nipples! You're a a wizard!
Minecraft: Mianite - YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS! [81]: via @YouTube
This guy is the fucking man! @UniversalEskimo that looks so good I cannot express how stoked I am! GG
However yesterdays stream will go live as a video at 6pm :)
Just to let you guys know, there will be no Mianite stream today, got some business stuff to take deal with.
This is how I spent my time watching the charity stream. Hope you like it! :D #MianiteFanArt
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( つ◕ل͜◕)つ☂
Thanks for watching the Zombies stream guys :) Was fun :D
I royally tip my hat to @Treyarch for Mob Of The Dead, its simply an amazing map & contains so much hidden awesomness.
Call Of Duty Zombies Mob Of The Dead! - The Syndicate Project's Official Twitch! via @Twitch
Call Of Duty Zombies Sexualness! - The Syndicate Project's Official Twitch! :
Give people the ability to create their emblems on Call Of Duty and oh boy they do not disappoint!
"You're not even FaZe, if you were you would of won that last match" - Cod players ladies and gentlemen! xD
What ever single Cod YouTubers lobby looks like..