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Tom Syndicate
Totally Not Late Mianite Stream! - The Syndicate Project's Official Twitch! :
I'll be streaming, obviously need to get a shower an changed, gimmie 10ish mins.
🎍Snapchat: ItsSyndicate
I don't think people want me to stream..
RT if you want me to get out of bed! 🐐
You can't make me get out of bed ;D
Oh me.. I'm still in bed 😂
Minecraft: Mianite - Dianite Attacks Sparklez & Jericho! [80]: via @YouTube
Thanks for watching guys! Had a blast! #NippleStorm
The DayZ of Days is upon us! - The Syndicate Project's Official Twitch! :
This is how you survive in the apocalypse!
November 10th <- Working on an epic way to play on a Minecraft Survival Server with you guys! Gonna be awesome!
I played some DayZ and just epicness happened! Enjoy the Great Hunt!
Mianite Homies - The Syndicate Project's Official Twitch! :
Minecraft: Mianite - Deadly Maze Of Dianite & Freeing Ianite!! [79]: via @YouTube
Righto, I know im streaming @mianite at 12 but Ill Upload this random DayZ shenanigan I had earlier! Be sure to show it some love!
So tempted to be like hey... no Mianite today! DAYZ BITCH~!
All I want to do is play DayZ!
Productive day! Cleaned the office, fixed the sink, Edited 2 new DayZ videos, played Borderlands TPS till lvl 10, and now editing @mianite!
Who's a little sleeping NOOB! @iijeriichoii
The Greatest Of Minecraft Battles!: via @YouTube
This face summarises how I feel 90% of the time :D
God dang it I miss Steeve!
I won't be streaming today guys, I need a break after the 8 hours yesterday. Plus got so much DayZ footage to edit together!
Minecraft: Mianite - Trolling Sparklez To DEATH! [78]: via @YouTube
Ooh so I've officially been on Twitter for 4 years :)
Huge shout out out to everyone who worked on the behind the scenes to make today possible! <3
So proud of the @mianite team! $50,000 for charity! Thanks for donating guys! You still can! <3…
#MianiteCharityPurge Stream! - The Syndicate Project's Official Twitch! :
#MianiteCharityPurge Stream! - The Syndicate Project's Official Twitch! :
8 Hour stream for charity - come watch!