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Tom Syndicate
I liked a @YouTube video Minecraft - Break Bedrock in 1.8 - For Syndicate
I liked a @YouTube video Breaking Bedrock - Minecraft 1.7.2 - Tutorial
Mianite The Hangover Part 1 - The Syndicate Project's Official Twitch! :
Well I came home drunk last night & made soup.. I woke up to this lmfao!
Well I came home drunk last night & made soup.. I woke up to this lmfao!
I want to stream but I'm t minus 1 hour away from a hangover! 😂
One year later! It finally broke & came off! @taylorplox <3
I told you guys I wasn't streaming today so chill your nipples! You're a a wizard!
Minecraft: Mianite - YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS! [81]: via @YouTube
This guy is the fucking man! @UniversalEskimo that looks so good I cannot express how stoked I am! GG
However yesterdays stream will go live as a video at 6pm :)
Just to let you guys know, there will be no Mianite stream today, got some business stuff to take deal with.
This is how I spent my time watching the charity stream. Hope you like it! :D #MianiteFanArt
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( つ◕ل͜◕)つ☂
Thanks for watching the Zombies stream guys :) Was fun :D
I royally tip my hat to @Treyarch for Mob Of The Dead, its simply an amazing map & contains so much hidden awesomness.
Call Of Duty Zombies Mob Of The Dead! - The Syndicate Project's Official Twitch! via @Twitch
Call Of Duty Zombies Sexualness! - The Syndicate Project's Official Twitch! :
Give people the ability to create their emblems on Call Of Duty and oh boy they do not disappoint!
"You're not even FaZe, if you were you would of won that last match" - Cod players ladies and gentlemen! xD
What ever single Cod YouTubers lobby looks like..
Every single COD YouTuber will agree with my last tweets about people screaming down mics.
Im not being a dick, I simply DONT HAVE THE FUCKING CHAT CABLE FOR MY HEADPHONES! xD lolololol
I clearly dont have my mic in so please for the sake of your breath and my sanity, If i dont respond the first time I wont the 19th.
A message to every player in the world, If you shout my name hundreds of times down the mic waiting for me to reply and I dont, please stop.
I was thinking of playing Ghosts..
Yesterday was a good day for the debut of @DjFloppsAlot's EP. xD
The Livestreaming Of Streaming Is Live! - The Syndicate Project's Official Twitch! :
Minecraft: Mianite - Pimp My Crib & A Gift From Ianite! [80]: via @YouTube
I'm going underground to produce some new dank tracks. Stay frozen. #RiseOfTheFlopp
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"Say my name.... GALILEO GALILEO GALILEO FIGARO You're goddamn right..." Thanks @ProSyndicate
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Ladies and gentlemen, I present my DJ alter ego @DjFloppsAlot's first track. Hold onto your penises!…
Ladies & Gentlemen, the suicide glitch:…
If you play Dayz.. you'll feel my pain.
Balls to it. I want to make the video I want to make. It aint going on YouTube, you'll see it on my facebook page shortly :)
I need a trolol darude fuck around song to use and I simply dont know of a copyright free one.. FUCK!
You cant even use the Trolol song anymore because thats copyrighted!
I need a copyright free track that is similar to this… Any recommendations fellow uTubers?