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He represented clients in at least 12 federal lawsuits as attorney — now he’s accused of fraud
The ironic reason tobacco bonds became toxic: fewer Americans buying cigarettes than bankers predicted
USAID sent young Latin Americans to Cuba to "identify potential social-change actors" for $5/hour #muckreads…
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You’ll have to be 17 or older to stay out past 11 p.m. in Baltimore this weekend @baltimoresun
Have you been sued over a debt? Help us investigate debt collection by sharing your story: (2/2)
Fed survey finds 1/4 households with education debt — and nearly 1/5 of those loans at risk @latimes (1/2)
Toxic tobacco bonds and more in #MuckReads Weekly, by @amzam
The military's health program has put limits on an expensive specialty drug. Why hasn't Medicare?
U.S. drops 500-pound laser guided bombs on Iraq in 1st of expected strikes: @WSJ
How Brooks County, Texas became a graveyard for Central American migrants via @TexasObserver @GuaridanUS #Muckreads"
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.@SethFW on those who "grew up on the safe white peripheries of the racial upheavals" of #FreedomSummer
Leaked docs show spyware used to snoop on U.S. computers, by @thejefflarson and @mtigas
Study by Temple U professors concluded private prisons could save big $$. It was also funded by industry. @TheVerge
Tobacco bonds are in trouble, and that means taxpayers should be worried too @Cezary explains on @Marketplace
How N.Y. officials use private email accounts to hide disclosure of communications on public business
Law enforcement said they’d seek “snitch visa” for him after he helped w investigations. Now he faces deportation
.@charlesornstein on what to expect when gov't releases data on big pharma's payments to doctors next month:
Some states turned their slice of $206B tobacco settlement - largest in legal history - into multi-generational debt
Up to 40,000 mostly Iraqi minorities trapped on Mount Sinjar amid ISIS attacks; 17 kids have died. @washingtonpost
Michael Moore helped lead fight against big tobacco in the 90s. Moore on “sucker’s bet” bonds
Wanted for arrest! As long as you haven't fled the county... #muckreads v @johnhillkirk
“Is there anybody ... who could contribute body bags to Donetsk?” - Marina Cherenkova, local volunteer v @dailybeast
.@WHO plans to convene panel on use of experimental Ebola drugs early next week: @postpolitics
.@Wikipedia is documenting which of its links @google intends to remove under EU’s Right to be Forgotten