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Bao Yu
Before, when people ask about EXO, I would brag about their Chinese members. Also, Tao's kungfu skills. But, those are just memories.
Gosh this is scary
This is the first time I'm renting a house.
Kpop ain't your toys and you're not a fucking child unless you're below 15 then excuse my words.
If you're into kpop just to fight, threat and hate each other. Oh damn bitches I wished all of you hell.
Who else cried when listening to EXO's Promise? Well, I did and it was bad.
Seriously I don't hear 'tender love' in Tender Love but 'chen de la' LOL πŸ˜‚
Hold the fuck up. I think, I heard Tao's rap in First Love chinese version😫😭
Zhang fucking yixing aka Lay is rapping omg. And who the fuck see that coming? Damn it my feels.
Monsta X's I.M took place in my heart! Love you I.M! #MONSTA_X #IM
Why do you need sexy fan cam when you can show your talent like The Ark! You go baby!
Enjoy your time right when you don't have lectures or more like do your damn assignments with your free time.
Me: I'm going home. School: You ain't go anywhere. Come on we have a lot of things to do. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON?
You and your bullshit can go to hell ya nam sayin' bro?
I'm not mad. I'm just teaching you the way on manners little boy because your momma never taught you so fucka
Bro, if you can't accept when people objected your ideas, why don't you live in a jungle where no one will object yours?
I just got nothing to do lol
Tao is not being selfish you motherfuckers. By choosing fame instead of family is the real selfish.
I do have a faith on you Tao...
Tao, don't leave........
Girl group, The Ark is definitely my style. Gonna jam to their songs!
I thought I saw Vanness Wu in Asia's Got Talent. I thought I was wrong until I search for it. Hell yeah, I'm right. Vanness Wu is the judge!
EXO-Ls' lies confessions were damn hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Please, you're too hot to handle. #StopMarkTuan
I'm sorry U-Kwon, you're really disappointing. A little care from you to your fans is more than enough bro.
*drunk mode* mai baiyes is chanyiwol. Ai lav his bik iyers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Mark Tuan is so damn fine.
In Korea, they wore mask because it's fashion. But in Malaysian, people who wore mask is considered as sick or having a bad flu.
Oh lord jyp πŸ˜“
Can I just die?
Dafuq chanyeol is so fucking handsome when he had that serious expression on
EXO in Happy Camp but I hope the MC will secretly invite KrisHan like what they did to Hangeng before.
I'm sorry to Vietnamese fellas because I did your accent just now lol
Anyways, hello! ☺️
Now, how long I havent been here?
Oh my fucking exodus
Exodus, exodus, it's my exodus
I keep saying' "Uuuu" out loud while everyone is sleeping. Shit, I need to be silent because it's half in the morning gosh
It's lawd not laws lol
My favorite tracks are EXODUS, Call Me Baby. Transformers and El Dorado but fucking love El Dorado so much oh laws
Holy mothers of fishcakes I love it so much
I finally managed to download the EXODUS full album T^T
Sehun's English is too hard to handle even though those were just simple lines. Omfg ya nam saying'?
I should stop fucking make some weird noises or my roommates gonna hang my head on the tree front there
Rapmon should stop because I can't fucking handle his hotness omfg T^T
I finally got to talk with my dad. Gosh, I miss my dad.
The reason why I don't want to go to any of the event.

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