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I can't accept the fact that Rules of Deduction is our fantasy T^T
I've been looking for rapmon in ig and everyone is posting the same damn picture lol
Wow I didn't know I'll get questions in after so long lol
You know I hate wasting my time explaining shit that I didn't do. It doesn't deserve my precious time. Really.
I don't mind if you called ungrateful friend for not showing any appreciation and I hope you don't mind if I secretly taking care of you.
Sorry if I was spamming your notification. I ain't silent reader.
Old school hip hop again? Wow.
Let's be friend in LINE or Kakaotalk, anyone?
Me, jealous? Pft, is that a joke? Oh come on, I have my family where I can have fun with. Be jealous with me.
You really don't have to remember who the hell I am. Am I even your friend since the beginning? Oh come on, I hate drama.
I don't support traitor and two faces son of bitch.
I want to say "I hate Tao". But hate is such a powerful word. I'm sorry Tao, I dislike you and so I moved on. Wish you the best of luck.
Dude, control your damn hormones.
Oh seriously Mark. WTF
Wanna know which years of K-pop is the best? 2010 and below!
Irene is already sexy without even trying.
I don't understand why the hell did I bought a book full of conspiracy theories in films. I'm a film student urgh
Damn Devil is so damn catchy chyeah
#np Super Junior - Devil
GOT7's Just Right album is my jam for this month including Super Junior's Devil
Okay I'm done. I wish you change your shitty attitude. I wish you to be a better person not a pain in the ass person.
If I only had the D I would shove it in front of face instead of my middle finger.
Don't kept that attitude for such a long time. Damn woman, I pray so hard for your husband to be. Really.
I got many eyes on you, girl. I'm not alone hah.
If only you're not way too judgemental enough, people wouldn't curse the shit out of you.
I don't blame your parents though, but I pitied your parents. What's wrong with your manner?
YOU need to learn on how to MAKE a damn WEBSITE where you can create your own users who are ALWAYS agree with you no matter what.
Holy fuck come on bitch, kpop fandoms wouldn't be fun anymore if we had to deal with a pain in ass like you, seriously.
Shawol and Babyz don't really need your sassy ass in their fandom. You're non-official fans anyways, no?
I blocked you, you blocked me. WOW, this is fate, WOW.
I mean, my ass cheek is throbbing haha
Why is my butt keep throbbing? lol
k rapmon. You really need a fashion class.
Idol rapper already had their fame and people had seen what they've got. It's time for underground rapper to shine out. Really.
If all idol rappers conquering SMTM, who's from the underground will be shine with their talents?
#np Luhan - Our Tomorrow
I've been a good girl in my personal account and can't I at least be a bitch here in my fan acc? LOL
#np Beast - Mastermind
Why attack on Namjoon? T^T
It had reached rule 25 and up until now I didn't know who the heck is Hwasa until someone mentioned her name.
I'll wish the best for you and your future. I'm not supporter of yours anymore. Besides, you had a lot of fans so who cares?
Solo debut, huh? I really thought you went to the States for study.
Fangirl-ing over two music videos are bad for my health. #INFINITE_Bad #GOT7JUSTRIGHT #Justright
When I thought Satan were all had been tied and there's Kyungsoo.
Bitch, I just wanna say that your bullshits were never affected me. I tweeted this because I want you to know. Keep trying, bitch.
You make me look like an asshole. You know what? Thank you.
I'm not going to talk to you until you realised your acts.
If you want me to say sorry, you apologise first because you started it first and I admitted that I'm in fault as well.
The only thing I did was not talk to you because I was upset with you but I didn't talk behind your back except, now.

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