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R. Randa
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Why at the moment when I was trying to finish up all my paintings? T.T
Did I expose myself too much? People are looking forward for my poster design. Wuuuuu
Chanyeol. Unpretty Rapstar. Isn't that...great? People started to recognise him, I guess.
Unless you put the group hashtag then it's totally fine!
#rapmonster but full of Jungkook photos. Not being a hater tho but I want to look for Rap Monster's photos, not Jungkook. YOU FEEL ME?!
Do you know what hashtag was invented for? For easy searching shit, not tagging suka hati -,-
It was a joke omg
Hold the fuck up! I was just kidding when I said I want to go bald. Are seriously gonna make me bald? 😱
Kim Kwon...he kinda remind me of BTS's Jimin
Oh and yes Jewook may looks a bit like pervert LOL
Yeon Je-Wook and Kim Kwon ain't so bad tho. They are quite good looking too.
"K-Pop Girls Who Female Fans Admit They Have A CRUSH On" I'm glad that Moonbyul is in the freaking list!
It's your problem. Not mine. Why should I care, right?
No, really. Just do whatever you want. I acted like care for you.
Wanna be upset? Be your way.
I did ask you tho but you refuse to share anything with me, so I'm fine with it.
When I said keep it, then keep it.
Fine. Keep your bullshit. I don't want to hear any of it.
TWICE teasers made cursed a lot atm. What a sinful night T^T
This little shit switch the damn light off when I was watching a horror drama wtf
I was actually looking out for EXO Kai and Taeoh but...I ended up listen to another Kai. It's pretty good tho.
Oh fuck! I love Cheetah so much <3
Damn! I liked how the beat of Football Gang goes.
#np Luhan - Football Gang
Aum, rhythm ta!
If I didn't look at the lyrics, I would've think that Mark's rap lines in 'If You Do' sound like he had been saying some France words LOL.
I was never one of you, wasn't I?
I feel that my twitter account is an angel in disguise lol
I'm sorry but I don't see you as a friend anymore but a foe.
ni bu bojio le
this is fucking annoying as hell istg
what the actual fuck
what the fuck
Moonbyul is the second female idol that I biased the most after AMBER
How to move on from Moonbyul? T^T
Changmin's high note screamo is no joke people oh lawd I got goosebump
So this is how you feel when you're going to debut
I rather to be in my own business than dealing with something which ain't mine.
I planned to stay awake lol
"Stand on the different ground but seeing the same sky. Stand on the same ground but seeing the different skies." KRISHAN lol I'm so sorry.
So this is what malam raya without parents feel like...
I'm sorry but I have a crush on MOONBYUL XD
Can I cry? Istg Moonbyul look so much like Xiumin in Um Oh Ah Yeh MV T^T
Just slap the bug away Mark -,-
I spent 2 minutes to watch Mark got chased by a bug. LOL
Can you open the damn class now? 😑
When the devil troll you got HOT PINKEU
Lol kyungsoo
Two things I wanna do are, go home and tell my dad how regret I am for being friendly towards people who don't deserve it.
I feel bad for samuel tbh

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