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Majority of K-pop fans want the Kolon Sport's membership card because of EXO. Agree or not?
Dear bus, where the hell are you? Sincerely, from a hungry bitch.
Do anyone have here wechat or other social apps?
I leaved those people who leaved me in the first place. In another words, you don't deserve any friendship tbh.
What sound was that? :o
Damn, I really need to read before click the favourite button on each tweets.
Plus, he then said "Sorry, I was just kidding". I feel like want to wushu his ass off. Seriously.
Don't you just hate it when a guy sent "Yes honey, I understand" to you when he's not even your fucking damn boyfriend? ;-;
A k-pop fan problem, there's no Kolon Sport store in Malaysia.
Where you do think I'm from? lol
Should I throw away these Domino's coupons? It seems useless to me. Meh~
I have 9 pieces of coupons from Domino's pizza but idk how to use it and I don't really eat pizza from Domino's. Who should I give these to?
Hey~ Iye~ Swing!
Now, I can't wait for SWING! Hahahaha
I want to have a breakfast together with parents tomorrow because I haven't did it for such a long time.
I just rise from the 'death' because of Lee Sungmin's hotness /sobs
I really need someone to talk to and thanks to Sunny who lending her shoulder for me to cry on. I love you!
Why do I feel my English is still lacking somewhere else?
"Baekhyun rude to 2NE1" Don't worry, leave him to Chanyeol. LOL
How does snapchat work?
bongok ah eman haha
Why does everyone decided to offline? I'm bored T^T
The husband of Wi-Fi, Luhan is currently online in Weibo.
To Malaysian peeps, I prefer you call me 'akak' than 'unnie' or you can just call me Bim. I don't mind :)