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Professor Green
do you ever think, fuck, i'm lucky to have the people i know in my life? #emo RT @GizziErskine: @RizzleKicks @professorgreen GROWING BOY xxx
Ganapati in Peckham is the dogs knackers
and yet you're tweeting me about it. irony much? RT @Irish_paddy: @professorgreen How about the 'sound of silence' and 'no one cares'?
i'm gonna put today i cried in the setlist for the tour, and goodnight. and trouble.
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oi @DreamMclean when do people get to hear do what it do @casisdead
Jus heard lullaby by @professorgreen on @KissFMUK amazing tune luv it luv it luv it ♡
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as much as i hate you jordan this looks really good RT @RizzleKicks: TRAILER 2: Glue | This September | E4
this is too much wretch 32 x stormzy x jacob banks 'move with you'…
hi my names harley and i go to peoples houses at 4.30am and make myself an omelette @RizzleKicks
the fried chicken was a failure.
The miles and pro cooking show has potential... To be a disaster @MilesKaneMusic
Fried chicken time @mileskane
Lovely RT @samara_marta_: LULLABY @professorgreen IS ON THE RADIO 👏 AHHH 💘💘
Happy and safe Friday night people x
Traffic isn't great tonight is it #ldn
Make sure you pre-order your copies of Lullaby here: !!
Sorry to disappoint but it wasn't my house and there is no show but there is a brilliant commercial for the new album.
There obviously isn't actually a program coming. There is something quite hilarious though #growingupinpublic
New program coming to your screens soon #mandersonandmackintosh @camillamackintosh
This is the smaller of the two chandeliers
Just chilling out in the room with a few glasses and stuff in it.
It's FRIDAY and it's Mark on the Home Run with BIG tunes to get you home today. My favourite song of the year by @professorgreen is on next!
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How far is Ryde from bestival?
I'm performing at #KISSHaunted on Friday 31st October. Go to for more info. @KissFMUK
Patient: I've a problem where I unintentionally pirouette and everyone laughs at me. Dr: It's probably just a funny turn.
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Disciplinary this morning. Was in the disabled for 3 hours wanking over Ice Bucket Challenge videos.
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We're playing Celeb Clueless with @professorgreen! Do you think he'll be able to knock @example off the top spot with Imogen's movie clues?!
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Yes @BBCR1 playing @professorgreen and @ToriKelly to get a Friday started. Love this tune! Go pre-order straight away! Waiting on the album!
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Woop woop big up @gregjames on @BBCR1 about to play Lullaby ft. @ToriKelly - If you love it let him know on 81199 x
Text in and let me know if you like it! RT @nicklight1: @BBCR1 about to play @professorgreen new track.
pre-order your copies of Lullaby here:
Loving the new studio @magicfm Golden Square. Sorting my playlist for Saturdays show. Any requests? 🎶
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Too much love for this man x RT @millsmackintosh: grandpa watching the video for lullaby @professorgreen 😢�
Sneak peeking @professorgreen album ahead of interview this afternoon. Loving it! Funny at times, serious at times, consistent high quality.
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tickets purchased for the @KissFMUK haunted house party!!!! @professorgreen 🎉👻
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it took a while but it is finally working, thank you @BTCare for not leaving me in the dark ages.
that's all from me folks. goodnight. x