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Brian Cox
Understanding Quantum Tunnelling | [by me yesterday] | Life & Physics via @guardian
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Looking forward to @QandA on ABC this evening. Should be fun :-)
Me chatting to Fran Kelly about lots of science on @RNBreakfast this morning…
By the way, Tuesday's #humanuniverse is a bit more down to Earth-ish … Are We Alone? It's about Aliens, or not. And Frank Drake is in it.
There is a deeper chat about #humanuniverse and inflationary cosmology here…
Just woke up in Sydney to your very kind comments about #humanuniverse again. Thanks to you all! I really appreciate it.
Big Jehovahs Witnesses conference in Melbourne tonight. Hope we don't get our audiences mixed up.
Midtown Manhattan & Empire State building at Dusk, 1930s (By Samuel H. Gottscho)
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on wanting to be a vicar, but being hampered by atheism - today's blog post -…
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We're ready Perth ... auditorium check ... particle physicist check ... now we just 2,500 of you
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@ProfBrianCox Please could you RT the interview we did recently on Human Universe book & TV series?…
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Arrived in Perth. It's very very hot.
A discussion on inflation and eternal inflation following on from tonights #humanuniverse…
I'm putting Duckworth-Lewis back into the Discovery Science channel US version of #humanuniverse. It'll be good for 'em.
For an excellent review of the current state of inflationary cosmology / eternal inflation - see here… #humanuniverse
@ProfBrianCox "Anyone who thinks they understand the Duckworth - Lewis method doesn't understand the Duckworth - Lewis method" Niels Bohr.
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It's true #HumanUniverse was dumbed down. They cut my explanation of the Duckworth-Lewis method.
Just woken up in Australia - enjoying the cricket in #humanuniverse I see !
Off to bed after very enjoyable evening in Adelaide. In the UK - #humanuniverse is back 9pm tonight, BBC2 :-)
The empty auditorium in Adelaide waiting for a bit of science :-)
Adelaide show tonight with @adambspencer . I almost know what I'm going to be talking about, but it could change :-)…
It's #humanuniverse episode 2 tomorrow at 9pm, BBC2. Why are we here?
Erm … let's think … “@BAESystemsAir: @ProfBrianCox Supersonic in 30 seconds, fancy a ride? #TyphoonJet
I'm going to get coffee before I tweet anything else !
Balls balls - and it's @matthewcobb not @MattewCobb . I've just got out of bed, it's only 8am here. #uselessinmornings
My interview with @Susanne_Shultz , @matthewcobb about theory of climate / brain size link in #humanuniverse is here…
Link to that interview about climate change / brain size had wrong @Susanne_Shultz in it - sorry @susanne_schultz ! Corrected now !
And in Sydney. Quite a long flight that one !
But, @robinince, 'listening to the loud mechanism of the dawn' is an awesome sentence
Still a few tickets left for my Australia shows, starting Tuesday in Adelaide.
Arrived in Singapore - Sydney next stop ...
A reminder that tickets are on sale for @robinince + me at Hammersmith - the Christmas charity extravaganza :-)…
@ProfBrianCox here is that report of Monday's Monkey Cage, including latest on your dengue fever…
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End of era at Manchester Physics as legendary Prof. Loebinger retires - let me in to do physics in 1992. Happy retirement Fred! @flimsin
London is a scientific powerhouse and it’s about more than Nobel Prizes- @SteveCaddick in today's @CityAM
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The #humanuniverse book is out today - I know @Waterstones have it at half price - maybe others, so bit of a bargain I think :-)
The 'pulsed climate variability hypothesis' for human evolution presented in #humanuniverse - Nice review article…
And if you have young kids, it's repeated Sunday at 7pm #humanuniverse
Next week on #humanuniverse - a possible infinity of universes - in India and Japan :-)