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Brian Cox
#OMG @ProfBrianCox is coming to @RiAus to give an exclusive seminar to students! Register now at #science #STEM
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On the urgent need for scientists @ national science policy-makers to collaborate—by UK science adviser Mark Wolpert:
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... In other words, my view is that true redistribution should be about redistribution of opportunity. That's done through education.
Justin Web excellent in Times. 'American Dream' is about social mobility. This is why WE should invest more in education and universities.
Paint or whipped marmite as a mid-morning snack? Come along to #thinkcorner in the Pavilions shopping centre in Brum!
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Aquarius is a facility NASA use for astronaut training for long duration space missions. It's very cool :-)
The end of a long day underwater filming in Aquarius, FIU's research lab 50 feet down off the Florida Keys
Still a few tickets for this - v. Good cause too! RT @carbonvoyage: An evening with @ProfBrianCox at @Level39CW
I must finally concede that I am old, after recognising no members of the celebrity big brother house as reported in today's Independent.
p.s. the site will be updated with the original posts and photos and videos as it was 9 years ago. Great :-)
9 years ago @giagia and I worked on Danny Boyle's Sunshine. Gia has rebuilt the old website and it's brilliant
Help get the RI Christmas Lectures digitised and freely available by voting for them at the EMC heritage trust…
UK firms behind success of Rosetta coment mission
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.@Rubywax blogs about evening with myself and Prof. Carlos Frenk after @themonkeycage Edinburgh. Memorable night :-)
Good luck to @sambranson and the team, off to raise £750k for a very good cause by physically destroying themselves!
RT @stoutersatwork: An email Q&A I did for @IBCShow with @ProfBrianCox about TV technology, the TV industry, and science & education....
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.@WilliamShatner ... @ESA_Rosetta will send Away Team @ESA_Philae probe to land on surface in November #NoRedShirts
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Nearly there! MT @Philae2014: #AreWeThereYet ? I've added some NavCam pics of #67 to our scrapbook.
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Trying to log into STV Player while apoplectically picturing the Nathan-Barley-Cappuccino-swilling-Notting-Hill-nobwit who schedules ITV
Disgrace that ITV aren't showing Scottish independence debate. What happened to public service remit? ITV3: repeat of Midsomer Murders!
What went on in the Infinite Monkey Cage in a tent in Edinburgh? Hints here @themonkeycage @robinince @ProfBrianCox
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What are the chances?! Cant believe I ran into @ProfBrianCox and @robinince before @themonkeycage recording. #Fringe
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Got a spare ticket for the Infinite Monkey Cage if someone can be here in 10 mins. @ProfBrianCox @themonkeycage
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My great and talented friend @robinince has asked me to promote his Edinburgh show without sarcasm.…
2x @themonkeycage 's in Edinburgh. "What happened before the big bang", followed by closely related "Is irrationality Genetic?" #sorrydeepak
YES! MT “@simonochojna: … science v theology debate @RevRichardColes and @ProfBrianCox interspersed with D ream and Communards piano solos?”
.@BBC6Music Oops. Forgot ! Can we do it tomorrow ? My phone must be on silent :-)
@ProfBrianCox 'The Philosophical Foundations of Physics' with beginning entirely removed in spirit of reconciliation.
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Trying to write intelligible chapter for Human Universe book on hominin evolution. It is currently 10,000 words of caveats and definitions.
Beautiful images celebrating the 15th anniversary of Chandra X-ray Observatory:
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My 5-year old just said in a portentous voice "Before this world, there was nothing but sheep". Beat that, Deepak !
"Economic growth is fuelled by investment in science and innovation" - yes! @bisgovuk: help shape UK sci strategy…
@ProfBrianCox You posed with our Brains puppet last week. Would you RT the trailer for our Thunderbirds film pls? :)…
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thanks to everyone who has helped get Monkey Cage to no.1 in podcast chart, here is latest one… @ProfBrianCox
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