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raprappers 191,519 followers
Smh...what yall think should happen to the judge who sentenced this little piece a shit?
I lost 10 followers today for making these post. I didn't know wanting a healthy educated life was so…
Learn the difference between a conspiracy theory and a conspiracy Fact. BIG fuckin diffrence.
Watch the documentary "the world according to monsanto" be aware. Be informed.
"The duty of the youth is to challenge corruption"- Kurt Cobain
i just had a nightmare that changed my life and gave me a new respect for my reality. God works in mysterious ways.
no time 2 think its on jus move on dem nigs wit excessive force & dont stop til dem nigs dont move no more @Alchemist
" it's real i'm in tune i chill, like the cold side of the moon silence u dudes like an empty room... Dog Shit
"u better send niggas i don't know, cause if i see ya face at the right place u know how it go... @Alchemist
u need a lil murder and violence, it keep things balanced.
"started from the bottom, bottom of the pyrex, hand to hand until that money went hi-tek... Black Cocaine @Alchemist
"soon as Im on da set Im never on a chick i play it cool, but still they pussy muscles get wet, thats jus da rules..
"we out in California P & Game a blow that bitch up, we out in NY P & Game a blow that bitch up.. @Alchemist @thegame
way b4 gunit aftermath shady da hatred was brewin cause a my crazy, jewelry & cars nig try & play me make me pop da hood & pop go his yankee
"in da woods, u a lost sheep im a whole pack a wolves u straight gyro meat dun dun u din din & i dont go to sleep wen dat nigga-itis set in"
in person I'm the most humble. in this business I'm a cocky sob and i can back my shit up pussy
ok. the moment i was waiting on. new MOBB DEEP produced by @Alchemist "Biology"…
my music is to die for. this aint rap its bloodsport. i thought i told u niggas. @Alchemist @ILLAGHEE2K
i shit on ya gangsta do sumthin nig u supose 2 b gangsta do sumthin nig u a fraud washd & u broke af & ya belt is a knock off canal st.thugs
make the best out ya 15min. cause thats all u gettin
I'm convinced. niggas is dumb af. God help them. @Alchemist we bodied them. they don't even realize they dead. Lol
"get the msg, u heard what i said? ventriloquist when i send a few soldier..." do u even understand that line? Lol
I'm posting all my favorite shit today for my bro @Alchemist Bday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother @Alchemist we put a lot of work in. and y'all aint see/hear shit yet
most of our haters are aspiring hip-hop artist (producers included) tired of us winning. they just want a turn. poor baby
i can't wait to see the look on ya face. this will be my ultimate high. :)
fire!! MOBB DEEP LIVE in POLAND s/o to SSG
Like 5yrs. Old with my brother greg. He took me to the circus at Madison Square Garden
10yrs. Old. Got my mike jacket from Jamaica ave. Lol my shit was pleather tho😂