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Nothing in the rules explicitly forbids Charlie Crist from having Geishas at each side and back constantly fanning him at tonight's debate.
Media is waking up from Ebola scaremongering like the morning of Hangover in Vegas. "What happened? Where's the satellite van?"
Waterspouts on Qinghai Lake yesterday (China News Service)…
Scary shot of an explosion in Kobane (Photo: Bulent Kilic/AFP)
“Man Fights Off Bear With Old Computer in Siberia”…
Scots rightly proud that Scottish fish invented sex…
Ebola travel ban might help. Preemptively jailing Floridians with Wayne,  Lee or Ray middle names would save countless lives. Prioritize.
I have eaten the M&Ms that were in the bowl and which you were probably saving for Halloween Forgive me They were delicious so sweet
RIP Gough Whitlam, who brought universal healthcare and free university education to Australia…
No big deal. Just an image of a comet whizzing by Mars taken from a robot we sent there…
Don't be caught unafraid when the Ebola panic dies down. Start transitioning now to fear about the border. Work smart, people. Plan ahead.
Early voting starts this week in two states that may determine control of the senate: LA (Tuesday) and NC (Thursday).
Chinese State TV: Don't give your daughters food names or people will think they are strippers…
At the precise moment the 21-day period is up in Texas, a klaxon will sound indicating it is now safe to resume exchanging bodily fluids.
Awful. "One Of 7 Northern White Rhinos Left In The World Dies"…
Still no Ebola vaccine. "Scientists recreate 172-year-old shipwrecked beer"…
We get it. You throw a lot of touchdowns. Don't be a dick about it.
Woman on the right cannot bear to watch this idiot one moment longer (Reuters)
Cue the Favre training montage.
If Peyton Manning breaks the touchdown record, they will give him an emotion chip for a short ceremony before taking it back out.
Just checked my email and "I have decided to self-quarantine for 21 days" is apparently not recognized as valid by all HR departments.
Beijing has this mechanical dragon. Everybody stay on high alert. Sleep in shifts. If you see something say something
Today in 1969 Agnew referred to anti-Vietnam War protesters "an effete corps of impudent snobs," Step up your insult game, wrong people!
There is a lot of valuable input out there for the new Ebola czar to evaluate
What it's like to run in the Beijing Marathon pollution…
I bet the new Ebola Czar is printing out hanging file folder labels tonight. That's what I like to do when I start a new project.
Bills of Mortality, 1715, including "Griping in the Guts - 6" and "Evil - 2" (h/t @hellohistoria)
Hello everyone. "Puppy-Sized Spider Surprises Scientist in Rainforest"…
Today in Things That Apparently Exist: The Comic Sans Typewriter…
Awesome: "100-Year-Old Math Teacher Still Going Strong at Brooklyn Elementary School"
I think Obama may already be mentally checking out a little. Today's weekly radio address was "My fellow Americans, McRib is back."
Worst-case scenario: Parkour guy gets Ebola. CDC not ready for this. "I think I went over there next, I'm not really sure."
If you're trying to be the defender of democracy, families and public health, don't make it harder to vote, marry and get medical insurance.
Are these qualifications better for Ebola czar? He's being blocked by GOP for Surgeon General…
"Go to your room, right now, and never invade another sovereign nation again." (Daniel Dal Zennaro/AP)
The last state to legalize gay marriage gets a whole two-page spread of angry-looking bigots in their grandkids' history textbooks.
When Obama is out of office, he's going to respond to every single tweet about him. Marathon weekend of pizza and replies.
That got weird. "Ex-worker sues surgery center over pink panties"…
I'm not a scientist, but I did get a "FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD: snow!" email from my uncle, so I'm pretty sure I understand climate.
#ThanksObama #ObamasAmerica "McRibs will be harder to find this year"
Just to be safe, any family member who runs a fever should be sealed in a bouncy castle in the backyard for four weeks.
Ron Klain leaving the White House after his first meeting as the new Ebola Czar
Someone identifying themselves as the Ebola Czar just came by and took my temp in a way that made me uncomfortable and now I have questions.