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They've got flaming bagpipes. This thing is escalating quickly (Photo: Lesley Martin/AFP)
People say Americans don't follow international news but I'm fascinated by this Scotland vote over taxes or whatever.
Romney's internal polling shows Scotland joining the Soviet Union.
On this day in 1851 the first edition of the New York Times was published so that people would have something to blog about.
DON'T GO YOU FOOLS! RT @samsteinhp: George R.R. Martin is hosting a campaign event for Sen. Tom Udall
Zoological Society of London Animal Photography Prize winners (Shown: Simone Sbaraglia)…
Playing "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" and looking at scrapbook pictures of Scotland and the UK when they were young and in love.
"Man finds piece of KFC chicken that could be shape of new UK"…
Will Scottish independence finally call attention to the Bluebells' classic power-pop song, "Cath"? Fingers crossed.…
Here is the full Vikings statement on deactivating Adrian Peterson: "Is this enough, sponsors?"
We've all been there little buddy. "Skunk with head stuck in beer can rescued in Ohio"…
Tatsuro Nishimura tells how he created a stunning image for our article on the end of nations:…
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Wow. "Matterhorn lit with torches for 150th anniversary of first ascent" (Photo: Robert Boesch/AP)
It's Constitution Day, when we honor Ronald Reagan and Ayn Rand writing our founding document then spending day being self-reliant together.
The Queen robocalling Scots today: "One wishes you would not leave us."
Front page of The Independent the day before the big vote
Front page of Scotland's The Herald, day before the big vote
If you don't get an iPhone6, there will be a bus to come by and take you to District 9 where you will live with the others of your kind.
Wow , the Seahawks hold people accountable for losses. MT @SeaTimesFotoKen: Pete Carroll in @Starbucks drive-thru
If Scotland votes independence, the royal family forms a circle and turns their back on the First Minister like the Klingons did to Worf.
Terrific photo. "Kurdish Peshmerga fighter launches mortar shells." (Photo: Ahmed Jadallah/Reuters)
God grant me the serenity to accept the people who say, "It is what it is" when I am justifiably angry, Amen.
Had no idea this was an option. RT @NBCNews: Angry mob tosses Ukrainian politician into trash
Association of History Textbook Publishers announces support for Scottish independence.
Today in 2008 the government announced an $85 billion loan to rescue AIG but don't worry, it's okay, it wasn't anybody's fault.
I'm not one to judge, but Adam & Eve should have known there was a problem. There were clues…
Some things are just impossible to know, like why humans  cannot live in peace and which side of the USB cable goes up.
"Has this cloud predicted Scottish independence referendum?"…
Thursday could be Derek Jeter's last day as a Yankee with a UK-dependent Scotland.
Terrifying Scotsmannequin supports independence, will murder your family while you sleep (Photo:Jeff Mitchell/Getty)
Moderate Syrian rebel is like Comcast customer service representative. The title sounds promising, but there's reason to be skeptical.
The Biomorphosis Tumblr has the very best unusual animated wildlife GIFS in all the land
I heard there was a secret hook that Bono played and it pleased Tim Cook but you don't really want his album do you?
Bono, in the dark, drinking from a fifth of whiskey, watching a data visualization of people removing his album, face streaked with tears.
How Bill Clinton feels in campaign mode again
Cool-looking shot of suspended smoke rings from South Korean military ceremony (Reuters)
The @esa has picked spot where on Nov. 11 they will land a f'ing spaceship on a f'ing comet…
Man stacks fedoras for losers who wear fedoras (Christof Stache/AFP)
These Miss America contestants should have to deal with their greatest fear on stage, like a cheetah, frogs, or facing Vader alone.
Roosevelts, football and Miss America on TV right now. So much America. The whole house is rattling with freedom.
Good news, everyone. “Icelandic government commission announces legendary sea monster exists”…
Somehow Bono got automatically put on my fantasy team.
Don't even look for one. There is no emoji for your feelings about negating a game-tying 4th-quarter, 4th-down TD by calling a time out.
I have a feeling the 2016 election is going to be how Skynet starts. We're just going to say, "Enough. Let the computers sort it out."
“Study: Humans Naturally Follow Crowd Behavior”… Please RT
You'll notice that all NFL players are wearing a thistle somewhere this weekend to express their 100% support for Scottish independence.
Cocky Rex Ryan, from the ashes of recent seasons, I summon thee - arise like a phoenix and shit-talk anew.
The Buffalo Bills are winning, everyone is listening to U2 and a Clinton is campaigning in Iowa. Help,  I'm in 1992.