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What was your favourite revelation about Dolores Umbridge in @jk_rowling’s new writing?
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Gotta wonder why Umbridge allied with Filch if she hated Squibs/Muggles so much? #UmbridgeFacts #ThankYouJkRowling
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We’re enjoying finding out all your favourite #UmbridgeFacts - keep them coming!
It’s time for our biggest treat – read brand new writing by @jk_rowling in #OrderOfThePhoenix
If you were a #MasterOfChaos at Hogwarts like Peeves, what pranks and tricks would you play? #PottermoreTrick
Do you agree with @jk_rowling that Bellatrix Lestrange and Dolores Umbridge are as bad as each other?
We’ve created a crossword for today’s #PottermoreTrick – can you unscramble the hidden word?
If you can’t answer today’s #PottermoreTrick, why not ask your Ravenclaw friends for a helpful hint…
Which word do you think completes Millicent Bagnold’s infamous statement? #PottermoreTrick
It’s time for a #PottermoreTrick – what did Barnabas the Barmy once foolishly attempt to do?
What was the spell used to hide this notorious house in London from prying eyes?
It’s time for another #PottermoreTreat – do you recognise this grim house in London?
Can you guess the identity of this mystery Harry Potter character in today’s #PottermoreTrick?
Today’s #PottermoreTreat is a beautiful concept drawing of a spooky magical creature – the Thestral
For an added challenge let us know what magical words each of these five codes spell out #PottermoreTrick
#PottermoreTrick: which of these five codes would help you enter the Ministry of Magic?
#PottermoreTreat - if you were Minister for Magic for the day, what #WizardingLegislation would you introduce?
Today’s #PottermoreTrick is to identify this mysterious witch - we’ll be learning a lot more about her soon…
Can the duelling champions among you remember the effects of the four incantations in today’s #PottermoreTreat?
Your first #PottermoreTreat is simply spellbinding; four new spells are coming to Duelling Club very soon: