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Answer our riddle to read new @jk_rowling writing on the zombie-like creatures in the cave
Unearth a treasure trove of magical objects in ‘The Room of Hidden Things’#PottermoreChristmas
Take a trip down memory lane with the Pensieve and discover Hepzibah Smith’s greatest treasures #PottermoreChristmas
Solve today’s riddle to arrive at a brand new Moment -watch out for any Galleons lying around when you get there
Is Snape a vampire? Join the #SlugClub at a Christmas party and discover @jk_rowling’s answer
Step inside one of Dumbledore’s memories today and visit a certain orphanage in London…
See Katie Bell encounter a cursed opal necklace in a wintery new Moment #PottermoreChristmas
Solve our third riddle to discover @jk_rowling writing in Harry’s sixth-year Potions class
Potterheads, grab your ticket for the Hogwarts Express with our new framed print
Christmas is coming early to Pottermore; unwrap a daily gift from Dec 12 #PottermoreChristmas
To celebrate the holiday season, there's 25% off selected #HarryPotter stories
What was your favourite revelation about Dolores Umbridge in @jk_rowling’s new writing?
Head over to the Insider to take a look at our wall of purr-fect cat plates.
Visit for more details on the #HPCelebration line-up, including film cast, expo and demos!
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Gotta wonder why Umbridge allied with Filch if she hated Squibs/Muggles so much? #UmbridgeFacts #ThankYouJkRowling
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We’re enjoying finding out all your favourite #UmbridgeFacts - keep them coming!
It’s time for our biggest treat – read brand new writing by @jk_rowling in #OrderOfThePhoenix
If you were a #MasterOfChaos at Hogwarts like Peeves, what pranks and tricks would you play? #PottermoreTrick
Do you agree with @jk_rowling that Bellatrix Lestrange and Dolores Umbridge are as bad as each other?
We’ve created a crossword for today’s #PottermoreTrick – can you unscramble the hidden word?
If you can’t answer today’s #PottermoreTrick, why not ask your Ravenclaw friends for a helpful hint…
Which word do you think completes Millicent Bagnold’s infamous statement? #PottermoreTrick