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Not showing your house colours yet? Head to the Insider to download your special #HousePride cover and profile images
#HousePrideWeek begins Tuesday, September 16! How will you prepare for your House Pride Day?…
Pick up your wand, polish off your cauldrons and start earning points on Pottermore to help your house triumph
The Pottermore #HouseCup will be awarded on Friday, September 26! How will you help your house to victory?
To find out all about illustrating the new #HarryPotterBooks covers, read @duddledum’s interview with Bloomsbury:
We can’t decide which of the new Bloomsbury #HarryPotterBooks covers we like the most - which is your favourite?
The new @BloomsburyBooks #HarryPotterBooks became available to buy in paperback and hardback today…
#HappyBirthdayPercyWeasley! What present do you think the pompous former Prefect would most like to receive?
What’s your favourite fact from the new writing by J.K. Rowling on #CelestinaWarbeck?
Thanks to @UniversalORL, you can now listen to one of #CelestinaWarbeck’s global hit songs on!
Did you know that you can see #CelestinaWarbeck perform live every day in #DiagonAlley at @UniversalORL?
Read all about singing sensation #CelestinaWarbeck with @jk_rowling’s exclusive new writing on Pottermore!
Today on Pottermore @jk_rowling reveals for the first time that it’s #CelestinaWarbeck’s birthday!
Special event vacation packages go on sale 21 August at 12 noon EST, or get general admission tickets now!
#HPCelebration returns to @UniversalORL in Florida, 30 January – 1 February 2015! Find out more!
#HappyBirthdayGinny! Share your good wishes for the former Gryffindor’s birthday or upload a card on Pottermore
Do you think you would have made it through the Triwizard maze in #GobletOfFire?
What was your favourite collectible discovered in the final chapters of #GobletOfFire? Vote in our poll now!
Did you recall the answer to the Sphinx’s riddle when you explored ‘The Maze’ in #GobletofFire on Pottermore?
Have you discovered the exclusive writing by J.K. Rowling on magical Pensieves? #GobletOfFire
@pottermore I don't know why, but I went over the moon when I collected Unicorn Tail Hair! The Golden Thread was beautiful! The Maze, too!
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@pottermore The most epic one is The Maze, but I just can't help myself and not to be jealous for The Prefects' Bathroom! :)
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Share your favourite #GobletOfFire discoveries from the new chapters and look out to see if we Retweet them!
Harry and I both thank you for your birthday wishes xxx
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Share your birthday wishes to Harry using #HappyBirthdayHarryPotter, or why not upload a drawing on
#HappyBirthdayHarryPotter! To celebrate Harry turning 34, we’ve given every @pottermore member 150 Galleons – don’t spend it all at once!
The final instalment of #GobletofFire is now available to explore on RT to spread the news!
Neville, turning 34 today, is now Herbology teacher at Hogwarts – what subject would you teach? Vote in our poll now:
Ravenclaws can now enjoy the final chapters of #GobletOfFire! Access for members of all three other houses starts tomorrow at 12pm (BST).
Remember Ravenclaws, as winners of the last House Cup you will have 24hrs early access to the new #GobletOfFire chapters!
The final instalment of #GobletOfFire will be released this Thursday, July 31 from 12pm (BST).
Some of you correctly guessed that our upside down cover image is a hint at the final instalment of #GobletOfFire
Here they are! The remaining #HarryPotter covers by @duddledum. Which one is your favourite? Out 01.09.14.
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Exciting news #HarryPotter fans! Tomorrow we will be revealing the remaining four @duddledum covers . . .
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As winners of the Pottermore #HouseCup, Ravenclaws might want to keep an eye on their Owl Notifications over the next few days...
Which of the amazing new experiences at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – #DiagonAlley @UniversalORL would you be most excited to see?
For a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the new #DiagonAlley and the #HogwartsExpress @UniversalORL check out this video!…
It’s the hottest day of the year in London today, so we’d love to be in a deckchair by the sea on the new Summer Map!
Calm down, Rolf, it's just a few cheeky spangles!! ✨💍💚🌈 (I've never loved Rita Skeeter this much. More pls!!#Pottermoreo#Lovegoodnessess
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What was your favourite moment from the 2014 #QuidditchWorldCup? Tell us or upload a picture on
Rita Skeeter taken unaccountably ill with a 'jinx to the solar plexus'? We can’t imagine what happened… #QuidditchWorldCup
What was your favourite moment from the 2014 #QuidditchWorldCup? Tell us or upload a picture on
#ThatMomentWhen you sign up for Pottermore as an adult because you HAVE to read the update on Harry Potter at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup.
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Rita Skeeter taken unaccountably ill with a 'jinx to the solar plexus'? We can’t imagine what happened… #QuidditchWorldCup
Krum gets the Snitch... and this time Bulgaria wins the #QuidditchWorldCup!