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Why do you think Harry Potter was unable to see Thestrals until his fifth year at Hogwarts? #PottermoreTreat #ThestralTheories
Today’s #PottermoreTreat is a beautiful concept drawing of a spooky magical creature – the Thestral
For an added challenge let us know what magical words each of these five codes spell out #PottermoreTrick
#PottermoreTrick: which of these five codes would help you enter the Ministry of Magic?
.@wbstudiotour we loved visiting the #DarkArts area – especially being able to step inside the full #MalfoyManor set!
.@wbstudiotour Surprising but, then again, they only liked Muggles who had both money and status…
.@wbstudiotour well, the #Malfoys thought marrying within only pure-blood families might be dangerous.
We've just been reading the amazing @jk_rowling writing on the #Malfoy family from @pottermore, we’re in full spooky swing for #DarkArts!
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Glad you enjoyed it @wbstudiotour! Were there any big surprises for you about the #Malfoy family?
@pottermore I would open up a hospital that would provide treatment for critically ill/injured Muggles. #WizardingLegislation
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#WizardingLegislation a special meeting/association for muggle parents of magical children who need to be introduced to their kid's world
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#WizardingLegislation the wizarding community should have an annual meet up with muggles so both sides can be friends :) this will take time
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#WizardingLegislation On the day of Halloween, you can (without consequences), use spells playful in the presence of Muggles.Minister, VS.
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A Butterbeer consistency standard to insure quality and consistent creaminess! #WizardingLegislation
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@pottermore Primary schools for magical children - an education that doesn't rely on their parents homeschooling them #WizardingLegislation
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@pottermore I would impose new laws for better treatment of other magical beings like werewolves and house elves #WizardingLegislation
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@pottermore Free earmuffs every winter and a child protection service. #WizardingLegislation
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#PottermoreTreat - if you were Minister for Magic for the day, what #WizardingLegislation would you introduce?
Today’s #PottermoreTrick is to identify this mysterious witch - we’ll be learning a lot more about her soon…
#HappyBirthdayProfessorFlitwick! If the duelling champion could teach you to perfect one spell or Charm, what would you choose?
Can the duelling champions among you remember the effects of the four incantations in today’s #PottermoreTreat?
Your first #PottermoreTreat is simply spellbinding; four new spells are coming to Duelling Club very soon:
We were lucky enough to visit the new @wbstudiotour #DarkArts area this week – find out what we discovered
We’re honoured to have received 10,000 excellent reviews on @TripAdvisor, thank you for all your support!
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Here’s your first #PottermoreTrick - which magical being is depicted in this muddled concept artwork?
Over 20,000 of you voted and by popular demand we’re starting our ‘Trick or Treat’ countdown with a #PottermoreTrick
It’s your final day to vote – do we kick off our Hallowe’en countdown with a #PottermoreTreat or #PottermoreTrick?
Our ‘Trick or Treat’ event starts tomorrow. Join us at 4pm (GMT) for the first of our daily surprises…
We’re having a great time at @wbstudiotour #DarkArts area launch -seeing the 20-ft Nagini up close is extraordinary!
The voting continues and #PottermoreTrick seems to be the front runner. Don’t forget to cast your vote:
Come and play ‘Trick or Treat’ starting October 16. Do we begin with a #PottermoreTrick or #PottermoreTreat?
Joined our Hallowe’en Facebook event yet? ‘Trick or Treat’ is twice the fun when you bring your friends…
Do we start our Hallowe’en countdown with a #PottermoreTrick or #PottermoreTreat? You decide...
We’re counting down to Hallowe’en by playing ‘Trick or Treat’, every day from October 16
Thank you, thank you, for being the kind of people who get excited about an anagram #myspiritualhome
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.@EmyBemy2 YES!!!!!!!!!!!! People, we have a winner!
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No invented words, that wouldn't be fair. "Newt Scamander only went to New York to find a Pulkmahjkk". Not that.
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#Hint2 There's only one sentence hidden in the anagram, it is written in natural English and it concerns Newt Scamandar. #3hintsreally
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#helpfulhint The solution is the first sentence of a synopsis of Newt's story. It isn't part of the script, but sets the scene.
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Cry, foe! Run amok! Fa awry! My wand won’t tolerate this nonsense.
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#HappyBirthdayMinervaMcGonagall! How do you think the talented Transfiguration teacher will be celebrating her birthday?
To celebrate Ravenclaw’s #HouseCup win, we created a special Championship prize! Visit the Insider now to download
Head to the Great Hall to enjoy the #HouseCup award ceremony
Tweet your congratulations to #Ravenclaw, who soared to victory in the latest #HouseCup Championship!
The winners of the latest Pottermore #HouseCup have just been revealed on – was your house victorious?
#HappyBirthdayOllivander! Celebrate this talented wizard and share a drawing of the wand that chose you on Pottermore
We loved seeing your #HousePrideWeek celebrations! Did you enjoy it?
Head over to the Insider to see some of our favourite pictures, Tweets and comments from #HousePride Week last week:
We took a quick peek at the Pottermore house standings before they were concealed in the #GreatHall: