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We salute Dobby’s birthday. Join us by sharing your favourite #Dobby quotes.
Huge announcement: A new play called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is coming to London’s West End… #CursedChild
Which wizard lost a bet and ended up a funny colour after eating a Venomous Tentacula?
When it comes to cheese charming, one witch really knows her stuff. Did you spot which witch?
Crispin Cronk couldn’t resist keeping Sphinxes in his garden. Where was he sent as punishment?
Explore the history of famous Witches and Wizards, in a new location on the Pottermore map:
Happy birthday Draco Malfoy! In celebration of this proud Slytherin, tell us your favourite Draco quotes.
Have you seen our lovely framed print yet? Order before May 31st and receive a free keyring:
Experimenting with Time-Turners is never a good idea, as the Ministry of Magic realised...
To celebrate your #SlytherinPride and superb skill, we’ve prepared a look at ‘Famous Slytherins Through the Ages’.
Take a quick break from the #HouseCup competition to enjoy one of our favourite Dursley anecdotes.
The house points have been concealed in the Great Hall. Which house will win the Pottermore #HouseCup?
Happy birthday Professor Sprout! To celebrate, here’s a compilation of sage Herbology advice...
Poor Nearly Headless Nick… An excellent reason to always practise your wandwork before you attempt to cast spells!
Cast your eyes over the current house point standings in the @pottermore #HouseCup – but remember, it’s not over yet!
Relive the moment Harry Potter breaks through to Platform 9 ¾ with our official framed print:
Your house needs you. Duel bravely and brew your best, for the @pottermore #HouseCup will be awarded on May 22…
To commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, we’re sharing these early sketches from #DeathlyHallows.
Up a tree? On the roof? Find where the pesky pixies have hidden ingredients and get brewing on
The results are in! See the top 10 magical objects from the wizarding world, as voted by you:
Would you like a Flying Ford Anglia to skip traffic? Tell us your favourite magical object and why. Pensieve, anyone?
That explains McGonagall’s Quidditch fever! What other secrets does @jk_rowling reveal?
What is the power of imagination? Enjoy @jk_rowling’s inspirational @Harvard speech #VeryGoodLives, out April 14.

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