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if you like things that are pretty and emotional and inspiring, you should watch this movie. great soundtrack too.…
demonstration of australian "edm" and american "8:00 AM" sounding the same
the word "edm" in an australian accent is pronounced exactly the same as "8:00 AM" in an american accent
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but steam machine, emotion, and make love really stood out to me on this listen.
robot rock, technologic, television rules the nation, h.a.a. are all obvious winners and classics...
human after all (the album) is better than i thought it was when i was a kid.
i think "inspiring" is the best trait a song can have. i noticed that all of my favorite music makes me want to go do fucking everything
i've had about 20 dutch people tell me that peanut butter is beloved in holland, so there's that.
also apparently peanut butter is not nearly as popular anywhere but in the united states??? wha
hey is it true that people outside of the U.S. think that root beer tastes medicinal and gross
starting the day with shower (root) beer and it's great
i don't actually believe most people are automatons, obviously. just hard to conceive of that 7 billion strangers are as complex as yourself
there are NPCs everywhere. these cars are uninhabited and drive in an endless preprogrammed loop
life hack: become so cruelly judgmental that even you cannot withstand your own scrutiny, become crippled by self-consciousness, wither, die