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J. Chaff from Bullen
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There's not two sides to every story here, if you know me you know me.
No no Kendrick, IM the biggest hypocrite of 2015
Travis 98% not reppin Houston, and neither is Kirko. So we got Sauce.
Ruby Rose basically showed up as a symbiotic for Piper lol.
In my tweet earlier I used a double negative. Been watching too much OITNB them messican girls be throwing double negatives around like 😭
If you're organization is named after or names an event after a show or tries to make a parody you're trash
2. White people it's not your word to be offended by him saying! Find something else to do please.
1. Obama didn't do nothing wrong by saying the word nigger as it was used in context.
Grape Koolaid in my styrofoam
Diddy beat up his son coach at UCLA and Fox News couldn't wait to use this 😐😐
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Hmu when you update the iPad app @twitter
I buy books so I can study, white folks buy books so they can read them after they've studied.
White people buy bikes so they can take casual bike rides around the lake after they get home from their well paying jobs.
Like I bought a bike so I can get back and forth to class, and work faster and easier.
I realized this semester that white people got it made. Not all of them, but the ones that do.. Boy.
@PoloDipLyricist even then how fresh will it stay until you're hungry enough to eat it all it doesn't sound worth it
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I liked Zendaya before she was mainstream tbh
Yo so there's so food truck convention in Houston apparently it's $37 all you can eat at any truck.
My first world problems are I have to reCh over to put my iPad up, and that's conflicting with my sleep
I saw the part where Alex saw what she didn't need to see and I cut it off
100% real @PoloDipLyricist.Current record is 200, done over 5 days in France. Houston's doing in one day. #HTXCYPHER
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1. Maritza 2. This one random girl I can't find 3. Stella 4. Aleida 5. Soso
Someone told me Poussey was the best looking on that show, and I'm like you're purposely overlooking all the girls from different races huh.
That goes for black people too.
I hate people who are too close minded to acknowledge that anyone outside their race looks good.
Btw if Daya is on your list, don't waste your time making one.
If you're reading this give me your top 5 list of girls on OITNB NOW!
Everytime I turn in Twitter it's a conversation about black people.
Summer 2k15 is the black wave on god
I say that to say this, if you're doing your passion/hobby as a profession then you'll be truly happy. And that's what I live for.
His practice was fun, because it wasn't practice it was a hobby.
John Coltrane, did what he loved as a profession and a passion.
Light WAVES is coming soon please be ready.
Y'all niggas remember eckerds ?
I'll take ya chick to eckerds with the crew
Y'all call Obama the N word in derogatory manner every day. But the second he uses it IN CONTEXT y'all want to have a fit. 😒
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By the way just cause I'm not paying attention doesn't mean all of you shouldn't take AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES 2320
When you get the team ahead in the relay and yall still lose 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
When coach takes you out the game and yall still win 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Tough decisions, coreanos or suicide.
Kill your self for the insurance
NGL, red barons is lowkey Fire.
Digiornos will never be delivery
She told me she'd always bring me food. I've gotten single digit home meals in the last 365 days
If my mom hadn't brought me 2 meals this month idk if I would have made it lol.

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