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Right now it's more like 'damn it I almost had enough for a bag of skittles :/ '
I want the kind of money where I can say.. 'Crashed Bugatti? Oh well'
It's be so awkward if my kid asked for that shirt, I'd be like.. Idgi you can get the same shirt for $2 at Walmart. What's the deal.
Why does your follows you look like that are you virusing my ipad
I remember you now. Lol. But yeah I had made a new Twitter. @PoloDipLyricist
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I hope my dark skin don't dirt this white tuxedo.
I think my problem with girls is I aim too high lol. Like I gotta walk before I can race usain bolt
DEERBOOK AMC is gonna get told something real nice if this $28 doesn't miraculously show back up on my card .
You're an idiot baby you should became a student .
If I say something about you not texting back in twitter and you rt and continue not to text back .. God if only you knew
2Chainz ft. Riff Raff ? Lol
@PoloDipLyricist I don't have that...or booth is my mind...and inside it...I promote my self like a mf
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Hey I know I say this a lot. But I believe the song I'm writing right now may be my best so far.
@PoloDipLyricist I don't usually hop in the more of a mixology guy but I just thought i'd bring that up
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Zendaya and new craves were written at my dad's house so let's see what we can make happen tonight lol
@PoloDipLyricist man its too late. All that attention from a young age just fucks girls up. Imagine the school hoe x1000000000
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