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Natalia Pogonina
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The next "Alenka" poster girl :D RT @MariaSharapova Random craving....yummy Russian chocolate goodies #guiltypleasure
Hammock ❤❤❤ RT @Forbes Find a routine that works for you, & save your mental energy for the stuff that counts:
Gotta be careful dancing in this outfit :D RT @RapUp @JLo Performs 'Booty' at Fashion Rocks
How about sleepless nights? RT @imLucyWatson Early mornings are the worst. 😒
Surpassed the 111,111 followers mark. Thank you for staying in touch! How long till 222,222? ;)
10 takeaways from the Pew global economic survey, from Greek pessimism to Chinese jubilance. via @WSJecon
On my way to European Chess Club Cup. Starts September 14 in #Bilbao, #Spain:
Hope it won't take another 160 years to find #MH370 RT @BBCDanielS BBC News - Long lost British Arctic ship found
David vs. Goliath: 28 #chess upsets from last week, three 2700+ losses, 746 rating points difference:
Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified. (via @HarvardBiz) #HR #Career |
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In a friendly game vs. an amateur I wouldn't try to capitalize on such small gaffes. Well, the match will be more exciting now #SinqCup
There are no FIDE rules for tandem chess, so I am not sure what the reasoning was behind forfeiting Rex 4 forgetting how to promote #SinqCup
It takes a lot of time & effort to organize a top event, so the absence of information about the WWCC host is alarming, to put it mildly
Now that the #CarlsenAnand issue is more or less settled, what about the Women's World Chess Championship? Starts October 11; venue unknown
Salmond's private polls predict 54-46 Yes. Desperate last ten days ahead for both sides. Most powerful media, BBC, totally biased for No.
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A great chess king, like any monarch, should value the prosperity of his kingdom above personal interests. Magnus and Vishy passed the test
Kudos to @MagnusCarlsen and @vishy64theking for agreeing to play the World #Chess Championship match in #Sochi! Have a great match!
ФИДЕ получила подписанный Магнусом контракт! Матч Карлсен-Ананд в Сочи, как запланировано, откроется 7 ноября! Welcome everybody!
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It has been a pleasure signing autographs for the fans in St. Louis. After the tournament I found the time for 1 more
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All I know is a split would be a disaster for the chess world. We don't want to return to the "now who is the champion?" mess yet again
September 7, the deadline. Will Magnus Carlsen sign the World #Chess Championship contract? What do you think? #CarlsenAnand
Caruana: "We shouldn't draw too many conclusions from my result. I still have to maintain my level." #SinqCup
Retweeted by Natalia Pogonina… A Caruana victory from his astounding 1st place in St Louis 3 points ahead of the world champion-what a performance!!
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Если бы до турнира сказали что поделю с Грищуком, я бы согласился;-). Лучше всех было Яну, который опоздал, и был зрителем весь турнир;-).
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Moro's result of 15.5/19 is highly impressive, especially when such titans as Grischuk and Karjakin scored only 10.5/19. A very tough field
Grats to Alexander Morozevich on winning the strong #Moscow blitz tournament 2.5 points ahead of the competitors:…
"Rating? I have my own rankings! He MIGHT become a top-10 player" (or something similar) (2/2)
I recall the time though when Jakovenko was ahead of Kramnik on and #5 on the FIDE list. Vlad calmly replied to the journalist (1/2)
Kramnik and Anand are more reserved in this sense; one doesn't often hear them sort other players into categories
This reminds me of Kasparov saying things like "Aronian close to 1st category, but not quite there" or "Topalov not a 1st category player"
Carlsen: "Caruana proved he's the new #2 in the world and he clearly deserves to be there!" :D #SinqCup #verbalboxing
Caruana squandered a large advantage vs. Carlsen & drew. He still won #SinqCup with 2 rounds to go! Will he win all the mini-matches?
Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong [Official Music Video]: via @YouTube
With a live rating of 2670, she is clearly ahead of the competitors. The only truly interesting match would be Hou Yifan vs. Judit Polgar
Women's World Chess Champion Hou Yifan has just secured a win in the FIDE Women's Grand Prix 2013-14 as well
GM Monika Socko won #women's super #chess tournament in Erfurt, #Germany - detailed report:
My article from the September issue of Mensa Magazine on how a good memory can improve your daily life! @Tony_Buzan
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Запиши будущего чемпиона в спортивную школу!И обязательно на шахматы!Раздел школы!
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2009 г., будущий CEO РШФ Марк Глуховский (заменяем Свидлера на Карлсена и получаем комментарий к партии #SinqCup):
So far, 61% said TRUE! --> I've taken a nude photo using a smartphone: True dat False
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Too many hotels use "besthotel" as the Wi-Fi password! #modesty
I wish we had Shao Kahn from #MortalKombat commentate on Caruana's run: "Round 1, fight!"; "Superb!"; "Flawless victory!"; "Finish him!"
Caruana defeated Carlsen, Aronian, Naka, MVL and Topalov - 5/5 at #SinqCup. Tournament of a lifetime or the rise of a new #chess king?
FIDE #September rating list: new personal bests & updated all-time #chess records:
Impressed by the way Caruana outplayed Aronian at #SinqCup. Fabiano's 4/4 score in such a strong tournament is beyond spectacular!
1st thought - it's the US. 2nd thought - transparency is nice RT @TarjeiJS The #SinqCup prize fund presented.…
You take a look at all the positions, evaluate them, get a cup of coffee - and they still haven't moved yet!