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Natalia Pogonina
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GM Spraggett presents #Saturday chess #puzzles and GM Hou Yifan's photo shoot in one post:
Happy birthday to Women's World Chess Champions born on April 19 - @SusanPolgar and Antoaneta Stefanova (playing in #WomenGP right now) !
@Pogonina @fischerandom No need to reason with a male GM. They are always right. Even if they are wrong, they are right :)
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@Pogonina Depends on the coach. Coach can recognize shortcomings or work on technique, something a chessprogram can't "tell" you. So N.
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@Pogonina I prefer learn by myself try solve problems of any level, reading masters books, whatching top tournaments, lectures by the top
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@Pogonina Y and N simultaneously :) Stupid people just waste their money on coaching
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GM Gormally claims that #chess #coaching is "overrated"; more about making money than helping people improve. Y or N?
IM Wagner (2481) - GM Shirov (2685). A spectacular "perfect game" annotated by GM Balogh:
Brilliant @NeilClark66 #Op-Edge column, expertly skewers the hypocrisy & doublethink of politics today...…
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Tactics & calculations vs. positional understanding. GM Lars Bo Hansen on the "lost art of common sense" in #chess:
#Crimean Prosecutor General Natalia Poklonskaya in a new viral, highly addictive video:… #??????
Born In 94: Chess Champion Hou Yifan Shot by Ren Hang | Fashion Magazine | via @ShareThis
David vs. Goliath, 14 #chess upsets from last week. The top game is GM (2564) - Amateur (1938), 0-1:
Russian WGM Natalia Pogonina - Notable games Part II - All likes, comments, questions, shares, appreciated....
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Off to bed after a long tough day! Thanks for all the congratulations! 💋
Marina Guseva, Baira Kovanova, Tatiana Shadrina, Pavel Lobach, @Pogonina, @VCmilyte #Ugra #RusTCh #gold
Things Chess Players will Never Tell You: #12 Have secretly thought that Natalia Pogonina looks a lot like Liv...
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Очень счастлив выиграть свой четвертый титул в Чемпионате России среди клубных команд! "Томск" 2007,2012, "ШСМ" 2010 и "Малахит" 2014!!!
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Happy birthday to chess legend ♔Garry Kasparov! @Kasparov63, please tweet more about #chess & less about #politics ;) ♔ ♕ ♖ ♗ ♘♙
Ура, мы второй год подряд выиграли командный чемпионат России по шахматам! К тому же у меня ещё 1-ое место на 2-ой доске ;) #?????????
We won the #Russian Team #Chess Championship for the 2nd year in a row! Team + board gold medals for me ;) #oopswediditagain #Ugrarules