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Natalia Pogonina
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Basically, 4 "regulars", 2 elite GMs with few invitations (Leko, Moro) and 2 dark horses with a chance to shine (Ding Liren, Inarkiev)
Aronian, Grischuk, Kramnik, Gelfand, Leko, Morozevich, Ding Liren, Inarkiev - #Petrosian's Memorial (#Moscow, Nov. 3-11) has quite a line-up
Interestingly, both Shirov-Giri and Timman-Jobava today are R+N endgames with an extra pawn for White in each game
"Offer resignation" button, lol MT @MagnusCarlsen Taking on my 14-year-old self on the @PlayMagnus app. Check it out
I mean, Gelfand was top-3 in the world back in 1990, the year when Carlsen, Karjakin, MVL, Andreikin and Nepo were born!
Boris doesn't have as many fans or hype around him as the upcoming guys, but it takes a lot to consistently play at the very top level
Special professional respect goes to 46-year old Boris Gelfand. He's the kind of dedicated guy who gets the job done no matter what.
Congratulations to @FabianoCaruana and Boris Gelfand on sharing 1st place at the #Baku stage of @chessgrandprix
That was an abrupt way to end a game (Caruana - Tomashevsky). Too bad it hasn't been played out. The final position is quite interesting
If you feel strongly about @nytimes decision to terminate its chess column, consider sending them a letter:
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Grats on winning the @PokerStars #chess event, Nigel! Well done! RT @nigelshortchess I am ecstatic. So pleased with my result.
Андрей Ободчук: Я счастлив, что в моей юности не было сетевой паутины…
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GM Short-GM Greenfield game today: 1...Rd6! Nd6 3.Nd6 Kc7 draws. Instead Alon played 1...Rd2 & eventually lost
Девушка из Энгельса порадовала фразой "Мой дедушка был вашим фанатом". Это даже сильнее, чем "Я выросла на ваших песнях"))) #?????
His main offense was not having used the #Force to lift the #Yoda statue:…
@Pogonina played the street chess players in NY last week. Had some great games, would love to see you play there
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Here's what a mind reader got from this image
Glad chess didn't make it! ;) RT @jimmyfallon Whatever you do, don't play these games -- Tonight Show "Do Not Game"…
When it's cold, getting out of bed counts as a feat RT @alispagnola Well I woke up this morning so that's enough accomplishments for the day
Главой оргкомитета матча за звание чемпиона мира по шахматам #CarlsenAnand в #???? станет @advorkovich:…
#Norway dropped out of #Olympics2022 host bidding. Wow. I guess we were lucky they had allocated the funds for #Tromso2014 after all
Looking forward to watch some top-chess again. Let the Baku GP begin! I will play the next stage in Tashkent, right after match with Shirov.
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Watched the premier of the documentary about Gelfands's life/match with Vishy yesterday. Great work, advise everyone to go and see it:)
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Great action to help save GM William Lombardy's home -… via @gofundme
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Second issue of 50 Moves out - the new AUS chess magazine. Interviews with Anton Smirnov, Wang Yue and @Pogonina
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Nice! Cover of 64 Chess Review #9 MT @photochess Приятно видеть свою работу в таком замечательном журнале! @ РШФ
Kinda saw it coming RT @Fide_chess Women's World Championship 2014
С президентом ФИДЕ Илюмжиновым подписал соглашение о создании в крае шахматного Центра имени чемпиона мира Крамника
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Team events are strange sometimes: I had 5 Black games out of 6 at #bilbaochess. #BlackIsOk though ;)
Congratulations to @vishy64theking on winning #bilbaochess with a round to go! Well done & a good warm-up for #CarlsenAnand
20 years of The Week in Chess Every single one of the 1036 issues of magazine text since Sept 17th 1994 is linked to
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Maxime Vachier-Lagrave played the SCOTTISH today against the BRITISH GM Michael Adams. Psychological warfare? :-) @Vachier_Lagrave
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"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell #quoteoftheday
Interestingly enough, all the 6 games we have played so far with Anna Muzychuk ended in a draw #bilbaochess
Don't run away from a challenge. Instead run toward it cause the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your feet -Nadia Comaneci
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More like summer RT @JonAcuff There's ice on the cars here in Minneapolis this morning. Is it still September where you live?
Recently, I've been finding money randomly, on the streets. I hope the universe is this kind to homeless people too.
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And what about "The Silmarillion"? ;) RT @ConanOBrien I still think the third “Hobbit” film could be stretched to 5 movies.
Так точно! :) RT @radioutkin Фабиано Каруана, как выяснилось, немыслимо крут!
Lying on the beach or sinking in the sand? ;)