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The Day is Here! Just need to find the switch! Bing! its day time!
Whats up @jpizzle213 welcome to PlanetJedward
Watch Free Spirit on @Vevo Now… We directed,Filmed and edited it all! hope you love it
John Grimes and Edward Grimes singer songwriters from the group Jedward
Breaking news Jedward Free Spirit Music Video is out in Singapore NOW! Click to Download RT love you Singapore
Ihr braucht einen Freund? Die Jungs sind noch frei! - "What's Your Number" von @planetjedward
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Free Spirit is Number 1 again today on iTunes Music Video Chart this is the coolest!
Instagram needs to make Instagram glasses that you can pic the filter you want to see the world around you in! © PlanetJedward
We are calling out to @CatfishMTV we have so much people pretending to be us on social media we need to take down those catfish! HELP!
Glow in the dark tape is very handy to guide the way to the mini fridge at 2am when you are very hunggy
Walking up the street on a busy day is like a pinball machine! ahhhh ping ping score
HomeWork time! stay strong remember you got this! don't let the dog eat it because it does happen!
All the lightbulbs in the world we will have to plant some in the back garden forget those solar lights we going the nature way
How much GoldStars can you send! Make that star shine bright like its all Luminous
If no one ever favs or RTs your tweets you can always do it yourself! yeah i got a fav! yeah i got a RT! everyone does it!
Is there anyone out there that has tweeted over 100K times?? we have tweeted over 30k times
The word LIVE is weird its like.... "Live" in Concert? I "Live" in Dreamland?
There is more clocks out there with the wrong time and no batteries than there is working clocks thats life! time is only time! live life
The moment you feel a sneeze coming along! hello sneeze feel free to do your thing..ok just knocking bye then bye bye
Can't wait for the radio to play your fav song turn it off and blast the music you wanna hear! they say they take requests but do they?
"Stay with me" Cue the music or just play "All by myself don't wanna be all by myself" or Play Rihanna "I want you to staaaaaay!"
The last tweet is a lyric from a song that you all know! Think about it
Shoutout to all the girls "that smile at the ground" we know you are looking at one thing we got good direction
Wish all the air hostesses had the moves like Britney spears she just knew what to do! Ready Anytime all the time
Kinda cool that a plane could be flying over you right now in sky we can all officially say we are in the U2 vertigo video
Yeah not really talking about tea in that last tweet! ;)
When did tea become hot! It's always been hot so get ready for the steam! You got the sugar we got the spoon time to stir
. Full stops went out the door when the ! exclamation mark Came along its like Full stop with a quiff!!
Feels like everytime you go on twitter you are talking to Ariana Grande because everyone has her for their twitter picture! How you doing?
Everytime you wear track suit bottoms everything is on show! Hello welcome check out this Jepicness
Hello all you People that RT our tweets! We see you! We love you! Thanks for Letting us on your twitter page we feel cool now
Are skinny jeans still out there? We seem to be the only people rocking Skinny jeans! Welcome back baggy jeans!
The funny moment when someone walks into you dancing to the radio it's like yeah I was just making tea
Seedless grapes are the biggest invention since like ever! It has to be magic
Lollipops are a sweet on a stick well done to the person who invented them
I Will Be Ferocious
If you know someone that has our hair let us know! the quiff is going far and beyond
Everyone Go Make Your Own Positive Vibes Today And Share Them With People You Care About :)
There's So Many Good Vibes In The World You Just Gotta Go Find Them All Goooooood Luck :)
The Best Feeling In The World Is When You Walk Into A Shop And Your Fav Song Comes On
Everytime we wear hightops with our suits we feel like the cool Paul McCartney
Think we have a cold at the same time who left the windows open it's like an igloo in here
Their is a fox that lives beside us best neighbour ever!
People who tell stories and remember every detail it's like a lot of stuff happens in a life time rock the stage of Life people
Clip on ties are like the upgrade to a normal tie! Perfect everytime
Spots are taking over nobody invited you get off my face
Tweet me! Follow me! We love you that's all that matters! <3
The Weird Moment when you smash your phone screen and then get the screen replaced and it kinda starts to do it's own thing
When the sofa is not big enough just gotta get on the floor