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With Pindo, you can select any of your numbers to appear when you call someone, or even hide the number altogether!
MIXvoip and Pindo were present at the Greater Region Business Days conference 2014!
Did you know that Pindo allows you to manage multiple phone users with profiles? Swap them with a swiping gesture!
Flexibly manage calls with Pindo's dashboard, allowing you to launch, hangup, pickup, transfer, and log your calls!
Call long distance at the price of a local call! Check out calling rates in your country here:
Pindo includes a #dashboard that indicates voice and data #consumption on each mobile to help you take control of #mobility in your company!
Did you know that Pindo is #compatible with Cisco, Alcatel, Unify, Microsoft Lync, Asterisk, any ISDN PBX and any VOIP PBX?!
Turn your #smartphone into an #all-in-one solution for your business with Pindo including detailed usage reports, call recording, and more!
Let Pindo's experienced #technology team implement Pindo into your #environment and teach you how to simplify your everyday communications!
Do you make #business calls from your #phone? Use Pindo to show another number, like your business phone, on caller ID when you place calls!
Lower your operating #expenses by 40% or more with nearly #unlimited scalability. Grow in harmony with your business!
The Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg organizes this B2B trade fair of the Greater Region on June 18/19. Visit Pindo!
81% of #mobile workers say that data #roaming prices are too high. Use Pindo and avoid those pesky roaming charges!
Check out Pindo for #free on the #Android Market and the #App store!
Do you have a #private and a #business phone? Manage all calls from a single device using Pindo.
The mobile revolution - a growing reality… #mobile #pindo #mixvoip
Pindo allows multiple #profiles and a different invoice for each, providing you with a clear breakdown of #costs.
Never pay long distance #charges for #international calls again. Switch to Pindo today!
Pindo allows you to track & trace your devices, perfect for a small business looking for a complete telephony system.
Did you know that Pindo can #integrate seamlessly with your current #phone #system? Try it today:
If you run a small business and require strict data tracking and alerts on your mobile devices, let Pindo help.
Applications "cross-platform". @mixvoip développe une application mobile: @pindoapp.
Applications "cross-platform". MIXvoip développe une application mobile: Pindo.… #mobile
If you have different numbers for business and personal use, Pindo will let you choose which appears when you call.
If data consumption is an issue for you, Pindo provides an easy-to-use #dashboard to show voice and data consumption!