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OMG had a dream last night & there I ate so much chocolate. Should I worry about the consequences in real life? 😝
Just about ready to make a cover of a @coldplay song, I get visitors! I guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow to film! Ready for nothing! 😝
O CANADA #canadian #canada #canadiana
Take-Off Fridays takes off @yvrairport once again! I'll be performing the latest pops on the piano inside the international departure 10-2!
Updates on my finger tips: Still painful when typing! Will've to restrict myself from playing the harp. Decide by evening if it gets better.
Demi Lovato - Really Don't Care | Piano Cover by Pianistmiri 이미리: via @YouTube
My finger tips'r aching so bad from practicing! My right thumb even bled 2 nights ago! Becoming an angel's NOT an easy task! #practicinghard
Photo: COVER MONDAY: Gosh last night of #June #2014 already? Guess what? I just filmed a #cover! This was...
COVER MONDAY: Gosh last night of #June #2014 already? Guess what? I just filmed a #cover! This was probably the most #requested when I last checked my very last cover #video. So hope to #upload this soon! Not sure how long the other one I filmed will take with #editing... It's a bit complicated... #
Just filmed the most requested song on my last video comment section. I do read all of your comments! Lost playlist on iTunes so request plz
Despite being Korean I don't eat kimchi everyday. Today I see kimchi (thanks to mom) in my fridge! Now I'm only eating kimchi & rice all day
HAUL VICTORIA'S SECRET | FashionablyMiri: via @YouTube
Finally uploading a fashion vid at Not good w/ editing on time! It's a birthday haul from @VictoriasSecret
HAPPY SOCIAL MEDIA DAY #smday #socialmedia #happy #day #happyday #social #media
I made next cover video a bit different format. I finally got to utilize my other camera while filming with my camcorder. U'll c what I mean
Ok, I listen to ur request. Looks like Demi Lovato's Really Don't Care is popular. I'll be covering it soon! Listened to it just now. G'nite
DINNER: #Dragonboat #lettuce #wrap from the #OriginalJoes! #yum #dinner #food #instafood #foodporn #meal #appetizer #pianistmiri #deliciouslymiri
It's fun to meet up with music directors in one table! Not only did we talked music but also soccer, current events, etc. We're a fun bunch!
Somehow my brand new pop music playlist is completely gone for no reason in every device. I need to start from scratch all over again... >_<
One Direction - You & I | Piano Cover by Pianistmiri 이미리: via @YouTube
I wouldn't hug certain people & these people try every way to hug me in private & public! No means no! 😤😥 What else can it mean? Maybe NO!
NAIL OF THE MOMENT: #essie #urbanjungle #imaddicted #nail #moment #nailart #nailofthemoment #NailLacquer #Vernis #NailColor #NailPolish #InstaNail #NailCandy #manicure #mani #pedicure #pedi #pianistmiri #fashionablymiri
I've been thinking of what I forgot to do this entire evening. Eating dinner. How can I forget to do that?! Time for quick snack before bed.
Very close to making 2nd cover! Listening to it now! If everything sounds great, what a productive day! 2 covers to show you soon! ;)
It was an easy session today... Done with filming! Gosh, wish it's this easy all the time! :) On to the next one?!
Making a cover finally! My harp has been distracting me but I can finally do some filming! I feel like I don't know how to film anymore 😝🎥