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Adobe Photoshop
Your happy hour could have been a happy month, with Photoshop CC & Lightroom for $9.99.
In under 5 minutes, @ScottKelby shows you how to turn your DSLR video clips into movies using just Photoshop:
Learn more about the most popular file type options and when to use them:å
Get more from Photoshop Mix in today's 1.1 release. New features, better performance & more.
If a photographer gets an incredible shot using a drone, was it their skill or the drone that enabled them to get it?
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Learn a little about photographer Madame Peripetie in this short interview (just 5 & 3/4 questions, actually):
Think you know Adobe Bridge? Think again. Learn some of Bryan O'Neil Hughes' favorite features in Bridge:
Lights, no camera, action. Get all the photo tools. Photoshop CC & Lightroom are $9.99/month.
Why not replace a rockstars' guitars with giant slugs? Thanks for using Photoshop for good, @michaelmphysics.
Take your parked car from 0 to 60 without pressing on the gas. Learn how to make a parked car look like it's racing:
.@julieannekost is more than halfway through sharing her 50 favorite features in Photoshop CC. Follow along:
Photoshop Mix on the iPad allows powerful selective edits, basic compositing & it talks to Photoshop CC! Learn more:
What’s your method for trying to see things differently than you’ve seen them before?
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You could have had Photoshop CC & Lightroom for the month. Instead, you’re in a food coma.
The eerie green glow in these photos make Iceland seem out of this world. More from @tucucumba:
Learn how to remove artifacts related to lenses, like distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration:
Take hold of your imagination with John Wilhem's photo manipulations of his 3 daughters:
Check out the new 3D painting experience in Photoshop CC (2014.1) & the other new 3D printing features now available:
See how @BradyBaltezore helps animate @JeremyFish's drawings using Photoshop & other @creativecloud tools:
.@JeremyFish poured over his flat files from the last 20 years, creating an animation of 100 drawings from his work:
Get started with video in Photoshop. Learn how to extract a still image from a video:
Learn how to quickly create double exposures in Photoshop:
Cool plugin alert: Collaborate in a live meeting directly in Photoshop by using the @InVisionApp LiveShare PS plugin:
Get Adobe Camera Raw 8.6, including camera support for the new Nikon D810. More info on the Lightroom Journal:
Telmo Pieper found sketches from when he was 4 years old and transformed them 20 years later:
Even though your original photo is clear, noise may appear as you begin to edit. Learn how to reduce noise:
We are definitely not opposed to the coffee universe that @FloraBorsi has dreamed up. More of her coffee swirl skies:
Go behind the scenes of shooting and retouching the 235 layers of @tackochgodnatt's Landfall:
Laure Fauvel's playful series 'Terror,' lets kids battle the monsters in their bedrooms:
New Layer Comp features allow for what @bradee calls stateful design, the ability to design with states. More info:
Julieanne Kost explains the different blend modes you can use to add textures to your photographs:
The Adobe Camera Raw 8.6 Release Candidate is here, including camera support for the new Nikon D810. More info:
Creatives of all stripes are embracing 3D printing. Here are some we're keeping an eye on:
See more of Sébastien Del Grosso's 'The Sketch of a Life' & learn how to create your own:
See what happens when an actor is projected onto a canvas in real time in @tackochgodnatt's Living Poster Experiment:
See how you can get more out of Photoshop with plug-ins:
Be inspired by German photographer Katharina Jung's photo manipulations:
Smart Objects are now even smarter. Learn about the new Smart Object features available in Photoshop CC 2014:
Traveling with your kids this summer? Here's one way to do it: Images by @AdrianSommeling
Curves are a powerful way to adjust the tonality & color of your image. Learn how to use them:
Go from A to atypical with these figurative sculptures of typography from Pawel Nolbert:
The Creative Cloud Photography plan is badass: So is a ballerina with tattoos at 30,000 feet.
Learn how to make the transition from Aperture to #Lightroom w/ @ScottKelby & @MattKloskowski Mon June 30, 7pm ET:
Today Apple announced it's pulling support for iPhoto & Aperture. Consider CC Photography or Lightroom instead:
There are a lot of ways to sharpen in Photoshop - are you doing it the best way? Learn all about sharpening images:
This is the world's first picture edited using Photoshop: #tbt
Something badass is now even more badass. Introducing the Creative Cloud Photography plan:
Adobe Camera Raw 8.5 is available now for Photoshop CS6 and CC customers. Learn more at the Lightroom Journal:
There are many ways to show a photograph within type or graphics. Here, @julieannekost uses groups & clipping masks: