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Haje Jan Kamps
Ooh! Triggertrap Mobile on Android, in Landscape?! The latest version is available now!
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Feline comfortable? Lovely shot! RT @Photocritic: I aspire to be this comfortable one day. #kitten
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I aspire to be this comfortable one day. #kitten
Just posted on "Last call for the Photocritic long exposure competition!"
Interesting post from @Phoblographer: The Truth About The Fear of Getting Your Photos Stolen #photography
Awkward, Strangely Romantic Photos of a Photographer Throwing Herself at Men #photography
Makes sense - see @TouchSurgery! (RT “@UberFacts: One study found that surgeons who play video games make 37% fewer mistakes.”)
Thanks to @hailpixel I was introduced to and have been watching… on repeat for 5 minutes
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I am deeply unimpressed by @ValentinKalchev beating me at table tennis though. Twice in one day, no less.
Being part of@MSFTVenturesUK is beyond mental. In the best possible way.
At #InsideMSVA, @diane_perlman is holding court with tales about rally driving and keeping your cool. #startuplife
Just asked on Quora: How many tripods are sold annually, globally?
I just backed X-plore: An Amazing Time-Lapse Journey on @Indiegogo
Have you checked out Photocritic &c? It's where we cover competitions and exhibitions |
I gotta say... @HowieBrewerton wins the prize for best High Five at @MSFTVenturesUK so far. My hand still hurts. #WOOOO
If I wanted to find out how many camera tripods were sold in 2013, worldwide... Where'd I even start searching?
met the guys from @imagingmind at #TCDisrupt the other day. Very clever folks!
Pizza, Beer, Glory, And The All-Night London #Hackathon #tech hackathon with @TechCrunch
And did a great job too!! “@Photocritic & @SmallAperture taught more than 2000 people photography for FREE! Sign up:
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Britain threatens Internet 'trolls' with two years in jail #trolls #internet
.@amplifycoach works wonders w/ nervous presenters:he will transform your pitch! Check out his v good taster session:
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To my own surprise, I haven't picked up my Canon 6D since I got my Sony A7. Wonderfully capable camera, does everything I need.
After a full day of pitching and demoing at #TCDisrupt, of COURSE I'm ready to pitch to @MSFTVenturesUK 's panel...
In just over a month, it's the 10-year anniversary of Photocritic as a photo blog. That's pretty mad. Time to order birthday cake!
Just posted on "You want to become a better photographer? Take fewer photos!"
Did you know: @SmallAperture and I have taught more than 2000 people photography for FREE! Sign up here:
“When in doubt, there’s no doubt” - wise words about hiring & picking the perfect staff members.
Check out @Triggertrap at the Disrupt Europe 2014 Startup Alley! #TCDisrupt via @TechCrunch
"Guardian’s Whisper story shows why journalists should never sign NDAs to visit tech companies” :
Had an amazing time at TechCrunch Disrupt!
Check out @GetPiTop on @Indiegogo; absolutely brilliant stuff - a @Raspberry_Pi laptop you print yourself!
Prepare yourself to capture the meteor shower from Halley’s Comet’s impromptu fly-by |
And then there's @poweredbySAM , surrounded by VC's, press, and possibly some groupies. #sfdisrupt #bestinshow
aw, the #tcdisrupt folks sent @emma_comeau to ask us to keep it down. So she shouted at our camera, too. #win
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Some great tips from @Ilex_Photo on where to look for photographic inspiration:
ooh, good to see @jordanrcrook on stage at #TCDisrupt . It's all getting started! Woohoo!