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Philip DeFranco
Not sure why I don't hate grinding in Destiny yet... I'm so conflicted with this game. Haha
Tuesday's PDS is UP! No need to thank me, just enjoy!…
Just got my tickets!! @PhillyD takes Chicago. I can't wait until Oct. 10th <3 on @ticketfly
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have room for one more story. What should it be?
My Destiny grind has slowed down so much since I hit 23. Want to hit 26 asap to take part in the new raid.
@Mr_Justin_Smith: @PhillyD who are you bringing with?” Steve and Joe on stage. Will in the crowd taking questions and loving faces,
#DeFrancoDoesChicago tickets just went live! October 10th at 8pm! Link to the sale page is in my bio. Hope to see you there. Last show of 2014 and based on how hard this one was to book maybe a while.
waiting for the sales page to pop up… :)
Fired all the hosts of SourceFed and replaced them with robots who believe they are the real versions of them. #Tuesday
7 tickets just opened up bc our sales team can't go to DeFranco does Toronto. May give them away on twitter the day of the event. ;)
Made Linz some skrimps.
Almost done setting up my new build for the studio. Let the downloads begin!
I'M BACK, NATION! I have a brand new PDS for you! No need to thank me, just enjoy it.…
That's not my department sir. But there are four of you standing around doing nothing. The monitors are literally closer to you. #Frys
Had my cpu fan plugged into something that wasn't for the cpu fan. So it powered up but wouldn't start bc it thought it might overheat. lol
When you figure out why the PC you were building wasn't working and its such a stupid thing you missed… >.>
I want this…but I can't justify the price. But I want it. So so much.
OMG OMG OMG! My iPhone6 plus got here early.
I heard you don't like Monday either…
Not looking forward to today. Gonna make some changes. Monday. Monday. Monday.
When someone's about to get the last piece of pizza but you haven't had any yet.
Kaepernick needs to put on his Beats by Dre... That's the problem here. #CHIvsSF
Kaepernick? More like Kaeperpick! Ok. I'll just let myself out. Have a nice night. #SundayNightFootball
Thanks to that Marshall TD unless Foles has the game of his life and/or Luck beats someone in his immediate family I'm losing this week.
I have San Fran defense for fantasy but after that dirty fucking hit even I was happy to see that touchdown.
Fucking @Uverse... It's like I'm paying to be frustrated on a semi regular basis.
1 week til DeFranco Does Toronto. :)
Weird. The tracking number for my iPhone6 says it should be delivered Thursday... That would be amazing. Fly to Toronto Friday morning.
Girl Parts and Lazy Nubbins on #SourceFedAnimated! Young @hankgreen, drunk girls, and more on this week's episode!
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I've lost more players in fantasy football from violent offenses and drugs than injuries this season. 😳
Discovered @MagicJohnson and I share the same weekend bagel place. So I guess you could say we're pretty much best friends... >.>
Linz just broke out into a song and dance when I told her who just won POV. HAHA she's so invested. #BB16
Wine and cuddles. That's all I want and need right now.
Playing Destiny with Bungie designer @lars_bakken in Crucible. Come watch me not totally suck, maybe :P
Building a computer live is fun, helpful, and extremely stressful. So rusty at this. :-p Time for lunch. Destiny stream will be in 2 hours!