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Philip DeFranco
Brain...why are you awake?
FELICIA DAY DOXX, DBAGS, AND TIA: Thanks @PhillyD for making my life even better with your awesomeness #almostFriday
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Thanks for your love Nation. That's all. <3
@PhillyD it's cool, if you come to Ottawa, I will personally buy you a beer. #almostFriday
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Nation, let's talk. And by talk I mean you watch this new Thursday PDS!!…
Regarding yesterday's video. Wanted to apologize on something even though there weren't really many complaints.…
Lawmakers are proposing splitting Florida into two states. I say do it. Lets create North Florida and OldPeopleFromNewYorkville.
Jesus Christ… Getting put on blast by @gogreen18 after she deleted her overreacting tweet so she could play victim. WOW. Thats dirty.
I liked a @YouTube video from @PhillyD CHAOS IN OTTAWA. TWO DEAD. A NATION UNITED.
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HAHAHA Really enjoyed the newest episode of Between Two Ferns.…
When you wake up and realize its NOT Friday yet.
Just finished listening to "Gone Girl" (riding the bike to and from work frees up time for audio books) and WOW. Emotionally exhausted. :)
oo there is the HD official version out now? Geeze Im like 2 hours behind. I QUIT!!! :)
#AgeofUltron Leaked Trailer. Awesome or Underwhelming? People seem split.…
Teaching Trey important life lessons.
I liked a @YouTube video from @PhillyD CHAOS IN OTTAWA; TWO DEAD SECOND SUSPECT ON RUN!!
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Teaching My son life lesson number 7.
Me gustó un video de @YouTube de @PhillyD CHAOS IN OTTAWA; TWO DEAD SECOND SUSPECT ON RUN!!
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Livin' on a prayer and Total Eclipse of the Heart have somehow become staples of every FIFA15 stream. Fun times. :) #BonJoviIsOP
THE PDS IS HERE! I knew you'd be as excited as I am to hear it! Check it out!…
Happy 6 months Trey. :). Just posted a longer version on
Baby Trey is 6 months today! My heart explodes with adorableness while watching this.…
1 hour til I upload the cutest video Ive ever posted. :)
I can't believe I officially have a 6 month old! It's been the best 6 months of my life. 😍
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I usually like the World Series but because I don't have a dog in this fight I'm just angry The Mindy Project isn't on tonight.
I was about to do something really important but then I started eating this piece of cheese and I forgot what it was...
Best ending to a stream or best ending to a stream ever? Lol.
IT'S ONLY TUESDAY?! Oh well. Here's your daily dose of dat PhillyD! ;)…
Just starting my 3 hour stream. Come hangout you weirdos. <3.
Autocorrect you've failed me. You ducking ditch.
Happy bday @darenvongirdner. Don't know what I's do without you. Well most likely all the same stuff but it would be slower and less cool.
I just read an article about how vegetarian sperm are lazy. Anyways…
Renee Zellweger got plastic surgery?! Its as if a society that criticizes aging women exists or something…
I liked a @YouTube video from @PhillyD NEW UK SEX TOUR: PORN OR PROSTITUTION!?
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@OhAstrix: @PhillyD dont you mean it was too big for it?” THATS WHAT YOUR MOM SAID!!! Thank you for taking that bait. I <3 you.
I tried to use Apple pay this morning but my iPhone6 wasn't big enough to fit into the credit card swiper. :(
I liked a @YouTube video from @PhillyD NEW UK SEX TOUR: PORN OR PROSTITUTION!?
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Seem to have control of my account again. We'll see. :). Just posted the PDS. link in bio.
Too much weird for one PDS! Wait, what am I saying?!... THERE IS NEVER TOO MUCH WEIRD! ;D…
You're gonna want to see how weird things got in Chicago!…