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Philip DeFranco
Its apparently #NationalCatDay or as I shall now refer to it now that I know its a thing #NationalAnimalThatIsNotAsFunAsADogDay
Someone stole my credit card info and bought $400 of stuff from Boring… Buy 20 Fleshlights or something man.
Put whole milk in my coffee this morning instead of 2%. #yolo #thuglife
I'm awake for some reason and now I can't stop farting. Good morning. :)
Lots of good news for me today but just in a general funk. Hopefully it's nothing the bike ride home can't get out.
I'm Patrick Norton and I love technology. :)
Today just might be a cynical one... Oh well, let's talk about the newsy type schtuffs!!!…
Trying to find a natural looking selfie angle where I don't have tired dad eyes.
Nothing like getting disconnected when you're winning by several goals in FIFA. #foreverDiv6
I liked a @YouTube video from @PhillyD SEXY EBOLA NURSES AND OTHER BAD DECISIONS!
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I liked a @YouTube video from @PhillyD SEXY EBOLA NURSES AND OTHER BAD DECISIONS!
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LIVE. This is likely to be my reaction most of the stream.
@sept_anonymous: @PhillyD Thoughts on the Benedict casting?” Cumberbatch is such a good actor he could play Rosa Parks and be perfect.
Benedict Cumberbatch will play Doctor Strange
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No matter how hard I try I'm not what you'd call a morning person.
"Fat Girl Costumes" was a category on until about an hour ago. lol Someone is getting fired
Tell me 3 reasons you're awesome. I may include you in todays show somehow.
I say that as a cash comfortable and very happy 28 year old dad. Raising Trey would be much harder if we weren't ready and I was 18.
Next time you think you don't need a condom/protection just remember the average cost to raise a kid to 18 is $245,000. So many jet skis…
Just installed Revolights on the new road bike. So cool. Can't wait to see how they work tomorrow.
Just installed Revolights on the new road bike. So cool. Can't wait to test them tomorrow morning. 😄
Trey already understands Vine more than me. #victorydance I heard @DeStorm might appreciate this. Lol
Oh shit I forgot to switch out the Bears defense. Lol damn it.
Teaching Trey the importance of stretching after our runs. 😃
Hey @GoldGloveTV, Trey wanted you to know you play Gears like a noob. Don't worry I suck too.
Finally got around to downloading the new version and the updated media player app on the xb1 is a fantastic way to play mkv files.
LIVE! Let's build a new world together. Extra long but chill stream.
Out of nowhere this dude started trying to crawl. Time to childproof everything. 😳
Turned on a computer I haven't touched in 5 years. Found this gem @shaycarl @PhillyD
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According to my dreams, @PhillyD makes his interns compete in a Hunger Games style application process for the job. Please make this real.
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Teaching the lil man about trade routes and culture in Civilization: Beyond Earth. :-p
Brain...why are you awake?
FELICIA DAY DOXX, DBAGS, AND TIA: Thanks @PhillyD for making my life even better with your awesomeness #almostFriday
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Thanks for your love Nation. That's all. <3
@PhillyD it's cool, if you come to Ottawa, I will personally buy you a beer. #almostFriday
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Nation, let's talk. And by talk I mean you watch this new Thursday PDS!!…
Regarding yesterday's video. Wanted to apologize on something even though there weren't really many complaints.…
Lawmakers are proposing splitting Florida into two states. I say do it. Lets create North Florida and OldPeopleFromNewYorkville.
Jesus Christ… Getting put on blast by @gogreen18 after she deleted her overreacting tweet so she could play victim. WOW. Thats dirty.
I liked a @YouTube video from @PhillyD CHAOS IN OTTAWA. TWO DEAD. A NATION UNITED.
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HAHAHA Really enjoyed the newest episode of Between Two Ferns.…