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Paul F. Tompkins
Tonight, a one-time television event: Anthony Anderson, James Spader, and Tilikum star in...The Black-ish Blackfish List. (#NotImpossible)
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@johnwaynelusk: @PFTompkins Any advice for my very first open mic night?” Remember to HAVE FUN.
Thanks #NYCC14, @ThrillingAdv & @ScottAukerman. Thanks Brooklyn & Manhattan. See you again, when the weather will no doubt be worse!
Tipsy enough to be seriously considering purchasing Thor: The Dark World for $22.96, so I probably shouldn't have driven home.
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Comics <3 using @PFTompkins name for their onomatopoeic words - Frank Doyle hitting the ground in @ThrillingAdv :
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Most shocking revelation from today's @ThrillingAdv panel: @pagetpaget knows all the words to the Sparks Nevada theme song.
Thanks, Kimberly! #clink
Is anyone actually upset about the all-lady Ghostbusters reboot or is this a lie perpetuated by the pro-feminist twitter joke industry?
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I love my @ThrillingAdv family, immediate and extended.
Thanks to @littlefieldnyc for some exceedingly fun times this week. I hope our paths cross again!
There is perfection in this world.
It’s settled. @SaraWatkins & I are shortening “gymnasium” to ”gymn” and elongating “church” to “hymnasium."
For additional serious/studious arguments against the all-female Ghostbusters reboot, check out @JenKirkman’s twitter feed.
Look, this Ghostbusters all-female reboot is the worst idea since growing up and putting movies from your childhood in proper perspective.
An all-female Ghostbusters is the worst idea I can think of. Second-worst: Ghostbusters 2.
How can they make an all-female Ghostbusters?! You can’t rewrite history! Think of the families of the original Ghostbusters from life!
The worst part about the all-female Ghostbusters reboot is that it’s a slap in the face to the serious art film Ghostbusters.
I wouldn’t be so against an all-female Ghostbusters reboot if the studio hadn't pledged to destroy the original Ghostbusters films. A shame.
I am talking about something at @littlefieldnyc w/@PFTompkins & the @ThrillingAdv crew at 9:30 tonight. Topic tbd by audience, on the spot.
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About to wander Brooklyn in disguise to see what people REALLY think of me.
Unintentional @BoJackHorseman cameos on our mantel. @PFTompkins Mr. Peanut Butter was a greeting card model?
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So... I think I'm doing an improv monologue based on crowd input at @littlefieldnyc tomorrow night w/@PFTompkins. IF YOU'RE AROUND & BORED.
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(seeing photo of self) @MarkGags: "Look how hairy my hands are; I'm like Sam Donaldson or something." GAGS WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT.
#tbt Final show of 2014 Photo: Liezl Estipona #Varietopia
We should have gotten more Jan Hooks than we got. What a ripoff. What a cheat. She was brilliant.
Ohgod, Ohgod, Ohgod, I just found out it's NOT actually five o'clock somewhere. Breathe. Breathe. #breathe
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Oh, turns out it's in honor of the Rubin Museum of Art's 10th Anniversary. Well, happy anniversary, art museum! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY IN HELL.
Why's the Empire State Building lit up red tonight? I mean BESIDES symbolizing the blood shed by the Lamb of God to save us all.
@_McKeon: @PFTompkins will you be at #NYCC On Saturday?” Nope-- but I will be there Sunday!
Now playing in my People You May Know feed: Road-Hardened Comedian No One *Really* Knows; Pouty-Lips Sexface; my brother-in law.
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Seriously if that egg is still your avatar get your fucking life together. Call your mom. Look at yourself. Take stock.
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Have ripped off Hawkeye and decided to sneak @PFTompkins into every comic I letter as a sound effect. We begin here:
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Photoset: 1) ok 2) sure 3) so small? 4) other side— oh 5) gimme that sharpie
I'm all about Sharpie solutions.
@PFTompkins Plz RT for Spina Bifida, #1 most common, permanently disabling birth defect in US,Oct=awareness month…
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Does anyone have an extra ticket to @ComedyBangBang in NYC on Sunday with @ScottAukerman & @PFTompkins?? Please hit me up - I'm dying to go!
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The crime fighting duo JW Stillwater and Caramel, by J. Chris Wong #comedybangbang
AVAILABLE NOW. The Dead Authors Podcast Chapter 38: Ian Ian Fleming. Thanks to Matt Gourley, for no particular reason.