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Paul F. Tompkins
Jeremy rode this garment rack all the way from Los Angeles #kcif #superego
The extended episode of @midnight w/me, @hodgman & @GregProops lives here in this link:
Photo: Tradition! #kcif #superego (at Off Center Theatre)
Tradition! #kcif #superego
LOS ANGELES: I’m on a plane right now but I’ll be back home in time for the 9/27 @Varietopia. Me good at plans! Tix:
KANSAS CITY, MO: @goSuperego is on our way to the aeroport. Let's see each other out in the open tonight!
@stokith: @PFTompkins will you be taking pictures with fans in KC this weekend and can they be in color?” 1) Yes 2) No
Tonight's @midnight: @hodgman, @GregProops & I are the living Venn diagram of facial-hair-havers and glasses-wearers.
Tonight on @midnight: John Hodgman, Greg Proops & I appear as the living Venn diagram of facial-hair-havers and glasses-wearers.
Happening now: Season 2, Episode 1 table read. #BojackHorseman
I hate being the subject of bloopers as much as I love watching them. “@midnight: SNEAK PEEK at tonight's show!"
Tonight on Comedy Central.
VANCOUVER: @DeadAuthorPod goes international, with special guest @ryanbeil!
LOS ANGELES: If you don’t come to @Varietopia on Sat. 9/27, you won’t be able to see it. I WANT BETTER FOR YOU! Tix:
There’s good stuff going on over at the Superego subreddit. Catch the magic:
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My pal @puppetsnshit, the voice of @talkinghotdog, had launched a new web series where he makes... other things talk:
@PFTompkins It was a bright sunny day,. The oven was preheated to 350 degrees.
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"And thus I learned that no one shall ever TRULY know... The Muffin Man." Work backwards from this line for a great novel! You're welcs!
LOS ANGELES: This month’s @Varietopia will be UNSURPRISINGLY GREAT. Come see, see? Tick-tick-ticketys:
VANCOUVER: I hope you are enjoying my Obscene Skytrain Devil statue! It cost a lot to set it up, but you're worth it. See you next week!
Always happy to see this lady.
ICYMI this too: I chatted with Bob Saget and found him DELIGHTFUL. Watch: #speakeasywithpft
Also ICYMI, I made RJ Mitte do a blind taste test of all these breakfast cereals to see if he could name them. Watch:
ICYMI: I chat with RJ Mitte (Walt Jr [Flynn] from Breaking Bad) on #speakeasywithpft. Watch:
When I die, if my unfinished business is NOT becoming a ghost, I certainly hope that is taken into consideration. #rules
Really pulling for Cortni here.
I did not mean to concern anyone about me. I am fine. Except for being reminded that the world is horrible sometimes.
Sweet strangers: I wasn’t subtweeting about my own life but about the horrible domestic abuse situation in the news that got even horribler.
Well, I did not think that particular situation could get any sadder but LIFE IS FULL OF SURPRISES!
LOS ANGELES. The greatest show on top of an earth is Varietopia, and you can come see it. Comedy, music & surprises!
LA TRAFFIC REPORT: Traffic moving smoothly on whatever street this is ------> <----- Both directions
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I'm really just looking for a lady who cares as much as I do about @PFTompkins' role in Bojack Horseman
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I didn't see this coming.
LOS ANGELES: @midnight records with @hodgman, @GregProops and ME on Wednesday. Tickets/ If ya don't come, YA DUM.
KANSAS CITY, MO: @goSuperego returns to #KCIF this weekend! Tickeeeets:
LOS ANGELES: @Varietopia. YES. Sat, 9/27. Whom shall our surprise guests be? THERE’S JUST ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!