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Paul F. Tompkins
See MATT GOURLEY, CHRIS TALLMAN, AMANDA LUND and MORE at the next SPONTANEANATION LIVE! Saturday, July 11! For tickets, go to!
Sorry, CNN, I'm holding out for whoever designed the robes. I'll set up a text alert now thx
Episode 14 of SPONTANEANATION features John Hodgman, Shulie Cowen, Colleen Smith, Chris Tallman, Eban Schletter, two nameless children, and me! We are also known as The Mostlyglasses Family. Go get it at your preferred podcastery!
Not trying to brag but I honestly feel like I could change out of my gym clothes too if I had "just a few hours."
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One last picture from this weekend. @lebaneselooker & I are the last of the Superego gang to leave North Adams, waiting for the chopper to pick us up from the roof. Thanks John Hodgman & Wilco for having us, and all the people who came and laughed. Special thanks to Kristina Rodgers for mapping it a
SLIPPERY SLOPE ALERT: now balloon people will be demanding marriage rights. #superegoeseast #SolidSound
Whitey Bulger: "my life was wasted and will end soon" Teens: "😁😁�
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Phantom Zoned at #SolidSound. Note photographer in background. He has promised to send us the picture if we email him. WATCH THIS SPACE! #superegoeseast
Halfway there maybe? 5 minutes away? Who knows? (On the road to #SolidSound) #superegoeseast
"Daddy, what did you bring me?" (On the road to #SolidSound) #superegoeseast
"I've been locating plumbers and other people like that for three decades. They can't hide from me. What are they, Bigfoot? I'll sleep in my car sometimes to get the drop on 'em, I don't care. I'll find 'em and bring them to you. Then you decide what to do with 'em. Live your life. I'll live mine."
Placemat ads. On the road to #SolidSound #superegoeseast
#superegoeseast #SolidSound
Hey, Shrub Oak Shell, thanks for turning your bathroom into an interactive museum with a casual approach to imparting info! #superegoeseast
LIFE. STYLE. @johnhodgman's exclusive interview with Mr. Milk Crowley! #superegoeseast
On the road to #SolidSound. Look at that beautiful font! #superegoeseast
...and continues. Glad I got to see people gathered here on this historic day. So long, New York. You are always fun. Enjoy today. And I'll see you in October! #superegoeseast #pride
So long, New York. You are always fun. Enjoy today. And I'll see you in October!
Look how bored this werewolf looks. Come on, guy. There're tourists here. #superegoeseast #thesundayservice
It's the next day. We've been told they'll have a table for us in ten more minutes. #superegoeseast
Coincidentally, that's how long we've been waiting for a table. #superegoeseast #jollywellwaiting
FAKE #superegoeseast

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