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Paul F. Tompkins
Toronto, thank you for everything. 'Til we meet again! Winding down by finally watching Scott Pilgrim v The World in my hotel room.
TORONTO: I don't pretend to understand #JFL42's system of passes, tickets & riddles, but I'm at The Queen Elizabeth Theatre tonight at 9:30.
LOS ANGELES: Trivia time! Did you know that Saturday’s @Varietopia is about to sell out? NOT STRANGE, BUT TRUE!
Get your #BojackHorseman Q's ready for our Reddit AMA today! 2pm PST! me and @RaphaelBW ! "Why is BoJack a horse?" uhhhh ??
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Latest @DeadAuthorPod has @sethismorris as Kurt Vonnegut Jr. & @thebrianhuskey as Erma Bombeck. IT'S NUTS.
Guys, I have been LEGITIMATELY offering free airline tickets to any of @KLM's destinations for WEEKS now, and no one's taken me up on it.
Whenever Tig Notaro's on stage, you can be sure I'll be dancing with her coat backstage. Photo: @mark_forward #JFL42
If you've never seen @PFTompkins dance with Tig Notaro's coat, I'm afraid you've never truly lived. #jfl42
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"Friendships are like balloons; they are allergic to pins."
Hey, Toronto, I cannot thank you enough for that warm reception at The Randolph tonight. I needed that. It's nice to be back. #JFL42
LOS ANGELES: This Saturday’s @Varietopia will be TYPICALLY AMAZING. Don’t blow this! Sober up & buy tickets!
"JW on the front, this on the back." Designed by Rahzzah.
Moments before recording: H.G. Wells & Lucy Maud Montgomery #deadauthorpod
And thanks, @ryanbeil, for your wonderful & somewhat violent Lucy Maud Montgomery. Gables all 'round! #deadauthorpod
O Vancouver. You are very special to me. Thank you, @TheSundayServ & @FoxCabaret for an amazing weekend. Let's do it again soon!
MY FELLOW AMERICANS: Register to vote! It is your RIGHT! And sometimes there are stickers! You can do it ONLINE for crying out loud!
LOS ANGELES: How lucky you are to live in a city with a @Varietopia in it. Come enjoy your privilege this Saturday!
USA: Register to vote! It's your right! And sometimes there are stickers! Register here:
OH MY GOD // RT @furiousstyles21: A 1989 review of @PFTompkins's old stomping grounds, Beta Only -… #napgate
I bought two tickets for @TheSundayServ and @PFTompkins but all my friends are busy with babies or hungover. Who's free this eve?
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I used to scoff at people who expressed outrage when a character from a work of pop culture was recast as a woman or a person of a different race for a motion picture adaptation. How I looked down my nose at those ignorant fools from my ivory tower on high! Well, now I know that sting of betrayal. H
VANCOUVER AGAIN: Thanks also to @IAmEmmettHall for helping me cheat on @EbanSchletter. (Eban, it was just one time! It meant nothing to me!)
VANCOUVER: Huge thanks to the audience at @FoxCabaret last night. I’ve wanted to do an hourlong riff set for a long time. You are nice.
VANCOUVER! I will see you tonight! I'm as excited as an obscene devil statue outside a Skytrain to see you again!
Image & joke from two different specials! “@ccstandup: Your Joke of the Day from @PFTompkins.
At the drugstore - little boy is wandering through the vitamin aisle sighing, "Pills pills pills pills pills" & I am IN HEAVEN
L.A. EASTERLY PEOPLE! Look out for this little guy! Don't chase, jut call the number!
Quick impression: the casting office of any drama in its final season: "Oh, hey, how about Jimmy Smits?"
LOS ANGELES: @Varietopia is all-the-hell-new again, 9/27. If you ain’t seen it before, you’re only hurting yourself!
I bet they don't even make the kinds of drugs the composer of the car alarm was taking anymore.
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"Sleeping like a baby" sounds great until you realize you'll also "wake in horror to find A Tall Person silently clipping your fingernails.”
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#tbt Philadelphia, late 80s. Outside the Comedy Works, 2nd & Chestnut. Scraggly beard, glasses, SARCOPHAGUS-HEAD BOLO TIE. If I had to do it all over again, I'd do the exact same thing. (w/Bill Kelly, John Haughey, Dennis Horan).
LOS ANGELES: There is no show like this in town. Come see the uniquery! Build stories for your grandchildren!
There's a baby crying in the room next to me, but I'm in a dressing room & the baby's an actor so WHO CARES. Sorry, professional liar baby!
LOS ANGELES: @Varietopia is all-new Sat. 9/27. The only thing we’ll have done before is LOVE YOU FOR COMING. Tickets:
BROOKLN! Just 2 seats & 5 standing-room tickets remain to see HG Wells (me) & EB White (@hodgman) on Oct. 8!