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President Obama talks on phone w Missouri Gov Jay Nixon about situation in Ferguson. Anita Breckenridge at right.
President Obama talks w Attorney Gen. Eric Holder about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri:
President Obama talks on phone w PM Stephen Harper of Canada this morning:
President Obama makes a statement on the situation in Iraq
Natl Security Advisor Susan Rice briefs President Obama this am in Chilmark, Ma.
Sure “@CatherineNBarde: @petesouza U took pic of me @BarackObama & @ChrisChristie May I post on my FB page/share w/redcross?”
How do people feel about me posting full frame pics from dslr on Instagram?“@discoqueen1231: @petesouza have you quit posting to Instagram?”
Glass- top table. “@metaquest: @petesouza Wow. I'm trying to figure out what that reflection's off of…..and how it got there….”
President Obama talks w British PM Cameron today from the Oval Office:
Pres Obama meets w his natl security team in the Oval this am
Presidents Obama and Carter at the US-Africa Leaders dinner early this week
The First Lady and her bracelets at the US-Africa Leaders dinner.
New photos from the US-Africa Leaders Summit:
President Obama meets with his national security team today in the Situation Room:
Pres Obama takes the stage yesterday at the US-Africa business forum
Pres Obama w NSA Susan Rice and deputy NSA Tony Blinken yesterday
Pres Obama outside the Oval Office today after returning from HUD
Your welcome! “@JosephineKulea: @petesouza thank you for the great picture of me!”
Pres Obama scopes out the merchandise at Cool Vintage Watches in Parkville
Pres Obama signs a coffee cup for a patron at Parkville Coffee
Pres Obama acknowledges the crowd at the Uptown Theater in KC today
At Arthur Bryants: "He's so handsome, oh my God!" a woman exclaimed. "I'm paying for her food," Pres Obama said.
Pres Obama talking to a youngster outside Arthur Bryant's BBQ tonight in KC
A Kenyan woman listens to Pres Obama at today's Young African Leaders Initiative town hall in Washington