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#Ad: How’s your memory? Put it to the test & get a shot at winning a new Intel-powered tablet or 2 in 1.
Microsoft's booked a Sept. 30 event & Windows 9 leaks are springing everywhere. Here's everything we know so far.
Microsoft's new tablet keyboard and mice work with iOS, Android AND Windows devices.
Is that message legit or dangerous?Here's 3 warning signs that email is malicious by @ianpaul
Why buy PCs with Intel's next-gen Broadwell chip when the NEXT-next-gen Skylake chips will also be released in 2015?
The Wi-Fi Direct standard for linking two devices directly is about to get easier to use.
A few seconds could be all you need to find out if your email address has been stolen.…
5K monitors are coming, and DisplayPort is ready.… via @agamsh
We're just about certain that Microsoft just sent out invitations to a Windows 9 event on Sept. 30… via @markhachman
Don't buy into the hype right now. 4K TVs need to improve in two ways to be worth your money.…
If you're looking to buy a Moto X, hop in line tomorrow:… via @derekwalter
The new Moto X review: Finally a flagship phone worthy of a Motorola comeback. (video)
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Guten TAG, Heuer, and thanks for your plans to build a smartwatch.… via @OneJaredNewman
A key display analyst calls the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the best ever:… via @Ohthatflo
3 ways Microsoft can make Minecraft better - and 3 more to make it awful.… via @BradChacos
More evidence suggests that Cortana is heading to Windows in Windows 9. Yay!… via @markhachman
Google wants to test drone deliveries in New Mexico. No, not meth.… via @martyn_williams
Like an Autobot, modder transforms this Xbox One into a notebook PC.… via @haydencd
Troubleshooting a balky USB device goes a bit beyond just "try it again".… via @LincolnSpector
Windows 9 leak shows Storage Sense and Wi-Fi Sense coming over from Windows Phone. Wi-Fi Sense would rock on laptops!
Here's Markus 'Notch' Persson's farewell letter to Minecraft fans. It's brutally honest.
The rumors were true: Microsoft just bought the maker of Minecraft for a cool $2.5 billion.
Review: Lenovo’s Flex 2 is a bargain that bends backward (but watch out for those trade-offs).
Don't grope w/ Wordpress & Blogger's limited publishing tools—create your blogs in Microsoft Word instead! Here's how
Finally: A leaked video suggests that Windows 9 will come with a notification center.
The RollerCoaster Tycoon series is coming back! @haydencd previews RollerCoaster Tycoon World.…
Windows 9's leaking all over these days. @BradChacos shows how to get its best features NOW.
Twitch users: Watch for malware that tries to drain your Steam wallet.
Leaked video shows Windows 9's new virtual desktops feature in action by @BradChacos
See what #intel's inside and up to: The best innovations at #IDF14 by @markhachman @intel
Have your PC both ways with this transformable desktop-laptop. by @OneJaredNewman @msiUSA
Don't let your selfies get stolen: Set up two-factor authentication on your Google account.
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SanDisk's new SD card has an insane 512GB of storage. ON AN SD CARD PEOPLE.
The latest Windows 9 leak is a video showing the new Start menu in action, Live Tiles and all. Whaddaya think?
Great gamers need great gear. @haydencd reviews 6 of the best gaming mice of 2014.
"The latest Windows 9 leaks beg the question: Microsoft, why are you scooping ice cream over a hot dog?"
Stanford researchers develop Ant-Man, sorry, ant-SIZED radio.… via @martyn_williams
Google forced to make Drive, Docs more accessible to the blind.… via @JuanCPerezIDG
Thanks to Nvidia for leaking details of the Nexus 9. Ooh, is it a Shield clone? via @derekwalter…
Some iCloud subscribers are getting refunds. Here's why.… via @OneJaredNewman
.@haydencd sits down with Atari's new bosses to find out how it plans to bring the company back from the brink.
Here's a nifty anti-theft trick built into the Apple Watch. via @OneJaredNewman…
What's under the hood of the Toyota Highlander Hybrid? We investigate.…
BAM -- OneDrive's file size limit is now 10 GB, with terrific sync speeds.… via @JuanCPerezIDG
iOS8's two best features are its new Spotlight and Notifications, @TonyBradleyBSG) reports.…
.@atari is rebooting Asteroids! But it won't look like the Asteroids you remember by @haydencd
QNAP’s latest NAS box is the most capable in its price range, but it comes with a few caveats.…