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Paul Feig
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"I'm sorry, sir. We just lost all your money while you were dancing."
@DannyZagz: This will forever be my favorite scene from The Office @paulfeig…” Mine too.
@BTdocs: @paulfeig Look forward to watching you on @MaronIFC!” Was honored to be on it. It's a hilarious series. @marcmaron is awesome.
@misscoorssen: @paulfeig A new magazine you might enjoy"The Rake"-the modern voice of classic elegance @RakeMagazine” Already a huge fan!
@FreddyTayTay: @paulfeig Is that really your last name? C'mooooooooooooooonnn, guy!” I wanted something glamorous. Like Feig. Cool & sexy!
@m1h67: Though not written to be a series finale, Freaks and Geeks last episode ranks among the best.” We were pretty sure we were dead.
How long is Zealand allowed to call itself New? There used to be a rule about soap powder, a statute of limitation.
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As soon as I pulled out this book, he started rubbing his face all over it. He really admires @paulfeig's earnestness
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@MastermediaIntl: Prayer Calendar: pray for director @paulfeig & recording artist @Eminem today…” Pray for our duet.
There's something very off-putting about seeing a mug in nature
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@paulfeig Our first single will be "You Look Sharp in those Trousers"
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Free band name of the day: The Sensible Heels. Please send me a free CD if you actually form. #yourewelcome
@ItsToddMaul: @paulfeig Boston, think Boston in the spring” I think of it all year long! Missing you and @barbaralynchBOS terribly.
What else can I mock without really knowing what it is?
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The shirt that spawned "Nice Shirt" made an appearance on Freaks & Geeks (on @paulfeig !)
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The saddest April Fools' joke is thinking there's only one day a year we devote to lying to each other.
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@krismuscookie: @paulfeig is it true you're making a movie with Miranda Hart? If not, you should.” It's true. I am. Bucket list checked.
@MimsyYamaguchi: @paulfeig Freaks and Geeks had an incredible casting director.” Truly the best. Allison Jones is a national treasure.
@paulfeig but I need to know where they are RIGHT now...
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So glad no one can do a Where Are They Now article about the Freaks and Geeks cast because everybody knows where they are now.