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Patton Oswalt
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Next week on #BillyontheStreet brilliant @pattonoswalt & a very special game for Meryl! Until then we'll always have
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Oh that's right, the Blu-ray of @WilliamFriedkin's SORCERER came out yesterday:
Behind-the-scenes pic from @AgentsofSHIELD that, for obvious reasons, I couldn't share 'til today:
Situation Critical: Comedian @pattonoswalt talks abt the music he'd play in various (deeply strange) life situations
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Hey Urbana, I'm on the radio. No, really. WDWS. You can call in and talk to a sleep-deprived comedian.
@lilyhandmaiden @jedwhedon Maybe some teensy trims, but otherwise it plays as scripted. Was a doozy to shoot. @pattonoswalt is a trooper.
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please! RT @Jimmythehat1: @pattonoswalt dude, you're a damn good actor. It’d be cool if work on #agentsofshield got you in Marvel movies.
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Me too! RT @AmyAcker: I didn't meet @pattonoswalt on #AgentsOfSheild but I had a dream last night he was doing my makeup #itsallconnected?
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"He's got a heavy English accent. Could be a fruitcake." God, I love Walter Matthau in TAKING OF PELHAM ONE TWO THREE. #Ebertfest2014
$20 Fuddrucker's gift card, taser & a copy of The Artist's Way. #MyEarthquakeKit
Dad's Special Rum Cake Recipe: 1: No cake 2: Substitute vodka for rum 3: LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU
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"You assholes are 'sposed to be collecting TOLLS. You're sittin' in this house making cookies? Yer costin' me money!" -- history, I guess
I'm sorry aspiring comedy writers, but I bet that @pattonoswalt does NOT have a funny quote about his iphone at the the end of an email.
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Cis-yphus is cursed to forever apologize for his heteronormativity only to have his opinions ignored anyway b/c he is part of the patriarchy
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@pattonoswalt @Salon Rainbow Dash gets less screen time than "non rainbow" ponies.
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"There's a cis-privilege outrage somewhere in the My Little Pony cartoon. But where, dammit? WHERE?!?" -- @Salon writer at 3am
A major player gets referenced tonight on @AgentsofSHIELD & it's gonna make you go Whaaaaaaaaaaa? #ItsAllConnected
Tonight's ep of @AgentsofSHIELD is AMAZING, despite @clarkgregg constantly winking at the camera & saying, "Right ladies?"
"Now, I don't know much about dragons, KhaLEEsi… but I sorely doubt they're faster'n Johnny's table sword." —Boyd Crowder's cameo on GoT
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Top 5 "Philip Rothabilly" Bands: • The Newark Jewz • Zuckerman or Astro-Man? • Operation Shy-rock • Liver Lust • The Breast Men