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Pattie Mallette
The pressure to conform to please people when you are a public figure is intense. One misstatement made to the...
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I'm a Great Aunt to Raymond, Reese, Rylee (and not the bragging kind lol) And mom Chantel is my niece!!p3oneab
#Sunset #ThankYouLord for painting the sky!
Wow so pretty! More Viktoria. #sistertimeflashbacks Come join me on #keek!
OMG! So good! Thanks! :) xo RT @BieberFtFIores: @pattiemallette 140 characters wasn't enough to ...
The wait is finally over! 1st movie I EVER produced is NOW available FREE here! #Crescendo (ShortFilm14Min) #Surprise
Ok... Drumroll please.. Lol #Surprise
Last tweet tonight, good night! What could be #PattiesSurprise tomorrow? Any guesses? Sweet dreams. May God bless you and your dreams!
I wonder what is @pattiemallette big surprise tomorrow ... I can't wait ! Please time ...
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Calling all moms/dads: This generation needs MORE moms & dads! Whatever happened to "It takes a village to raise a child"? #GenerationChange
Thx! It takes courage to show love & honor to older people! RT @iblessrauhl: @pattiemallette I care ...
Oh @JayBeAttitude that breaks my heart that has been your experience of adults! Forgive me on behalf of all ...
.@5secsofbiebxr_ Yes, both! The older generation doesn't want to be left behind, they want to pass the torch, but they want to come too...
@pattiemallette I as an older generation feel totally responsible for the behaviour of our youth #GenerationChange can only begin at home
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@pattiemallette older people don't care for this generation like they should
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Dear Older Generation: Please pour into the younger generations. Care for their hearts & they'll care for yours back! #GenerationChange
.@BoyzIIMen How did I miss this information??? You have a new album!!?? Yes please!! I can't wait to hear it! I love you! xo #COLLIDE2014
2morrow I'll tell U the #Surprise Something I've been working on! RT @chantelle_LOW: @pattiemallette Are you going to say that big surprise?
"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." -Coco Chanel
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No, you DON'T look like her, but you have your OWN beauty. The BEST beauty comes from the inside out! #GenerationChange #KnowYourValue
Big surprise tomorrow. Stay tuned..
Thanks for all the mothers day wishes from Argentina. You guys are precious! Thank you. :) xo
Lost people are lost, people. Help them find their way. #GenerationChange #LoveWins
Victoria British Columbia Canada w @auntcandie! So pretty! #sistergetaway!2ibneab
Makeover complete! Success @auntcandie!!! #AuntCandiesMakeover ISNT SHE BEAUTIFUL!?!Og4meab
#iCantEven! #WeekendAway #ThanksForPaintingTheSkyLord
#iLoveNature I took this with my iPhone just now. So pretty! Where am I? #itsAsecret #ImNeverLeaving!
What don't you like about how life works? LET'S CHANGE THE SYSTEM! #WhyNot? #GenerationChange #LoveWins #BandTogether #FightHateWithLove
"You are cluttering up my mind." - Tom Hanks, The Green Mile.
Its supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard everyone would do it. The Hard is what makes it great. - Tom Hanks, #ALeagueOfTheirOwn
.@turnhim Awwww! Thanks love!!! I really have a heart for a generation of wild ones for justice, fierce love, & goodness! #GenerationChange
Want to work @charitywater? Closest thing to making the world a better place. They need a Front-End Engineer.
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@pattiemallette talking it out could help. Words are powerful and when we use them in a correct way,we can change a lot #generationchange
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Just like justin said, 'let's make the world better, together' @pattiemallette #GenerationChange
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@pattiemallette we can all make a change if we set our minds to it and work together to achieve something big #GenerationChange xc
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