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Pattie Mallette
Thanks for all the mothers day wishes from Argentina. You guys are precious! Thank you. :) xo
Lost people are lost, people. Help them find their way. #GenerationChange #LoveWins
Victoria British Columbia Canada w @auntcandie! So pretty! #sistergetaway!2ibneab
Makeover complete! Success @auntcandie!!! #AuntCandiesMakeover ISNT SHE BEAUTIFUL!?!Og4meab
#iCantEven! #WeekendAway #ThanksForPaintingTheSkyLord
#iLoveNature I took this with my iPhone just now. So pretty! Where am I? #itsAsecret #ImNeverLeaving!
What don't you like about how life works? LET'S CHANGE THE SYSTEM! #WhyNot? #GenerationChange #LoveWins #BandTogether #FightHateWithLove
"You are cluttering up my mind." - Tom Hanks, The Green Mile.
Its supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard everyone would do it. The Hard is what makes it great. - Tom Hanks, #ALeagueOfTheirOwn
.@turnhim Awwww! Thanks love!!! I really have a heart for a generation of wild ones for justice, fierce love, & goodness! #GenerationChange
Want to work @charitywater? Closest thing to making the world a better place. They need a Front-End Engineer.
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@pattiemallette talking it out could help. Words are powerful and when we use them in a correct way,we can change a lot #generationchange
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Just like justin said, 'let's make the world better, together' @pattiemallette #GenerationChange
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@pattiemallette we can all make a change if we set our minds to it and work together to achieve something big #GenerationChange xc
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Wow #WarHorse was worth it! Good choice from #FavoriteMovie! Thanks for the recommendation! #Inspiring #MovieWithMama
@pattiemallette if you have faith in this generation then I do too šŸ˜Š
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.@chelrauhl where's the faith in that! This is the boldest, bravest generation I've seen yet! #GenerationChange #Believe #LoveWins
@pattiemallette hate may win some battles, but love wins in the end
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.@burnwhitesiders @TMZ lets operate in the opposite spirit and love them and pray for them instead. #HumansArentBulletProof
@pattiemallette @TMZ - Yeah that's just not very fair TMZ - using others temporary weaknesses to provide media...
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.@TMZ again? REALLY? You gotta kick em while their down huh? #smh You're better than that, I choose to believe in you. #BeAnExample
Ok, props for @AmazonKindle customer service. That was quick and painless! Thanks Grace! I always complain about bad service so...
"You choose the level that you live on. So if Christ is saying you're seated with Him in Heavenly places, why not go there for a weekend?!"
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"show me your mentor, and I'll show you your future. if you don't have a mentor, you're living your future"
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I'm so A.D.D.. I'm still watching #WarHorse but I get a little distracted so I'm watching it in stages. *blush #MovieWithMama
Wow GREAT LINE! "I might hate you more, but I'll never love you less" - #WarHorse #MovieWithMama
.@drugsmoneyjdb Yes, but lets not allow people to be bullied when they are down - #PrayInstead! #WhoAreWeToJudge #GenerationChange #LoveWins
Wow, @TMZ really?? That's just mean. Didn't your mama teach you better than to pick on others? You're a ...
I wish @pattiemallette was with me to watch War Horse. Its great knowing we are doing the same thing! #MovieWithMama #favoritemovie
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Ok so I chose #WarHorse ! Get it streaming online from iTunes, or Amazon etc or go rent it & lemme know what you think! #MovieWithMama
I have a cheesy idea.. Let's watch a movie together! Looking through #FavoriteMovie list to choose! I will keep U posted! #MovieWithMama