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Patrick Star
spongebob comedy cartoons 427,352 followers
Sure, I have a big family tree. We sea stars are not small.
Squidward says I can't dump garbage in his yard anymore. What am I supposed to do now? I guess I'll just have to start eating it again.
I could stand to take a shower! But I'd rather sit and take a bath.
Uh-oh! I said a bad word, and now I have to wash my mouth out with soap.
Some people really like to go shopping. I don't mind the shopping part, it's the "go" part that's too much work for me.
I think I figured out how to be a spy! All you have to do is put a blanket on your head and just like that, you're "under cover."
I tried serving tables at the Krusty Krab, but that's an impossible job. Tables can't tell you what they want!
I would be a member of any club that would have me!
It's April Fools Day already?! I still haven't finished dealing with all of March's fools!
My mom always told me to look both ways while walking down the middle of the street. Or, something like that.
I can't eat any more of this fancy pate.Yuck.
What I lack in brawn, I more than make for know, the other thing.
If I had a pet, I would break all the rules and let it feed me.
Why do I always lose at Peek-a-Boo?!? It's just too hard.
If I could tell time, I would tell it to stop making me feel late!
Have you ever wondered where the sun goes when it sets? Me neither. Let's not wonder together!
There's gold in them there hills! I can smell it!
I heard Sandy comes from a place called Texas. I assume that's another planet? Because I don't think she's from this one.
Some irresponsible polluters are endangering the jellyfish habitat! Also, my vocabulary suddenly expanded. Help!
Yes, I can regrow limbs. No, I'm not pulling your leg. Yes, if you pulled mine off I'd grow another one. No, I don't want to show you.
I had a fancy hot dog! It was called a "haute daughe" and it was fancily priced.
Tonight, I'm getting wild! I'm not wearing a shirt and eating donuts for dinner. Actually that's what I do every night.
When I'm feeling cold, I put on a coat. Then I'm feeling coat.
Pearl sure likes to wear the color pink. Not me though-- I already am pink.
Why does everyone keep talking about math on National Pi Day? It's ruining my appetite! I'm trying to eat pie here, people!