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Pat Flynn
Great great mastermind today! I cannot wait to see what these entrepreneurs do from these point forward! #1daybb #cheers
Is there anyone new you've been following lately whose content you've really been enjoying?
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"Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent." -Marilyn Vos Savant
At the grocery store with @Chrisducker picking up supplies for our mastermind today. Couldn't help myself.
Uncle @chrisducker entertaining our kids for a night before our 1-Day Business Breakthrough Mastermind tomorrow! LOL
Excited to hold our 5th 1-Day Business Breakthrough Event here in San Diego tomorrow with @chrisducker and 20 other amazing entrepreneurs!
Thanks @OcMosley for the license plate! Just what I needed cause I don't have the FL one. Appreciate it so much!!
. @Nabans1 @jacobdh So…I shouldn’t try as hard to get people to click through my articles?
. @jacobdh “click bait” is seen as a negative, but if the content helps then isn’t it good that people click through? What if they didn’t.
. @jacobdh If it’s content I know is going to help people, then I’d be letting people down if I didn’t make them click through.
#AskGaryVee is amazing. I wonder if he finally saw my question.
Anyone use any cool tools or apps/resources for the creation of a content calendar?
Who has been a major influence in how you do business today?
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So I just learned a new skill this week, and I’m pretty stoked about the possibilities:
How to design killer graphics for your blog posts —… (This post took me 3 days to write and record)
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Can 8 small tweaks really transform your blog? Here's proof they can: - thanks @MichaelHyatt!
I didn’t think so, but you CAN earn a passive income just for your IDEAS. New on SPI today:
Anyone know a fancy/quick way to add a new category to ALL existing posts in Wordpress?
You can download the audio version of 'Let Go' for FREE with a free trial of Audiobooks. Here's the link:
. @nickhammond @ThisIsSethsBlog @tferriss One of my favorite tweets I’ve seen in a while :)
Total Google Hangouts on Air FAIL - thanks @google for not letting me invite anyone onto the hangout with me. Fun 60 min. AMA though!
Live hangout and Q&A about back linking with @Backlinko starts in an hour!
Thanks again to everyone who attended #PBEvent and watched my keynote! Here’s my recap post with pics!
"Every artist was first an amateur." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
Seriously valuable content for bloggers and entrepreneurs in these free videos. Thanks @MichaelHyatt
Big announcement coming out tomorrow. If you sell coaching, consulting, or information products, hop on the list -…
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. @bobWP Thanks again for the review of the podcast player Bob! Made me smile huge to see it being used on your site!
Late night workout...while also marketing for #AskPat :) Thanks @chrisbrogan for the gymspiration!
Here's my complete "brain dump" of #publicspeaking tips:
I created a #TwitterList of @PatFlynn's #SPIPodcast guests. Subscribe & follow the internet's best entrepreneurs
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Step 1: Think about the first thing you want a new visitor on your site to do. Step 2: Make it extremely easy and obvious to do THAT.
. @gjhickman 50 BPM, but for you, 150.
What would you say is stopping you from reaching the next level in your business or blog?
What's one WIN that you've had recently? Every day, I try to have one major win I can take to bed with me. #thatsoundswrong
If you enjoy the SPI Podcast please leave an honest review on iTunes! It helps out the show a lot, thank you so much!
What backlining and SEO strategies work today? Check out my live hangout / Q&A with @Backlinko on Wednesday:
My writeup about #PBEvent and our Family Trip to Australia!
"From what we GET we make a living; from what we GIVE, however, makes a life." -Arthur Ashe
. @retipsterseth @Revenge I wonder if everyone else would agree...
That flame has no idea what's coming next. ;) Hard to believe she's two today! Happy Birthday Kai! We love you!
30 minutes later.
At the Santa Monica pier!
Why is it SO hard to understand that worms (content) need hooks (marketing) if you want to catch fish (money)?
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Are you attending any upcoming events or conferences? Which ones?