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MG Siegler
I don't often use Android, but when I do it's to try apps like @trysnowball - excited for them /cc @GoogleVentures
Apple invite features six-color apple logo. Just sayin'.
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Snowball Debuts A Unified Inbox For All Your Messaging Apps by @sarahintampa
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(but Posey *really* needs to stop getting thrown out at the plate)
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Hunter Pence catches flyballs in an insanely difficult way for no reason.
What an awful waste of an inning. #gogiants
It's time to do this. #gogiants
BREAKING: SF passes Airbnb law, rejects making it more restrictive…
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Clayton Kershaw has lost his last 4 playoff starts. Kershaw only has 4 losses in his last 30 regular season starts.
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Is this meant to be Godfather-like symbolism?
Come fly with me.
Jetlag from Europe helps with exactly one thing: catching insanely early morning flights to team offsites.
Will be rooting for the Royals …to eventually lose to the Giants in the World Series.
The greatest @Royals of them all couldn't be happier. George Brett loving it!
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AL winner will end long World Series drought. • Royals haven't been since 1985 • Orioles haven't been since 1983
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Orioles beat last 3 AL Cy Young winners to sweep Tigers: • Game 1: Max Scherzer • Game 2: Justin Verlander • Game 3: David Price
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This made today all the more interesting.
There's some joke about Alex Smith still being good at throwing to the 49ers in there. #GONINERS
You can always count on Andy Reid for one of those boneheaded last-minute moves. Thanks. #GONINERS
The Browns comeback win is the largest regular-season comeback by a road team in NFL history
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Wow, the Browns just did something very un-Browns-like.
HP to break into two companies. One mediocre, the other middling.
On to the 17th. Insane. #GoGiants
The last time Michigan started the Big Ten 0-2, Sandy Koufax was still on the Dodgers.
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Sadly, this team is done. Hoke is done. I just hope Brandon is done as AD as well. #goblue
Been back-and-forth on the Brady Hoke situation. But why the fuck would they try a 56-yard FG when the kicker is suspect at 35 yards?
(Review that shit.)
And a swing like that.
A swing like that is pretty good.
It just takes one swing. #GoGiants
That was all a part of the plan, clearly. Stanford pass to ND near goal. ND fuck up. Profit.
Great punt by Hogan with his arm. #gostanford
Yikes, someone ate a hot dog stand, puked and a Maryland helmet came out.
The woes of Michigan are of course compounded by the rebirth of RichRod
'Gone Girl' was not at all what I thought it would be. Not bad by any means. But also not great. Really, really weird.
Clayton Kershaw allowed 8 ER in September. He allowed 8 ER tonight. Adam Wainwright allowed 6 ER in September. He allowed 6 ER tonight.
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Adam Wainwright has a 12.46 ERA right now. Clayton Kershaw has a 10.80 ERA right now. What is happening?
It's so hot in San Francisco it's enough to make one want to move to London.
One-wheel motorcycle invented by Italian M. G. de Udine in 1931; maximum speed 93 mph.
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